Best Baby Ring Slings For Cozy Comfort (2020 Guide)

Best Baby Ring Slings For Cozy Comfort (2020 Guide)

If you're like me, you're probably always in need of an extra free hand.

I’d always have a difficult time when I needed to go to the store without my husband and have my baby in tow.

I felt like I never had my hands free and I could never concentrate because my newborn would fuss-he needed that tight and cozy womb sensation.

And then I bought a ring sling.

A ring sling really took care of my problem and made going virtually anywhere easy as pie!

Why You Might Want a Baby Ring Sling

Your baby wants to feel close to you.

Heck, they want to smell you, too.

A ring sling allows them to have that bonding moment, even when you’re super busy.

A ring sling cuddles and cradles them, which in return makes them feel at ease knowing you are nearby.

You can also have your hands free to run errands or complete chores around the house! For me, this was a biggie.

Many moms I know also use ring slings to help them nurse. It provides a certain level of support and takes some stress off their arms (and again, allows them to do things with their hands while their baby is latched).

It’s also ideal to use if you are going to be in a crowded space and don’t want to deal with pushing a stroller around or handling a baby carrier, which is big and bulky. It is a safer way to navigate and maneuver through a crowd, knowing you can be in full view of your child and have zero equipment to pack or unload.

It’s also easy to wear and cover your baby up in cold weather or on a rainy day, and it is great for moms who are taking on a modern approach of baby wearing and co-sleeping-they simply don’t want to go without that skin to skin contact.

Ring slings are also great for colicky babies who suffer from acid reflux, because it allows you to position them upward, helping to relieve some of the pain and suffering they experience from this disorder.

Important Features to Consider

When shopping for a good ring sling, here are a couple of things to look for.

Shoulder style. Ring Slings are meant to be worn around the shoulder. Some come in a p-sling design, which means you are limited to the shoulder that you can use it with. It is best to pick one that is versatile for any shoulder so it doesn’t limit you in any way.

Size. Choose a sling that will give you options. It’s always best to pick one that measures a bit wider and longer because you can use the excess fabric as a cover up from weather elements and other environmental factors, as well as to help you nurse in privacy or to shade a baby while they sleep.

High quality material. If you're going to be wearing a sling, you and your baby want to come in contact with something that is ultra-comfortable. You don’t want any material that is too thick, heavy, or scratchy. Stick to organic fabrics and soft, cotton blends. You may even opt to wear a sling that has a solarveil for hot, summer months.

Cost. A good ring sling should not break the bank, but you want to find one moderately priced so you know you are getting a high quality item that can withstand years of use and wear and tear.

Durable. You’ll be using your sling almost daily, so make sure you look for one that shows signs of quality construction, like completed seams and sturdy stitching.

Washable. You're a mom, and you're busy. You don’t have a ton of time to stand around hand-washing items. Choose a ring sling that can be wiped down with ease or even tossed in the washer.

Best Baby Ring Slings

#1 Maya Wrap Ring Sling

Available in two sizes and fourteen colors, the Maya Wrap Ring Sling is my choice as the best ring sling available today (click here to check the price on Amazon). 

It has a lightly padded design to ensure complete comfort (but pads can also be removed if desired), and allows moms to experience skin to skin contact right from the start.

It also helps moms with breastfeeding positions and allows you to bond with your baby throughout the day.

The Maya Wrap is great for babies who need to remain in an upward position due to reflux, and it even has a pocket so you can wear it on the go without bringing a purse or wristlet.

Wear it on any shoulder and adjust it to your liking.

You can wear a baby as little as 8 pounds at most as 35 pounds.

It’s totally machine washable (just leave it out of the dryer) and it’s highly durable design keeps you feeling confident and secure while wearing your baby.

#2. eBabySling Lightweight Baby Carrier Wrap

Another one of my favorite ring slings is the one from eBabySling (click here to check the price on Amazon).

This sling carrier is soft (100% Pima cotton) and snugly carries your baby for you, leaving your hands free or available to cuddle your little one.

You can get the right fit every time because the sling can be adjusted to how your baby likes to be carried: upright, lying down, against your chest, on your hip, and even on your back.

The sling’s rings have been put to the test and have been show that it can maintain up to 50 kgs of weight for 24 hours, so you can have total peace of mind when toting your baby around.

The double ring design also allows you to adjust the sling with ease.

The eBabySling is simple to clean, transport, and it has a long tail of fabric to ensure optimal privacy when nursing in public, or shielding baby from the sun.

#3. Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling

The Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling is a great sling for moms on a budget (click here to check the price on Amazon).

It comes in a few designs and has a deep pocket so babies who sit in its curved pouch shape can grip onto their carrier.

It has a lightly padded shoulder for support and comfort, and it helps take some strain off of the neck while carrying a toddler. It also has padded railings so your baby’s thighs are not cut into.

The sling itself is light and comfortable for mom and baby to wear and ride in.

And, it is able to be folded up and tossed into a diaper bag for easy transport.

It has buckle rings that are composed of cast copper zinc alloy, so you don’t have to worry about breakage like you would with a welded ring.

It comes with a long tail for privacy purposes and the sling is easily adjustable to your liking!

Wrapping Up

Ring slings are great, not only for bonding purposes, but to have a hands-free, stress-free experience in public.

Each of these slings are tested and loved by moms around the country.

They help bring convenience, confidence, and comfort into any mom’s life!


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