Best Fetal Doppler Monitors For Hearing Baby’s Heartbeat (2020 Guide)

Best Fetal Doppler Monitors For Hearing Baby’s Heartbeat (2020 Guide)

When I was pregnant with my little girl, I remember finding it torturous waiting for my ultrasound appointments.

So, I decided to hold my own mini check-up session in my home with my husband, friends, and other family members.

By purchasing a fetal doppler monitor, I always had peace of mind when it came to listening to my baby’s hear beat, kicks, and movements-there really was no sweeter sound!

If you are like me and you simply cannot wait too long in between doctor appointments, you might want to consider making this purchase—I’m certainly glad I did!

What Exactly Is A Fetal Doppler Monitor?

A fetal doppler is a non-invasive way of checking up on your baby.

It allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, movements, and even kicks.

It’s a little device, pretty much similar to what your doctor uses in their office that you move all over your belly, as it is used in conjunction with a gel.

It can be used to ensure your little one’s heart beat is going strong, which is important to couples who feel that their baby may be in distress, or who have suffered a miscarriage before and simply want to check in regularly.

These monitors also allow you to record your baby’s heart sounds to a smartphone or computer, so it’s very shareable, and also a great keepsake.

Important Features to Consider

When you're in the market for a good fetal doppler, there are a few things you should keep top of mind:

3MHZ range. Anything less than, forget it! This range allows you to clearly hear your baby’s movements and heartbeat.

Recordable. Wouldn’t it be nice to record all of these precious sounds so you can remember them forever? Find a doppler that lets you upload these sounds onto your phone or your computer so you can share it with everyone, and turn the sounds into a soothing CD for future naptimes.

Small and light weight. A good doppler doesn’t have to be huge. When you have a small monitor, you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Rechargeable battery. The monitor you choose should come with a battery so you can use it immediately (9 volt is standard). You should also be able to recharge it after using the doppler. Most rechargeable batteries have a long life (approximately 6 hours) between charges.

Safety. You should use your doppler in limited intervals (about 10 minute sessions). However, most dopplers are safe for continuous use. A doppler uses sound waves (similar to what a dolphin uses in the water), so you aren’t actually exposing your baby to anything detrimental.

Headphones. You shouldn’t have to go out and purchase a set of headphones to hear your baby on the doppler. So, shop for a system that comes complete with them.

Things To Be Aware Of Before Buying

While both of these monitors have gotten pretty great reviews, you need to keep in mind that everyone is different before buying one.

Most claim to work around the 15th or 16th week of pregnancy, but there have been many claims that dopplers aren’t really great at playing heartbeats clearly until the 5th month of pregnancy.

This is just fair warning in case you do make a purchase and are met with silence.

If that is the case, don’t worry or panic.

This is mainly because of the way your baby is positioned, and hey, you aren’t a doctor and don’t really know the tips and tricks of getting your baby to move, or how to properly position the doppler.

Also, the FDA has no evidence to show that dopplers cause harm, but do recommend limited use.

So, just be sure to keep your sessions short!

Best Fetal Dopplers

#1. Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

The Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor (click here to check the price on Amazon) allows you to not only listen to your baby’s heartbeat, but kicks, and even hiccups!

A total bonding experience, moms will love the soothing sounds that come from this small and easy to carry monitor.

In addition to the monitor, you get a personalized lullaby album that you can use in the future to sing your baby to sleep.

It comes with two sets of ear buds, so both parents can listen in on the action.

It is very easy to operate, as it has minimal buttons (on/off, volume).

Gel is sold separately and is recommended to be used in conjunction with the device since it helps cut down on static when you’re trying to listen in.

The Womb Music comes with a recording device and a rechargeable battery.

Most users noticed that it gives the best sound results around 16 weeks in your pregnancy.

#2. Angelsounds Heartbeat Listener

Another great option on the market for a good fetal doppler is the Angelsounds Heartbeat Listener.

It too is small, light-weight, and easy to move around.

All sounds can be recorded to your smartphone or computer, so you can store it as a keepsake or share it with friends and family members.

It has two audio out jacks so both parents can listen in or you can plug your technological device into the other.

It also has an on/off, and volume button for simple use.

The package also includes two CDs for recording purposes, a heavy duty batter that lasts for 25 hours, and uploading cables.

You do need to purchase gel separately, and the monitor has been said to get clear sounds at around the 15th week of your pregnancy.

Wrapping Up

Who said you have to wait between doctor’s appointments to check in on your baby?

Break the rules!

I always had peace of mind when it came to the movements my baby was making.

And, listening to both my little ones' heartbeats whenever I wanted also helped reduce stress in between visits.

Both monitors are highly effective and highly recommended.

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