Best Car Seat Canopy Reviews (2020 Guide)

Best Car Seat Canopies For Protecting Baby (2020 Guide)

One item that a lot of new moms neglect to put on their baby registry is a car seat canopy. I was one of those moms!

Thankfully, I had the help of friends and family to inform me that a car seat canopy should be an absolute necessity.

My son was born late fall, and I absolutely refused to be confined to the house all winter long.

So, a canopy was just what I needed to get me out and about, but keep my little guy warm, snuggly, and safe.

Later on, I even ended up swapping my winter cover for a summer cover (yes, there are all different kinds!)

Read on to get the scoop about car seat canopies and how they can really benefit your bundle of joy, allowing you to take them anywhere, anytime!

What Is A Car Seat Canopy?

Car seat canopies are also known as car seat protectors. They are made to fit over top of your infant car seat (which doubles as a carrier). Some are designed for fall and winter months when the weather gets chilly.

They are usually lined with a thick, warm material and go around where your baby sits, virtually enclosing them. Others are designed more for spring and summer months, composed in a more light weight, breathable fabric and fully covering up your kiddo (to keep the sun or rain out of their eyes).

Some covers are made out of a mesh netting; allowing your baby to see out, but not allowing anything to get in (like gnats and mosquitoes).

Benefits of a Car Seat Canopy

There are a number of benefits to using a car seat canopy. A cover can provide:

Protect from the sun. Babies aren’t able to wear sunscreen initially. So, baby car seat covers provide plenty of protection from the harmful effects of the sun. They also keep the light out of their eyes, so babies can essentially sleep better when it’s time for their mid-day nap when you’re not at home.

Protect from the cold. A winterized car seat cover helps to add another layer of heat and protection for a delicate baby. The cover surrounds the carrier and leaves just a small space open for your baby to see out and yo

Protection from the rain. You’re going to get trapped in a storm or two when you have your baby with you. There’s just no escaping it. A cover helps to keep your baby dry and warm when it’s raining cats and dogs around you, so there’s no need for you to tote around an extra umbrella to see in, and allowing enough air to get into the carrier.

Protection from insects. Babies are little and defenseless. They don’t understand to swat away gnats, flies, or other outdoor pests. A baby car seat cover will keep these creatures out of contact with your kiddo, but will still allow you to expose your baby to sunshine and fresh air during warmer months.

Protection while in a stroller. Many parents take advantage of a travel system, which means that your infant car seat carrier can also snap into your stroller. So, you can go totally push your baby around, and your baby can still be guaranteed protection from all kinds of elements on your walk or outing.

Best Car Seat Canopies

#1. JJ Cole

The JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Canopy (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a favorite among many parents I know. It’s designed to be used during the fall and winter months, when the temp really dips down. It is super soft on its outer and inner layers, and this baby car seat cover fits snugly over pretty much any car seat.

Its outside is weather-resistant nylon, so you don’t have to worry about it getting or staying wet from snow or rain. Inside, it’s lined with fleece, so you can allow it to serve as a “jacket” on days that are chilly. The top of the cover can be removed for days that aren’t too frigid, or kept on to help prevent frost bite and cut down on wind absorption.

It has zipper features, so you can adjust the fit of the cover to accommodate your baby as they grow. It’s also machine washable in case accidents happen.

It’s handy to have for those fall morning walks, as you’re able to use it with your stroller system as well.

#2. Cooper Pearl

What I love about the Cooper Pearl Canopy (click here to check the price on Amazon) is that it's very versatile! It’s super stretchy, so it’s easy to put on and pull off, and it fits pretty much any carrier.

It can be used as a shopping cart cover when your baby outgrows their infant carrier days. Nursing mothers also love the fact that they can usher their baby around, covered in the carrier, but can slide the cover off and slip it on their body to utilize as a nursing cover!

Because it fully wraps around the carrier, your baby will be protected from all-weather elements, including bugs and other pests. They can travel from your home to the car (or anywhere else) in peace and comfort.

It’s composed in a soft, breathable fabric so you know enough air is traveling through, however be mindful of the fact that the company suggests not using it when your baby naps to avoid the risk of overheating or suffocation.

It should be mainly used in between destinations to provide optimal coverage.

#3. Armful of Love

Another great choice, Armful of Love’s Car Seat Carrier Cover (click here to check the price on Amazon) is ideal for all seasons.

It not only shields your child from summer heat, but it also reflects strong wind gusts. Most carrier covers get blown open when the wind blows, but this cover has 360 degree flap control technology, so the cover always remains in place.

It’s also a great cover to utilize if your baby is sick and coughing, and you want to protect others on your way into a doctor’s appointment, or vice versa. It is composed out of bamboo muslin, so it’s breathable, lightweight, yet durable and washable.

It’s designed to be used mainly for spring and summer months, when you need to shield your baby from the sun, heat, wind, and insects. It’s not recommended for rain or snow, as the material will absorb and lock in wetness.

So, if you’re in the market for a cover to tote with you on summer outdoor weekend outings, this is a great choice!

#4. Baby Hearts

A wonderful pick for summer months, BabyHeart’s Car Seat Cover (click here to check the price on Amazon) is lined with UPF 50 sun protection and among the best car seat covers.

It has a non-slip grip that keeps the cover in place (so it won’t be disturbed by gusts of wind), and it has an ergonomically design so it fits all car seats.

A universal fit is ideal in case parents have different car seats and carriers, and the cover can easily be swapped between each. It folds up with ease and can be stowed away in a diaper bag or airplane carry-on tote without taking up a lot of room.

Its front panel has Velcro closures so you can peek in to see if your baby is sleeping, adjust them, or hand them their pacifier. This cover is safe to keep closed when your baby naps because plenty of air flows through the gaps and holes, making it breathable.

While it’s not ideal to use during cold winter months or on rainy days, it is a great option for parents who want to protect their little one’s skin from sunburn while taking a walk or when moving in between destinations.

#5. Brica

Perfect for families who spend a lot of time outdoors, Brica’s Infant Comfort Canopy (click here to check the price on Amazon) will protect your little one from all kinds of elements!

It is well ventilated, so your baby can nap on the go because it stays cool and plenty of fresh air can get it (but bugs and other creepy crawlies cannot!).

Its cover is retractable and protects from not only sun exposure (by blocking nearly 98% of damaging UVA/UVB rays), but also allowing rain to roll right off of it! It also blocks wind, but still allows your infant to get plenty of light and air as they travel around.

It rolls up easily and can be tucked into a zippered pocket when you don’t want to use the cover. It makes a great addition to your travel stroller system and is ideal for protecting against germs out in the public.

Wrapping Up

I registered for a lot of different items. But, out of the many items I registered for and received, my car seat canopy was one of the things that I used the most. If you're buying one for your little one, always check what would be the best car seat cover that will fit your needs.

As an active family, we never had any hesitations or worries about taking our little guy outside because we knew he was always protected from all the elements thanks to his versatile cover!


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