20 Creative 4th of July Activities for Kids

20 Creative 4th of July Activities for Kids

The Fourth of July is truly something to celebrate!

Burgers, bonfires, sparklers, and fireworks—what’s not to love?

People across the nation gather together to celebrate our country’s independence! And you can definitely get your kids amped up for this All-American celebration.

Afterall, our freedom and country is amazing. In the midst of your picnics and parties, it’s important to keep the kids engaged and inspired.

Here are 20 creative Fourth of July activities they’ll love doing, and will always remember as they grow!

1) Fork Fireworks

(image via A Thrifty Mom)

I love the concept of making fireworks on paper by using just a fork and some paint.

A Thrifty Mom has all the instructions for the construction of this patriotic task.

It’s an awesome way to keep kids engaged while waiting for fireworks to start, or while food is grilling. And, the amount of paint used is minimal, so you don’t have to stress over the clean up or anticipate a huge mess.

2) Mint Fireworks

(image via Playdough to Plato)

Playdough to Plato also has some cool 4th of July art activities that are a result of something scientific. Kids aged 3-8 will love creating a firework effect on a paper plate by just using just a mint and some water!

The finished products can be hung all around your house in honor of the holiday or strung into a festive banner.

3) Sparkler Shields

(image via Stockpiling Moms)

In addition to fireworks, sparklers are a must for this holiday. So that the kids’ hands stay safe while holding a sparkler, make a shield out of a cup.

Check out Stockpiling Moms for some simple instructions. If you have some extra red solo cups sitting around, they can be put to good use!

4) Sensory Bins

(image via Little Bins for Little Hands)

Little Bins for Little Hands has an awesome assortment of ideas for making Fourth of July sensory bins for toddlers and kids.

Among my favorites are the red, white, and blue rice, and Fourth of July fun with water beads!

Textures help children understand their environment and build up their senses.

5) Fourth of July Crown

(image via Tutus Tea Party)

Allow kids to showcase their patriotism by wearing a Fourth of July crown.

Just Bright Ideas (via Tutus Tea Party) has a full set of easy to follow instructions that you can check out as well as dozens of other cool activities like rocket launchers made from toilet paper rolls, and sparkler pictures!

6) Fruity Stars and Stripes

(image via BettyCrocker.com)

If you have five minutes, then you can make a tasty treat with your kids.

Because the recipe is easy, requires minimal ingredients, and is safe to make, kids can take the lead and do the “cooking.”

The graham cracker based treat is ideal to serve for dessert at any picnic.

Check out Betty Crocker’s site for instructions and food ingredients to add on your picnic shopping list.

7) Confetti Launcher

(image via Pi'ikea Street)

For a safer version of fireworks, consider making confetti launchers.

This activity is especially useful if you have toddlers who are old enough to understand the concept of fireworks and sparklers, but just aren’t mature enough to handle them.

Pi'ikea Street has all the instructions you need to ensure that all kids in your household or at your party have one to celebrate with! Just be sure to launch it outside.

8) Ice Cream Treats

Ice cream sandwiches are a favorite among kids-especially mine.

So, to make sure my son was engaged and full on Fourth of July, I let him make star shaped ice cream sandwiches. It couldn’t be easier.

I gave him a small star cookie cutter and had him press it in an ice cream sandwich bar several times. Then, he enjoyed rolling the ice cream sides in red and blue sprinkles!

9) Patriotic Bowling

Yard bowling is fun and exciting for kids!

While they’re waiting for the fireworks to go off, set up some empty soda bottles (that have been painted red, white, and blue), and obtain a kick ball so your child can roll it toward the “pins.”

Follow the traditional scoring of bowling and face off against teams-kids versus adults.

10) Glow In The Dark Water Balloons

(image via Create Craft Love)

Cool off, creatively!

I love the blog, Create Craft Love—in addition to its many activities, it boasts the brilliant idea of glow in the dark water balloons.

All you need is a package of balloons, small glow sticks, and water.

Simply follow the directions and store the balloons in a tub so you can launch them when the sun goes down!

11) Paddle Balloon Game

(image via Mess for Less)

Kids love water balloons, but why not take a drier approach?

This balloon game requires just a few items. Mess for Less’ blog has detailed images that show how to play the game and make paddles to keep the balloon up in the air.

You can conduct the art portion in the morning on the day of the holiday, and play the paddle balloon game after dinner!

12) Tie Dye Shirts

Utilize the artistic technique of tie dye a few days prior to the Fourth of July, so shirts have time to set and be washed.

You could have your kids make a shirt for every member of the family—just be sure to do it outside. Let the kids go online and pick out a design that suits them!

Tie dye instructions are super easy to follow-be sure to stock up on rubber bands.

Don’t forget to pose for a family Fourth of July photo while everyone’s wearing them too.

13) Star Spangled Slime

(image via I Can Teach My Child)

I Can Teach My Child’s blog outlines how to make star spangled slime, which is an awesome outdoor activity for kids of every age.

You need star confetti, corn starch, and a boat load of glue. It’s fun to make and will keep their hands busy when you’re busy.

If you’re anticipating guests, you can even make the slime ahead of time and portion some slime out into resealable baggies.

14) Patriotic Paint Bombs

(image via Schooling a Monkey)

Show off your pride for the red, white, and blue—literally.

Let the kids paint the sidewalk in patriotic shades by filling up balloons with vinegar and washable paint, and gather a few other things.

For a complete set of instructions visit the blog, Schooling a Monkey.

Roll out a white sheet or large strip of paper and allow the kids to launch their paint bombs, making the colors explode like fireworks!

15) Firework Footprint

Want a Fourth of July keepsake from your toddler?

Paint their foot red and press it on white paper!

Using blue markers or crayons, draw a triangle on the heel of the foot (that should be facing upward) and create swirls and streaks, making the foot look like a patriotic rocket or sparkler exploding.

Your kids may enjoy the art activity so much, they’ll beg you to make it a yearly tradition.

16) Fourth of July Bubble Wands

(image via Sugar Bee Crafts)

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

You can teach your kids to make their own homemade bubble wands by picking up some craft supplies.

Purchase red, white, and blue pipe cleaners and pony stars.

Follow the directions on Sugar Bee Crafts to mold and shape the wands so they can blow a big bubble!

Have plenty of bubble solution available so the kids can utilize their wands and have an awesome party favor if you’re hosting guests.

17) Egg Carton American Flag

Don’t throw out those empty egg cartons—save a few for an egg carton craft!

Because the carton is rectangular shaped, it can mimic the shape of the American flag.

Paint red and white stripes across it, and blue in the upper left corner.

Provide your little artists with q-tips to dot stars in the upper left hand corner once the blue paint dries. If you’re feeling adventurous (because we all love cleaning up glitter…) you can have your kids sprinkle a little across the wet paint on the flag.

This project is festive, fun, and it gives a new use for your trash!

18) Pom Pom Bin

Perfect for little toddler hands, you can set up a pom pom bin!

These fluffy little trinkets should be red, white, and blue in color.

Place items such as clothes pins, mini tongs, and other devices that will enhance their fine motor skills, like tweezers and spoons.

Kids will love the festive theme, and will enjoy experiencing the soft and fuzzy textures.

19) Keep It Up

Keep it up is a game designed for upper elementary children.

Invite your Fourth of July party guests to stand in a circle and toss a beach ball in the air.

When you’re served the ball, you have to call out one of the original 13 colonies.

Failure to do so means you’re removed from the circle!

You’re also out of the circle if you aren’t able to hit the ball—keeping it up in the air.

The game ends when only one person is left. It encourages thinking on your feet and quick (but patriotic) reflexes!

20) Patriotic Parade

Break out your toddler’s musical instruments on the morning of the Fourth!

Play classic Independence Day tunes and help your little one learn the words as they march and play their instruments. If feeling adventurous, you can take your patriotic parade outside and walk around up and down your sidewalk singing.

It will become a fun, musical, holiday tradition!

Wrapping Up

The Fourth of July holds a heavy place in our hearts as American citizens.

These 20 activities are fun, festive, and will keep the kids active and engaged on this happy holiday!

All you need to do is gather a few materials and let the kids loose to explore, create, and play while they showcase their pride for the red, white, and blue.


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