Best Baby Memory Books To Preserve Baby’s Memories (2020 Guide)

Best Baby Memory Books To Preserve Baby’s Memories (2020 Guide)

I have dozens of mommy friends who could kick themselves because they can’t remember when their little one took their first steps or said their first word.

So I’m sure glad I made it a point to document my kiddos’ milestones as they were happening and not after the fact!

I loved using a baby book to document all of these things, and I utilized the picture spaces, making sure I printed out photographs monthly, rather than waiting and having hundreds of pictures to print and store all at once.

Baby books are great because they really help document all of life’s little milestone moments.

Plus, your child is sure to love looking back at their book as they age (as will you) to see how they’ve grown!

Here are some of the best baby books to help keep your records straight, and your pictures protected.

#1. Pearhead Baby Book

My favorite baby memory book is the one by Pearhead, which comes in a variety of colors (click here to see all 3 colors on Amazon), and makes a great gift to give at showers, or is the ideal keepsake to pick up for yourself.

Priced reasonably, the Pearhead baby book has lots of space to put photos throughout your little one’s fist months of life.

The book is set up in a journal format, allowing you to fill in the blanks with your thoughts and jot down major milestones.

You can even place one of your baby’s prints in the slot of the front cover since it contains a clean touch ink pad!

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#2. Lucy Darling Memory Book

What I love about this baby memory book from Lucy Darling (click here to check the price on Amazon) is how artistically appealing it is.

This memory book is completely cute for your little boy or girl, it has 48 pages and is filled with spots and spaces for pictures and milestones like first words, finger prints, and documenting the family tree.

It’s designed to be used after your baby arrives, rather than a maternity keepsake. The entire book is eco-friendly, as it’s made out of soy based ink.

Moms and dads can even write their baby a note.

It’s the perfect book for your princess to use as a keepsake, documenting all the important memories from her childhood like birthdays, holidays, and family vacations.

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#3. C.R. Gibson Memory Book

Another adorable baby memory book is this 64-pager from C.R. Gibson (click here to check the price on Amazon), which helps parents document every month of their child’s development.

It has adorable and gender neutral graphics and artistic attributes created by Cathy Heck.

There are pages for prints, health stats, birthdays, and plenty of space to keep anecdotal notes as your child grows from a baby into a toddler.

Its cover allows you to insert a picture of your baby, and there’s lots of space throughout the book to document your favorite photos from the day your baby was born to the day your baby took their first steps.

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#4. Carter’s Memory Book

available in both blue & pink!

Carter’s is a brand beloved by a many parents, and their baby memory book (click here to check the price on Amazon) is available for both boy and girl and is packed with pages that can be filled with everything from photographs to keepsakes.

The sturdy board book is large and contains 35 pages, which start from birth and go up to about 5 years of age for your child.

Parents especially adore this book because it has a whole section dedicated to documenting pregnancy and your baby shower.

It also comes with a storage box to keep it safe and to eventually pass it on to your child to have forever.

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#5. Little Blossom’s Memory Book

available in both blue & pink!

What I love about the Little Blossom’s memory book (click here to check the price on Amazon) is that it’s designed with vintage elements.

Available for either a boy or a girl, the book is moderately sized and has about 40 pages that are set up in a journal style for you to fill in your thoughts and responses.

It also comes with a clean touch ink pad so you can get your baby’s prints captured without making a mess!

Parents especially love this book because it allows them to give a history of each parent’s life, allowing their baby to read all about mom and dad.

There is also room for mom to post her ultra-sound images, and other maternity related information!

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Baby books are a great way to capture and reflect as your child grows.

Each of these five books are well-priced, beautifully designed, and give you everything you need to help your child know what they were like as a baby and help them see how they grew throughout the years.


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