Best Baby Beach Tents To Protect Baby From The Sun (2020 Guide)

Best Baby Beach Tents To Protect Baby From The Sun (2020 Guide)

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait to take my kiddos to the beach when they were young. Even still, since they were so little, I did have some concerns and reservations about having them out in the heat and the sun for an extended amount of time.

Luckily, a friend recommended I look into and purchase a beach tent. She said it was a lifesaver on her last vacation. So, I got curious and started to research the benefits of having one, as well as features and brands to shop around for.

Benefits of Using a Baby Beach Tent

I don’t think I'm alone when I say that I really hate lugging around extra stuff. Between toting my little ones around and trying to carry all my equipment, my hands are hardly free.

That’s why when my friend recommended that I get a one of these gizmos, I rolled my eyes just thinking about carrying around an additional item. Little did I know, that because I had a tent, I could totally cut out a lot of other stuff that I no longer deemed necessary to have with me.

Here are some of the best benefits of owning one of these bad boys.

Protects baby from the sun. Smearing sunscreen on an infant isn’t always the best idea because their skin is so sensitive (though we do recommend a few select brands). It provides you with plenty of protection from the sun, and cuts down on the amount of lotion you need to use.

Doubles as a “me” space. Babies and toddlers are fascinated with curling up into little, cozy spaces for some quiet time. Tents just simply mystify them. So, it serves as a great place for your kiddos to hang out when you want them to get out of the sun for a bit.

Safe to sleep in. Many parents think they need to bring a Pack and Play on their trips, or even a bassinet. But, a tent is a very safe and comfortable place for your little one to nap. It is well-ventilated, and most models zip up, allowing children to nap without getting sand blown all over them!

Lined. Forget the chairs! Beach tents are large and lined, so the entire family can pile in and simply sit on the ground, without coming in direct contact with sand. If you dislike lugging chairs around, simply leave them at home and sprawl out instead!

Shelter from weather. Storms and showers are bound to pop up when you're out on the water. Having one set up is a great idea for keeping your wee one dry until it passes!

Shopping Tips

Now that you are aware of a the many benefits, consider some of these necessary features before buying.

Lightweight. A great unit doesn’t have to weigh a ton! This is especially beneficial if you have a walk to get to the water, or if you want to carry one in luggage or on a plane.

Compact. Besides being lightweight, be sure to shop for a model that is also easy to stow and carry. Many have roll up features that snap shut and come complete with a carrying handle.

Full protection. Look for a style that has protection on all sides, not just some. Remember, the sun shifts throughout the day, and also varies in intensity depending on the time of day, so you need something that is going to fully cover your little one.

Sturdy. You don’t want to put your baby in a model that feels as though it’s going to run off when the wind blows! Look for something that has a sturdy design (test it out in your yard first if you have to!) that can withstand a strong, ocean breeze.

Ease of assembly. Who has time to mess around with a complicated set-up when you have eager and excited kids in tow that are ready to dive into the ocean? Get something that has as few directions as possible and that should be able to be put up in minimal steps, without the need for multiple family members to help get it up and running.

Boasts a floor. As mentioned above, look one that is lined with a “floor.” This way, you don’t have to worry about bringing additional towels and blankets to line the bottom.

Built-in protection. The sun can go through pretty much anything! Many great units are lined with special UV technology protection, totally shielding kids and babies from the harmful effects of the sun.

Breathable. If you're going to place your wee one in there for a nap, it should be breathable so your child does not suffocate or overheat. Many styles have mesh windows, and can be zippered in a way that leaves some sides open during your child’s nap.

#1. Pacific Breeze EasyUp

Pacific Breeze’sEasy Up (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a great option for any family who frequents the beach with children.

It’s a very strong and durable product because it has a fiberglass frame. It's also easy to carry and it boasts a hassle-free set up.

A sleek looking unit, it is large enough for a couple kids to hang out in when they need a break from the sun. Or, adults can even take in some shade by placing their chairs inside—it’s that roomy.

The interior of this model also allows for storage, thanks to its side wall pockets. It’s made out of polyester so it’s easy to clean, it shields from rain, and it absorbs the wind and UV rays (SPF 50+).

There are large windows built in, so it remains well ventilated, and its floor offers off the sand seating.

#2. Schylling Playshade

Schylling’s Infant Playshade (click here to check the price on Amazon) has a bunch of features that accommodate infants, toddlers, and even small children.

The product is large enough to not only house sleeping babies, but serve as an out of the sun play or snack area. It’s lined with UV protection (50+), so parents can have peace of mind that they are protecting the most fragile of skin from harmful rays.

There is no major assembly required, making setting it up a snap—simply unroll it from its carrying case and utilize the pegs to secure it sturdily into the ground.

It’s also made from polyester, so it’s waterproof, making it a great place to take cover if it begins to drizzle, and it’s easy to clean too.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space in travel bags, or you can opt to carry it separately by utilizing its carrying case’s handle. Plenty of air is able to travel through when your little one is sleeping inside, thanks to its mesh screen that is able to roll up as needed.

All in all, it’s a must have item for parents who are planning a trip or two with a baby.

#3. One Touch Lil' Nursery

Another awesome option that is designed specifically for little ones is the One Touch Lil' Nursery (click here to check the price on Amazon). Its fabric is UV treated (SPF 30) and is also strong and water proof, thanks to its polyester taffeta blend fabric.

It has two mesh side walls, plus a mesh roll up door for ultimate ventilation, allowing your little one to sleep comfortably, but also to play in clear view. It’s easy to put up—simply slide its flexible poles into indicated slots and it pops into shape.

Many parents secure it to the ground for added stability, especially on windy days. Because it has a lined floor, it’s great for taking it along to the park or on a picnic!

Best yet, it packs up to the size of a loaf of bread, so it’s ultra-convenient to travel with on a plane, or carry from your car or hotel.

#4. iCorer Beach Tent

This quick cabana from iCorer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is ideal for little ones who are in need of shelter from the sun.

Its fabric is coated with an SPF formula, and it helps reduce the dangerous effects to sun exposure-especially on sensitive skin.

The iCorer also comes with a carrying bag for easy transport. Plus, it’s light enough to travel with and doesn’t cause a lot of frustration when trying to fold it up after use.

Its interwoven mesh makes it attention-grabbing and unique, but also very breathable so enough fresh air is always able to circulate throughout.

#5. OutdoorMaster Pop Up

Rounding out our list is this nifty "pop up" tent from OurdoorMaster (click here to check the price on Amazon).

What we love about this tent—and as the name implies—is that it just "pops up" in a matter of seconds! Yes, that's right: there is no assembly required for this unit. Which of course is a huge time saver when you just want to get it set up and have your little one napping in there.

Another useful feature is that it doubles as a portable changing room, perfect for when you need to change your little one in and out of their bathing suit but don't want to have to run to the bathroom.​

The tent is made of quality materials, with its rain and wind resistant shell and included stakes and sandbags to make sure it stays in the sand and doesn't blow away on you!​

The OutdoorMaster provides UV protection of SPF 50+, and comes with a handy cover/carrier bag for easy transport.

Wrapping Up

I never travel to the ocean anymore without a tent! It’s made my life so much easier, and it’s helped me keep my little ones safe and sound in between enjoying the surf and sand.

If a beach vacation is in your near future, I highly recommend each of the products above because of their features and multi-functions!


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