Best Baby Security Blankets To Keep Baby Cozy (2020 Guide)

Best Baby Security Blankets To Keep Baby Cozy (2020 Guide)

Baby security blankets—or “loveys”, as I affectionately call them—are a big hit with babies.

Much like a pacifier, a security blanket helps calm your baby, helps them focus on something when you can’t be with them, and keeps them company and brings them comfort in their cribs overnight.

I’ve found that some loveys are much better than others, though.

Read on to learn which security blankets I recommend to bring peace and joy into your little one’s life—not to mention, yours as well!

The Whys and Whens of Loveys

Babies attach to all kinds of loveys, which mean these security items come in many forms.

Some loveys are washcloths and towels, while others are pacifiers attached to blankets, and others are rag-like mini blankets that have a stuffed animal sewn onto it.

Some prefer just a plain, fuzzy, piece of material.

No, not all babies need one of these items, but many parents like to give their baby one to keep them company when mom or dad can’t be near.

They also use loveys as a coping mechanism during sleep training periods, or even when they aren’t feeling well.

While loveys get mixed reactions and reviews because parents think their children will become over-attached to one, other parents simply love them. It really comes down to personal preference.

There’s also no right or wrong time to introduce a security item like a lovey to your baby.

I personally gave my son his lovey a day or two after he was born, mainly for when we would travel in the car, to and from appointments and visits with friends.

It gave him something to focus on (and eventually snooze on) during our car ride. He, like most other babies, developed a bond with it, and before I knew it his lovey was making a debut at the grocery store, at the dinner table, and at his sitter’s house.

Some parents choose to introduce a lovey to a baby during their nap times only. They simply rub the soft, cozy blanket on their baby’s cheek.

Eventually, the baby will grasp the lovey on their own, and repeat the soothing action to help them fall asleep. Many parents think that a lovey will replace a pacifier, which can be a difficult habit to break toddlers from.

They see a lovey as less taboo and hazardous to their child’s health (a pacifier can affect teeth formation if used for too long), so that’s another reason why parents tend to offer that at nap time, instead of other items.

Important Features to Consider

If you are considering purchasing a lovey, here are a few key features you should look for:

Safe. Basic blankets are very safe, but many parents lean towards purchasing a lovey that has something sewn onto it, like a stuffed animal head. Just be sure there are no small parts that can come off and become a choking hazard. Embroidered items are best, rather than additional attached pieces.

Strong. Your baby is going to love their lovey hard. It will be tugged, tossed, washed, dried, walked on, and drug across the ground. Opt for a material that feels firm and strong, rather than light and flimsy—it will most likely end up ripping or fraying.

Machine washable. Going in conjunction with choosing something that is strongly composed; you want to be able to toss your security item in the washer to remove spit up, milk, other any other substance that gets on it.

Best Baby Security Blankets

#1. aden + anais

aden + anais is a great brand when it comes to all things baby, and their security blanket (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a favorite among moms—super soft, very gentle on your baby’s skin, and ultra-breathable.

It’s designed in natural cotton muslin fabric that can be washed and gently dried, and has a cute hippo design. These blankets are a great size, totally covering your baby and fitting perfectly in your toddler’s hands as they grow.

These is also sold in a pack of two, which is nice in case you misplace one.

#2. Gund Baby Bubbles

A total baby’s best friend, the Gund Baby Bubbles Blankets (click here to check the price on Amazon) come in Elephant and Dog versions, and will become your child’s go to comfort item that they’ll never want to part from.

Gund’s blanket feels silky and cooling to the touch, adding lots of tactile sensation to a baby’s world and is very huggable. Many parents have concerns with giving their child a blanket that has anything attached to it.

But, Gund’s blankets feature embroidered eyes and nose details, so parents can rest assured that their little one is resting with a highly safe item.

The blanket is machine washable and parents remark that even after a number of washings, it doesn’t fade or lose its form!

#3. Apple Farm Organic Farm Buddies

This whimsical blanket from Apple Farm (click here to check the price on Amazon) is great for both boys and girls.

And, it’s ideal for parents who are concerned about the environment and the materials they bring around their babies. Organic Farm Buddies is a company that composes their loveys out of all natural materials.

This blankie is polyester-free, PVC-free, and uses zeros pesticides or chemicals. Even the dye used is low impact and has gone through numbers of safety certifications.

The blanket is great for tots who need something hypo-allergic against their sensitive skin, and for parents who need peace of mind when their baby begins to gnaw and nosh on their companion.

Wrapping Up

My son loved his security blanket. It has grown to become quite the sentimental item in my home and in his life.

Each of the loveys noted above would make a great addition to your child’s crib, car seat, and stroller.

They are safe, high quality items that will bring lots of comfort and joy into any baby’s world.


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