Best Baby Bottles For Gas: No More Achy Tummy (2020 Guide)

Best Baby Bottles For Gas: No More Achy Tummy (2020 Guide)

As you probably know all too well, a gassy baby is a miserable baby!

While there could be many factors that cause your little one gas pain and discomfort, the bottle that you are using is usually one of the main culprits!

You will know if you are running into trouble if your little one is belching frequently, arching their back and squirming, crying in pain during or after feedings, spitting up often, and even passing a lot of gas.

Before you get in a tizzy and call the pediatrician, begging them to switch your formula, you should definitely check out these four boast worthy bottles that banish burps, bloat, and more!

What's Up With The Different Bottle Types?

Bottles aren’t one size fits all. In fact, there are many types of bottles on the market because babies have a wide range of feeding needs! 

Colicky Baby

If your newborn is labeled as colicky by a doctor, they are going to need something to drink from that helps lessen their symptoms and make them feel happier all around. 

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Many babies also suffer from chronic gas and even acid reflux, and the right bottle can make all the difference. 

Air Intake

One thing that a baby with colic, acid reflux, and chronic gas has in common is the need for a smooth drinking experience.

If they gulp down excessive amounts of air, their issues will worsen since swallowing too much air can wreak havoc on a little one’s digestive system. 

Special Nipples

Also, it's good to know that certain bottles come with special nipples.

You can swap nipples in and out with these bottles to accommodate how amount your baby drinks, which is called "flow". 

If your baby is having digestive issues, the right flow is key.

You don’t want your newborn sucking too hard (because this will just add air into their system), and you don’t want them drinking too quickly, because they will get air bubbles in their belly. 

When you can control the flow, you can provide the proper balance for your baby

The right bottle can lower the amount of gas bubbles in their belly, it can cut down on air intake during a feeding, and it can also help alleviate an upset stomach.

If you have a happy baby on your hands, then chances are, you’ll have a happy mama too!

What To Look For In A Good Baby Bottle

I’ve been through about four different kinds of bottles, some of which were really expensive, before finding “the one”—and let me tell you, there is no better feeling!

A great, gas reducing bottle will have some of these characteristics in common.

An angled neck. I can’t emphasize how important an angled neck is! Babies need to be fed at literally the most perfect angle in order to not suck in air while they are feeding. An angled neck on a bottle helps this! The bottles are also easier for moms and dads to hold, so your newborn can sit almost upright when feeding.

Compatible with disposable liners. A liner is great because it allows you to squeeze out all the excess air in your milk. And, as your baby sips away, the liner collapses and eliminates the ability for any air bubbles to escape. No bubbles equal any gas!

Vented. An amazing design, a vented bottle works like a straw system. When your baby sucks on their bottle, the internal vent discourages bubbles and helps your baby get nothing but milk!

Variable flow nipples. One of the biggest mistakes I made as a new mom was giving my son a bottle with the wrong nipple flow. His poor little mouth was sucking in too much milk, too quickly. This is because the nipple I was using had a few holes in it, making the milk come out quickly. Young babies need a slow flow nipple, in which they can suck on at their own pace. Once your baby ages to about three months, they are most likely ready for a faster flowing nipple.

Colic-Reducing Bottle Features

Once you have a great bottle on your hands, it’s time to take full advantage of its colic-reducing features and also utilize proper feeding strategies!

Nipple Shape

First, make sure you’re using the proper nipple on your specialized bottle, which can make or break a feeding session.

Consider the nipple’s shape, which could take some figuring out (through trial and error of course), as your baby may prefer a wide nipple or a narrow nipple.

Baby Latching

If you’re breastfeeding, but are ready to supplement with a bottle (or even formula), pay attention to the way your baby latches, so you can try to match a bottle’s nipple up with your own.

Nipple Valve

You can also focus on your nipple’s valve.

This is important because it helps release the milk in a gentle, even flow.

If you can find a bottle that has a built-in valve system, you’re good to go—this is because these nipples don’t create large bubbles in the milk when your baby is sucking in and out. 

Feeding Position

You should also consider the way you’re feeding your baby.

You can have the best bottle in the world, but if you’re holding your child incorrectly, it won’t make much difference!

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your specialized bottle:

Consider placement. Your baby’s head should always be above their belly—this may seem like a given, but there’s lots of babies who drink a bottle while on their back in their crib. It’s not super safe, and it only creates additional gas bubbles, which is not what you want if your child is having issues with this initially.

Watch the latch. You may have to switch up your baby’s nipple if they aren’t latching properly. If you notice your baby is sucking just the tip of the nipple, and that they don’t have their mouth around the wide base of it, they will get too much air into their system.

Get on a burp schedule. If you’re waiting for your baby to totally consume their bottle before burping them, you could be making a big mistake. Start to take a burp break every five minutes—this will help them get gas bubbles out, eat more, and be happier at the culmination of a feeding.

Best Baby Bottles For Gas

1. Comotomo
  • It’s super modern and sleek, yet totally functional.
  • It combats gassiness
  • Wide neck design
Check Price
2. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow
  • Very intricate design
  • very reasonable price
  • Composed of a vent system
Check Price
3. Medela
  • Compatible with the Medela breast pumps!
  • Pump, store, and feed, all in one bottle
  • Ultra-affordable
Check Price
4. Philips Avent
  • Helped eliminate air bubbles
  • Helped promote controlled sipping
  • Easy to hold
Check Price
5. Tommee Tippee
  • Designed with a nipple that feels just like the real thing
  • Easy to latch onto
  • Easy to hold
Check Price
6. Playtex VentAire
  • Pretty fool-proof during feeding time
  • Help prevent excess air from getting into your little one’s milk
  • Comes with a set of nipples
Check Price
7. Evenflo
  • Soft, silicone nipple to trigger the feeling of a “natural” feeding
  • Simple to clean
Check Price
8. First Essentials by NUK
  • Awesome vented-nipple design that moms rave about
  • Can accommodate smaller amounts, as needed
  • Clear view
Check Price
9. NUK Perfect Fit Baby Bottle
  • Designed to mimic a mom’s nipple
  • Fits naturally in a baby’s mouth
  • Satin-like finish
Check Price
10. Tinukim
  • Allow moms to go hands free
  • Encourage latching and are soft
  • Leak free venting technology
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#1. Comotomo

For me, the best bottle for a gassy baby is the Comotomo Baby Bottle (click here to check the price on Amazon).

First of all, how cute is this design? It’s super modern and sleek, yet totally functional.

It combats gassiness because it has dual anti colic vents, which won’t allow extra air to enter your baby’s lungs. It also has been shown to reduce colic, which can lead to gas due to excessive crying.

It’s also great because as a nursing mom, I was nervous about introducing my son to anything else. But, the bottle’s design is meant to mimic the shape of the breast, so it reduces bottle rejection.

I also used to cringe when I’d think about cleaning a bottle properly. I read dozens of horror stories about babies getting thrush from improperly cleaned bottles.

But, the Comotomo has a wide neck design which actually makes it easy to clean by hand, without needing a specialized brush.

I also liked it because it was safe to be put in the microwave, in boiling water, or in the dishwasher to be sterilized.

The bottle is not exactly cheap, but you get two in each set. This anti-gas bottle is durable though, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new set every few months, like you would with a cheaper brand.

Another must of a great bottle is that it doesn’t leak.

I mean, who has time to be mopping up spills when you have a hungry, fussy baby on your hands? I never had to worry about that with this bottle.

Finally, the nipples can be easily swapped out so that your baby is drinking from the correct flow as well.

#2. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow

Many moms go ga-ga over Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottle (click here to check the price on Amazon). And, what’s not to love?

Dr. Brown’s bottles guarantee that your baby will gulp down nothing but their milk while they are drinking because their bottle has a very intricate design.

And, for for a very reasonable price for three bottles, that’s what I call a bargain buy.

Composed of a vent system, all of the air bubbles are taken out, but all of the vitamins and nutrients remain in the milk. The entire set up of the bottle is mean to replicate the process of breast feeding, which is important to many moms.

Some of my friends swore by this bottle and stated that it helped ease their baby’s colic symptoms and even produced less spit up.

The only issue that many of my girlfriends had with the bottle is that it is not the easiest thing to clean.

There are lots of parts that need to be assembly properly and they felt that it tended to get tedious with sterilizing the bottles and even just doing a quick rise.

But, if you don’t mind the assembly, these bottles have worked wonders with reducing gas and fussiness overall.

#3. Medela

When it comes to feeding, I feel that the Medela bottles (click here to check the price on Amazon) are a brand name that you can trust.

I wanted to wean my baby from breastfeeding so they could start to use a bottle — and let’s be frank, it was time for my husband to take over some of the night time feedings!

This set is great because it is compatible with the Medela breast pumps! You can literally pump, store, and feed, all in one bottle (talk about multi-tasking).

It’s ultra-affordable for all of the multi-tasking that the bottles do, they are dishwasher safe, great to travel with (they come with caps), and have never leaked on my watch!

The nipples can be swapped out for variable flows, and the shape of the nipple and overall design is formulated to mimic a natural breast thanks to its wide base.

The bottles range from a variety of sizes and are a must if you are planning on switching from boob to bottle.

#4. Philips Avent

I received this Philips Avent set (click here to check the price on Amazon) as a baby shower gift and was very satisfied overall.

Moderately priced, the bottles helped eliminate air bubbles and helped promote controlled sipping. It has a wide design and something called a comfort petal.

I have never heard of this before, but the petals help your baby latch on and off (great for weaning) without the nipple collapsing (a very common problem).

The bottle has a twin-valve which helps colic symptoms (including gas) in fussy babies.

I also like Philips bottles because they are easy to hold and this was important to me once my son started to try to feed himself when he got older.

The bottle was never hard to fill or clean, and I never had any problems with the bottle leaking.

It can be tossed in the dishwasher or in a pot of boiling water to be cleaned, and overall the bottle is very durable and high quality.

#5. Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles (click here to check the price on Amazon) are literally that: pretty much the next best thing besides the boob!

Moms who choose not to nurse or who choose to pump their milk still want to give their baby a comforting feeding experience. Tommee Tippee bottles are designed with a nipple that feels just like the real thing.

In addition to being easy to latch onto and easy to hold, these bottles are great for babies who need a slow flow nipple to cut their air intake, resulting in excess gas (which moms know adds discomfort to a baby’s world).

Their special valve is extremely sensitive, and helps ensure that your baby gets nothing but milk!

The bottles are also marked clearly, so you can measure accurately how much milk your little one receives, they are BPA and phthalate free for safety and a mom’s peace of mind, but best of all they are easy to clean!

#6. Playtex VentAire

Playtex Ventair bottles (click here to check the price on Amazon) come in a wide range of sizes and are ideal for the first time mom.

Their unique design is pretty fool-proof during feeding time. Already angled, they help prevent excess air from getting into your little one’s milk.

In fact, a clinical study confirms that due to the bottles’ design, babies had less gas, spit up, discomfort, and colic symptoms were reduced overall. The bottles are plastic, but are BPA free so you don’t need to worry about anything harmful coming in contact with your baby.

In addition to various sizes, the bottles also come with a set of nipples that help you control the flow of milk, based on your baby’s needs and age. They also have a special “plug” in the bottom of the bottle that can easily be removed for cleaning purposes, but is mandatory for minimizing air bubbles from forming.

Moms also love the fact that they can feed their baby semi-upright, which has been known to help prevent ear infections from forming during feeding time!

#7. Evenflo

Evenflo Classic twist bottles (click here to check the price on Amazon) have a classic design, but a high success rate with reducing gas in babies.

The 8 ounce bottles are ideal for growing babies and are easy to fill if you desire a smaller amount to be served, and are also a cinch to clean. They have a soft, silicone nipple to trigger the feeling of a “natural” feeding, and it has minimal holes in it which helps your baby control its slow flow.

The slower your baby drinks, the less air they are exposed to, resulting in fewer bouts of gas and fussiness. Also, Moms that use Evenflo’s classic bottles notice that nipple collapse doesn’t occur.

This can be another leading culprit for gas in infants and growing babies. These bottles are simple to clean because they have very few parts to wash or assemble!

#8. First Essentials by NUK

Gerber First Essentials bottles (click here to check the price on Amazon) are clear, and clearly effective!

They have an awesome vented-nipple design that moms rave about, mainly because it reduces the amount of air that gets swallowed during feeding time. This not only reduces gas and spit-up spells, but also colic overall.

Each silicone nipple will not collapse, due to their vent holes. They are easy to twist on and off, clean, and are strongly sealing so they won’t leak.

Moms also love that the bottles fit most breast pumps when moms need to store up their milk, or need a break from direct feedings. Parents also love using these bottles because Gerber is a name that is synonymous with babies and is a name they can trust.

Each bottle is 5 ounces and can accommodate smaller amounts, as needed. Plus, their clear view allows moms’ eyes to scan for any kind of lumps in their formula, and to watch the exact amount that their baby ingests.

#9. NUK Perfect Fit Baby Bottle

NUK’s bottles (click here to check the price on Amazon) serve up a perfect bottle for every developmental stage your baby goes through.

Why is this so important?

A baby needs a certain flow so they don’t consume too much air while feeding. If this occurs, moms can have one grumpy baby on their hands. NUK bottles’ nipple is designed to mimic a mom’s nipple and it fits naturally in a baby’s mouth.

The nipples also have a satin-like finish, which is not only soft but it helps conform to a baby’s palate. Each nipple that complements that bottle is labeled with a type of “flow.” This way, parents can easily control the amount of milk that their baby can consume during each feeding.

The bottle also has a 1-piece anti-colic air system, which also alleviates symptoms and reduces gas and spit up. Because its system is built in, you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning and assembling various parts.

The bottle is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and it never leaks due to its strong seal.

#10. Tinukim

Tinukim bottles (click here to check the price on Amazon) allow moms to go hands free, and reap the benefits of a safe and controlled feeding situation at all times.

They allow moms to do what they need to do, and a baby to eat pretty much anywhere: in the car, carrier, or stroller, by simply sucking on a controlled air flow nipple. Each soft nipple is attached to a long tube, which is submerged in milk.

The nipples encourage latching and are soft so they feel totally natural. The bottle’s leak free venting technology keeps air out and reduces air build up overall.

The bottle comes with a cap to make traveling with it a snap, and it helps promote motor skills, allowing your young baby to start holding the bottle on their own. In addition to its unique design, they are very safe; they are BPA free, lead free, and PVC free.

You can heat them in a microwave, boiling water, or even use in a sterilizer (or, pop them in the freezer!)

Wrapping Up 

So many bottles, so little time!

It may take a few tries to really find a boast worthy bottle, but in my past experience, you can’t go wrong with the ten reviewed above.

Each have characteristics of what makes a great bottle for a gassy, fussy baby, so check them out and give them a try today!


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