Best Baby Car Mirror (2020 Guide)

Keep An Eye On Baby With The Best Baby Car Mirror (2020 Guide)

When I was registering for my last baby shower I felt as though I had all of the essential items.

A stroller? Check. A car seat? Check. Baby carrier, bouncer, and a diaper bag? Check.

My friend looked over my registry and matter-of-factly informed me I was missing one necessary item—a baby car seat mirror.

She said it was the one item that gave her complete peace of mind when driving with her baby in the car and it helped her understand why the baby cried or see if the baby was sleeping.

I had heard a number of negative things about baby car mirrors and thought they were more of a hazard, in case of an accident. While that is something to consider, I learned that the pros far outweigh the cons, and so I quickly added a car seat mirror (two of them actually) to my registry.

And, my friend was right—it became my favorite baby accessory in my car.

What Is A Baby Car Mirror?

A baby car mirror is a small device used to watch your baby without turning around and taking your eyes off the road.

It can be positioned so you can know what your baby is doing, if they’re sleeping, and if they're safe. 

You simply use your mirror to view their mirror!

Why Do You Need A Baby Car Mirror?

You need a baby car mirror because you can’t turn around when you’re driving, so you can utilize your mirror in order to check on your baby.

You can check to see what your little one is crying about, if they are sleeping, or simply to make eye contact with them for reassurance purposes.

Sometimes, your baby’s toy or blanket will be moved, or your baby may be in danger, so it’s wise to keep all eyes on them when possible. 

Importantly, the mirror eliminates the need to get out of the car and physically check on your child.

4 Features To Consider

Choosing a great car mirror is easy, you simply need to look for the following characteristics:

  • 1
    Strong. Your car seat mirror is going to need a strong and secure fasten to stand up against bumps and shifts in the road. The last thing you want is for the mirror to topple over on your baby!
  • 2
    Crash-proof. In case of a crash, you want something that is crash-proof and won’t explode on impact, causing additional damage.
  • 3
    Large size. Choose a mirror that is large enough so you can get a clear view of your baby.
  • 4
    Adjustable. Your mirror should be able to hug up against the headrest, no matter which car you put it in. This allows it to be portable and adaptable in all vehicles. 

Best Baby Car Mirrors

#1. Cozy Green Baby Car Mirror

When it comes to checking on my little ones while I'm driving, my top recommendation is the baby car mirror by Cozy Green (click here to check the price on Amazon).

As you probably already know, babies have to be placed rear-facing for a while in the car.

I always wanted to know that my baby was ok and that his blanket or coat was never blocking his air intake. Smothering is real and it happens quickly and silently while driving with an infant in tow.

The Cozy Green Mirror made it easy for me to constantly check in with my son.

It attaches to the backseat head rest using a special patented strap system so it is balanced and safe. And, the glass on the mirror is shatter-proof and has been crash tested so you don’t have to worry about it harming your baby if you are ever in an accident.

I like this mirror because it comes packaged in one piece and I just had to make sure it was positioned to where I wanted it and I could strap it in place.

When I drove with it, I always had a clear view (the mirror is a great size) of my son and I never had to reposition it because it started to droop down.

I could literally see him from head to toe, and I had the option to rotate the mirror 360 degrees.

You do need to keep the mirror clean, and the company sends a cleaning cloth along to remove dust, dirt, and finger prints. I usually wiped it down weekly when I vacuumed out my car.

The mirror is reasonably priced and comes with a lifetime money back satisfaction guarantee, which shows in my opinion, just how well it works.

Overall, this is a very durable and safe mirror for a fair price.

#2. Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror

Another great baby car mirror option is the one made by the folks at Baby & Mom (click here to check the price on Amazon), and it's one a lot of my friends prefer.

Priced significantly less than the Cozy Green mirror, this Baby and Mom rearview mirror is designed very similarly.

It attaches to the head rest in your backseat, and has an extra-large wide angle so you can have full sight of your baby.

It has a light weight but sturdy plastic casing that cradles the mirror and it takes only minutes to set up. Its glass is shatter-proof in case of an accident and it too can adjust to all angles.

There are no suction cups to hold it in place, only a safe and strong strap.

Users agree that it’s a bargain buy that is very comparable to the more expensive models on the market. It just doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee or a cleansing cloth.

It does however come with a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure satisfaction and cause zero-hassle.

I highly recommend this mirror if you are expecting twins because it is so affordable, you can place one in front of each child. Although one mirror shows a large portion of your backseat, it certainly won’t show you both babies.

But because it is priced so reasonably, you can’t go wrong with picking up two!

Many moms have remarked about how they have used this mirror and remember pulling over while driving because it helped them see that their baby as in danger (or it helped them see which side their pacifier fell to grab it at a red light).

It makes a great shower gift too and should definitely be an item that you put on your own list.

#3. Britax Backseat Mirror

Rounding out my list of the best baby car mirrors is this model made by Britax (click here to check the price on Amazon), a great baby gear brand.

Britax boasts an extra-large convex mirror that pivots so you can see your baby at all angles. It will not shatter if it falls and it has a soft feel frame, and a streamlined and modern looking design.

Attach it to your head rest with its two super strong straps. Clip one set on the side and one set on top, and pull the slack to make sure you have a snug fit.

You can ensure you have a strong hold, unlike some mirrors that attach with Velcro or suction cups.

Many parents love how easy it is to turn and position it so you can see your baby fully. Others have criticized that it tends to droop downward and it needs to get fixed often, but chances are it probably wasn’t installed properly to begin with.

I had several friends who used this mirror and it always stayed in place.

They also have remarked about how it fit both of their head rests in each of their cars (one a sedan, one a SUV); you just have to make sure you are able to get around and underneath of the head rest since that is how the mirror attaches securely.

The straps are easy to adjust and the platform that steadies it and holds it in place is large and strong.

Did I also mention it’s easy to clean and it blends right in with the rest of your car’s décor? It never looks overly noticeable or bulky.

If you are looking for a sleek, chic, effective, and affordable mirror, then go for the Britax.

The bottom line is that there’s really no reason why you can’t have a baby mirror installed in your back seat.

Keeping your little one safe is your top priority, and how can you do that if you can’t see them?

Each of these mirrors is a great choice and they fit everyone’s budget.

They are easy to install, maintain, and are ultra-durable, so you’ll have them for each of your children, for years to come.


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