Maternity Glow Presents: The Top 30 Mommy Bloggers for 2020

Maternity Glow Presents: The Top 30 Mommy Bloggers for 2020

I've been a reader of so-called mommy blogs for a while now, probably close to five years. And believe me, there are a lot of talented, creative, and smart mamas out there blogging today.

And so I wanted to do a fun little post here highlighting some of my favorites.

To be clear, this list could probably have been 100 people long, and I do feel like I'm leaving out some truly deserving folks.

But at the end of the day, these are the 30 blogs that I keep coming back to when I'm in search for some laughs, insight, and inspiration about this whole parenting thing.

Without further ado, here is my list of the top 30 mommy bloggers of 2017.

1. Pregnant Chicken

Amy is the brains behind Pregnant Chicken, one of the funniest and best-written parenting blogs on the internet. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two little boys.

Popular post ... Motherhood: Oh, The Irony!

Amy's writing has been featured in a lot of places, including the Huffington Post, Babble, and Scary Mommy. So, yeah, she's sort of famous.

Did you know ... Amy used to be a creative director at an ad agency, and also used to be a professional model in the Ukraine! Go Amy!

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2. Honest Mum

A personal favorite of mine, the amazing Honest Mum is written by Vicki Psarias. Vicki writes about all things related to parenting, lifestyle, and fashion, and is the proud Mom of two.

Popular post ... Be Who You Want to Be

You can also find Vicki's writing in places such as the Huffington Post, Woman Magazine, and Grazia Daily, while her list of clients is too long to even post here!

Did you know ... Vicki is an award-winning filmmaker, and part-time model and TV presenter!

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3. Rookie Moms

The one-two punch of Heather and Whitney comprise the Rookie Moms team, a blog that covers the all-important topic of what the heck exactly are you supposed to do with your baby day after day.

Heather and Whitney teamed up to write their very own book, The Rookie Mom's Handbook: 250 Activities to Do with (and Without!) Your Baby.

Did you know ... Heather & Whitney lives  less than two miles from each other, and idea for Rookie Moms was hatched all the way back in 2005!

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4. 5 Minutes For Mom

Janice & Susan are the sisterly duo behind 5 Minutes for Mom, full-time bloggers who cover everything from family life, house & home, to photography.

5 Minutes for Mom has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, and Janice & Susan combined have more than 60+ live TV interviews!

Did you know ... Not only are Janice and Susan sisters ... but they are identical twins who live two blocks away from each other!

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5. Mamavation

Mamavation, written by Leah Segedie, is a great blog to follow if you're interested in healthy living, clean eating, and food activism.

Leah was named "Mom of the Year" by Shape Magazine, and has been featured in CNN, Fitness Magazine, and The Huffington Post!

Did you know ... Leah has a Masters degree in Communications!

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6. Family Focus Blog

Scarlet Paolicchi is the mama behind the Family Focus Blog, where she writes about parenting tips, kids activities, eco-friendly advice, and food & travel.

Scarlet and the Family Focus Blog have been featured on MSN Business, NBC Nashville, and CBS Nashville's Talk of the Town!

Did you know ... Scarlet has two children, a daughter and a son, and she met her husband at Tulane University her freshman year!

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7. Clarks Condensed

Wife and husband duo Katie & Forrest run the Clarks Condensed blog, known for their yummy recipes and posts on healthy living, traveling, and parenting tips.

Popular post ... Newborn Survival Guide

Katie & Forrest have worked with several companies on their blog, including Walmart, Target, Disney and Huggies!

Did you know ... Katie & Forrest met as college students at BYU and were engaged within a year!

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8. Moments A Day

At Moments A Day, Chelsea Lee Smith blogs about topics such as parents and children connecting with each other, character building, paying it forward, and personal growth.

Chelsea is a published author, haven written a children's book, and several ebooks as well!

Did you know ... Chelsea is the mama of two boys and a baby girl, and is a big fan of Dowton Abbey and Jane Austen movies!

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9. Fit Bottomed Mamas

Fit Bottomed Mamas is the brainchild of Jenn and Erin, who wanted to start a site about how to be active, healthy, and fit both during and after giving birth.

Jenn and Erin operate a couple of other healthy-lifestyle blogs as well, Fit Bottomed Girls and Fit Bottomed Girls!

Did you know ... Jenn and Erin met and became good friends while car-pooling to the same job at a publishing company in Kansas!

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10. Incredible Infant

Incredible Infant, run by Heather Taylor, is one of my favorite blogs when I'm looking for well-researched, factual articles about parenting, while still providing a soft, humorous touch.

In addition to her blogging skills, Heather is also a certified infant sleep coach, and offers consultation services to her readers to help get baby sleeping through the night!

Did you know ... It's not only Heather pumping out the awesome content at Incredible Infant; she has a great team of contributors who help contribute to the blog!

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11. You Baby Me Mummy

You Baby Me Mummy is written by Aby, where she documents life with her nearly 3-year old daughter. I love following along Aby's journey and always learn new things along the way!

Aby has had her writing featured (or been featured herself) in several online places, including At Home Magazine, Britmums, and Tots100.

Did you know ... Aby has had various jobs in the past, including work experience with horses as a dressage rider, and has also taught dressage to other people!

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12. Working Mom Magic

Working Mom Magic is a terrific blog written by Lauren, where she covers topics such as parenting, fitness, food, crafts, and recipes, with great pictures and really detailed posts!

Using her 16+ years working as a writer in the news business, Lauren works with several brands on her blog and even offers sponsored Periscope spots!

Did you know ... Lauren works as a TV news producer, and has done so for the past 13 years!

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13. Pick Any Two

I absolutely love the philosophy behind Katie McLaughlin's Pick Any Two: us moms can't possibly be perfect at everything, so we should make choices without guilt or apology!

Katie is another mama who has had her writing featured on the Huffington Post!

Did you know ... Katie holds a master's degree in Women's Studies and also works as a freelance journalist. 

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14. Happily Ever Mom

Happily Ever Mom is the beautifully designed blog of Katie Joiner, where she shares her experiences as a preschool teacher to offer all kinds of wonderful parenting advice!

Popular post ... Overwhelmed By Clutter

If you want to check out the greatest "dedication" page I've ever seen, have a look at Katie's beautiful tribute to her Grandma.

Did you know ... Katie used to work with preschool kids for 10 years!

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15. Beauty Through Imperfection

Beauty Through Imperfection is Paula Rollo's blog where she shares posts around the theme that we can be awesome and happy parents without having to be perfect all the time!

Paula started blogging as a teenager, and has been at it for over 10 years now! She's also the author of two books.

Did you know ... Paula met her husband when she was 18, and they now have a son and daughter! 

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16. Bump To Baby

Alex Gladwin is the mama behind Bump to Baby, where she blogs about pregnancy and baby advice, family and home tips, and the occasional product reviews.

Alex and her blog have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Gurgle Magazine and Oh Lilla Magazine!

Did you know ... Alex is a vegetarian and the mom to two little boys, Ethan and Logan!

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17. Today's The Best Day

Whenever I read something on Danielle Davis' blog Today's The Best Day, I always come away feeling great about myself, thanks to her inspiring, empowering message of all things family and motherhood!

Danielle is a social media superstar, especially on Instragram, where she shares beautiful photos of her family with over 21,000 followers!

Did you know ... It wasn't easy for Danielle and her husband to get pregnant; check out her inspiring story here.

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18. Oh So Amelia

Originally started as a way to write letters to her young daughter, Oh So Amelia by Kerry Louise has turned into a blog that covers everything from parenting tips, recipes, and money tips, with a beautiful and clean design!

Kerry was featured in an interview by Tots 100 as part of their Pro Blogger interview series and was named the #3 baby blog of 2015!

Did you know ... In addition to her daughter, Kerry also has a baby son, and they live in the country side of North Wales, UK!

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19. The Bucket List Mom

Cristen Casados is the mama behind The Bucket List Mom (formerly The Naptime Reviewer), where she writes about product reviews, family-friendly events, and destination reviews!

Cristen and her blog have been featured on Good Day Sacramento, Skinny Scoop, and BIBB Magazine, among others!

Did you know ... Cristen has two daughters, loves to travel, and focuses her brand on influencer marketing!

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20. Your Modern Family

Becky Mansfield is the mama blogger behind Your Modern Family, where she writes about things like organization tips, recipes, money-saving tips, and how to be a better mom!

Becky not only runs a very popular blog, but she's also the author of a few e-books, including Potty Train in a Weekend!

Did you know ... Becky used to be a teacher before becoming a SAHM, and is a certified play therapist!

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21. Mummy Daddy Me

What I love about Katie Ellison's blog Mummy Daddy Me is that she takes her readers along with her on her family's journeys, whether it be through travel, photography, or home renovations, and other fun adventures!

Mummy Daddy Me has been featured in the Daily Mail, Very, Prima Baby, Mother and Baby, At Home, and other places!

Did you know ... Before working from home, Katie used to work in online marketing for a big travel company, and traveling is one of her biggest passions!

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22. Brummy Mummy Of 2

Brummy Mummy Of 2 makes this list not only because does Emma Conway's blog cover the joys of being a mama ... but it also takes an honest and real look at the not-so-pleasant parts of parenting, too. 

Emma and her blog have seen its fair share of publicity, having been featured on The Huffington Post, the Mail Online, CNN, and Mumsnet!

Did you know ... Emma lives in Birmingham, UK with her husband, two children, dog, and ... pet guinea pig! She also works part time as a secondary school teacher.

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23. Make, Do & Push!

Make, Do and Push! is the place where mama Hannah can blog about her life, covering everything from pregnancy, parenting, fashion, and some product reviews as well!

Popular post ... We Left the House!

Make, Do and Push! has been a regular nominee in the MAD Blog Awards, having been nominated in 2013, 2014, and 2015 for several different categories!

Did you know ... Hannah is a professional blogger, and lives with her husband and two kids in Yorkshire!

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24. Belle du Brighton

Belle du Brighton is a UK lifestyle and parenting blog written by Lauren, where she writes about things like here favorite food, books, travel places, and experiences with her two kids!

Popular post ... Silver Cross Pioneer

Belle du Brighton has been named to both the Foodies Top 100 UK food blogs, and Tots Top 10 baby blogs!

Did you know ... Some of Lauren's favorite things include reading, chocolate, jewelry, baking, and sleep!

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25. The Twinkle Diaries

One of my favorite blogs in terms of design, The Twinkle Diaries started as a way for Caro to document her life with her family, and is used as a creative outlet to showcase her impressive design skills!

Caro and her blog have worked with some big-name brands, including Laura Ashley, House of Fraser, and Wallpaper Direct!

Did you know ... Caro has some serious interior design taste and skills, which transfers over to how beautifully designed her blog is!

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26. Bellyitch Blog

I have to say that I love Bellyitch Blog and their occasional focus on celebrity baby news and baby bumps! Created by JJ Ghatt, the site covers a wide range of parenting topics that all moms will love.

Bellyitch Blog has been featured or mentioned in Healthline, Babble, Newsday, and USA Today!

Did you know ... JJ is also an online radio show host and has started or edited six different blogs!

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27. Pulling Curls

If you're looking for advice on pregnancy and overall baby health, then Pulling Curls is the blog for you! Hilary is a nurse and works part-time in labor and delivery, so she knows what she's talking about!

Hilary is putting her nursing experience to work and is offering online prenatal classes via her blog!

Did you know ... Hilary is a super-organized person, and also pays close attention to her spending and budget!

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28. Parenting Chaos

Stephanie Oswald is an early childhood interventionist specialist who blogs over at Parenting Chaos, where she blogs about family life, recipes, and sensory activities for kids.

Stephanie and her family live in Austin, TX, and they love to live an active lifestyle while traveling as much as possible -- Stephanie has visited every state in the country!

Did you know ... Stephanie works part-time with children with developmental delays, and is an autism activist in her community. (You'll also find loads of great autism-related posts on her site).

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29. Jigsaw Parenting

Jigsaw Parenting is one of my favorite blogs because of how honest and raw it is. Emma White, the blog's owner, doesn't sugarcoat some of the more challenging aspects of being a mom, and it's refreshing to read.

Emma has a wonderful recurring feature on her site, "Blogger In The Spotlight", where she does a Q&A style post with other mom bloggers.

Did you know ... Emma has six children, ranging in ages from 5-16!

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30. A Mother Far From Home

A Mother Far From Home is the blog of Rachel Norman, where she offers parenting advice on a range of issues, with the focus on living a happy and fulfilling life even through the crazy times.

Popular post ... Why Moms Are So Tired

Hilary is putting her nursing experience to work and is offering online prenatal classes via her blog!

Did you know ... Rachel had 4 babies in 3 years, with no multiples! Talk about a lot of work!

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Hi there, I'm Kate! I started Maternity Glow to be a place for new and expecting moms to come to for practical pregnancy advice, parenting tips, and baby care tricks.

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