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Baby Proofing

So you finally made it through your pregnancy and had your baby. Mission accomplished.

A bit scary and nerve wracking? Definitely.

Anything compared to actually caring for the little life you produced and keeping it safe and alive? Not at all.

It’s a whole new ball game when you bring your baby home from the hospital. So, that’s why it’s important to baby proof your house right from the get go.

Babies grow quickly and their little hands get strong and curious. Before you know it, your baby will be crawling, pulling themselves up on objects, walking perimeters of things, and then, running down your halls and wanting to investigate every nook and cranny in each room.

The best way to keep your home safe for them is to baby proof it! Baby proofing items come in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

Think outlet covers, cabinet and door latches, furniture guards, gates, and even pool fences.

There are some major do’s and don’ts to getting your house in tip top safety shape for your little one.

Follow them below so you have instant peace of mind!

Do ...

  • Put an outlet cover on every receptacle, even if there’s one behind a shelf or object. You don’t want to assume your baby won’t make their way to one. If it’s there, cover it up.
  • Have a gate installed at the top of your steps. They are ultra-sturdy and durable. Some light hardware is required, as is some time, but you won’t get a sturdier fit.
  • Spend the money to get door latches installed. Babies and kids pinch their fingers often because doors are a pretty fascinating thing to little ones. Many devices are sold in a bulk pack and can be used for years; it’s worth the investment.
  • Get down on all fours and explore your home as your baby would. You’ll be surprised at all the lurking dangers above you. Different perspectives are very effective.
  • Put a special gate up around your fireplace. You can ensure your child’s safety, especially during winter months.
  • Put a childproof gate around your pool. They aren’t the most attractive things, but they do their job with keeping kids away and out of water.
  • Use large, adjustable hexagon shaped gates. They can be manipulated into different shapes and can block your child from hanging on objects that hold top heavy items, like a tv stand. They also lock into place and can keep your child safe and stationery if you need to step out of the room for a moment.

Don't ...

  • Draw attention to baby proofing gear. It’s there, so let it be. By pointing each device out to your baby or curious toddler, you’ve just inspired them to “play” with their new toy, or try to disassemble it.
  • Rest gates across the top of steps or doorways. If you’re using a gate, the point of the gate is to use it correctly and secure any passageway. Kids are quick and it takes nothing for them to move it aside or toss it over.
  • Use washcloths, towels, or clothes as door stoppers. While they are fine for quick fix if you’re visiting friends or relatives, these items can slide easily off doors and can leave you kids with throbbing fingers.
  • Keep super hazardous furniture around. Put it in storage until your baby is older. Glass tables, pointy edges, and antique objects sure look nice, but are more of a hazard in the long run.
  • Keep your cleaning supplies in a child’s reach. While cabinet locks are very effective, nothing is foolproof. Always put cleaning supplies, detergent, and other chemicals on a top shelf in a locked closet.
  • Feel like you need to destroy your cabinets by drilling in latches. There are some awesome tassel systems, magnetic locks, and non-hardware latches that are strong and click into place.

Keeping your baby safe is a tough, but necessary job.

By keeping a sharp eye on your child and installing lots of effective devices, you can ensure you are doing everything possible to avoid an accident.