Best Hook On High Chairs For Feeding Baby (2020 Guide)

Best Hook On Highchairs For Feeding Baby (2020 Guide)

Ok, so at first glance, I admit that a hook on highchair can look pretty scary.

When a friend gave me one at my baby shower, my honest first reaction was that there’s no way my son would be sitting in that!

But, little did I know just how great they are, how much my son would love it, and how safe, supportive, and easy to use that they can be!

They can save you a ton of space, allow your little one to feel like a part of dinner time with the whole family, and they can be used practically anywhere.

Read on to learn all about hook on highchairs, their great features, and some brands that are totally boast-worthy!

Benefits of Hook On High Chairs

Hook on chairs do just that—they literally hook onto a table or kitchen island (just not glass top tables). They can hold a baby or toddler and can be moved with ease.

Some of their benefits include:

Save a ton of space. Many moms who live in the city and have crunched space swears by them. I have a spacious kitchen and I simply wanted to keep it that way! I can’t stand big and bulky baby items, so a hook on was right up my alley.

Allow your child to feel more a part of dinner time. These seats put babies and toddlers in the middle of all the action at the dinner table and will teach and encourage healthy eating habits since they’ll be able to watch all members dig in! They simply feel more included since they are cozied up to the table.

Can be used anywhere. I took my hook on chair everywhere with me! From my in-laws to our favorite restaurant, I found that my son was much happier and content in a hook on chair compared to a restaurant’s traditional high chair (plus, he had a more difficult time trying to climb out).

Important Features to Consider

Here are a few features to consider before buying a hook on high chair:

Removable fabric. Look for a hook on high chair that has fabric that can be removed from its base and arms so it can be tossed in the washer or spot cleaned as needed.

Thick fabric. The main reason why parents feel so confident about placing their baby in a hook on high chair is because it is composed of a strong, thick fabric that will readily support a little one. Look for strong, high quality stitching and fabric that won’t stretch out over time.

Lightweight. You don’t have to hang something super heavy in order to feel like your baby is secure. There are a number of hook on chairs that are lightweight (which is perfect for transporting them around).

Ease of assembly. Attaching a hook on chair should be easy, not a daunting or stressful task. Many come with awesome rubber grips, so no matter how tight you turn or twist the chair to the table or countertop, zero marks get left behind!

Safety. Look for a hook on chair that boasts a three or four point harness for optimal safety!

Best Hook On High Chairs

#1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

One of the most popular and best hook on chairs to use in your kitchen or on the go is designed by Inglesina (click here to check the price on Amazon).

It’s fast to set up, sturdy, secure, and it leaves all surfaces scratch free. Just twist a couple bars and it’s compatible with most tables and surfaces. It’s light, collapsible, and easy to carry because it comes in a travel bag.

Its backrest is lifted for a lot of support and it also has a rear pocket to store spoons, bibs, you name it! The seat is designed with nothing but comfort and safety in mind, while the maximum allowed weight for a diner is about 37 pounds.

Dining trays are sold as an optional accessory as well!

#2. phil&teds Lobster Highchair

What I love about phil&ted as a company is that they feel that feeding time should be fun! And, when you use their hook on highchair (click here to check the price on Amazon), it can be.

This hook on has a stainless steel frame, so the chair is firm, simple to carry, and it clamps onto pretty much any table. It has padded shoulder straps for transport and it comes with a tray insert. It can accommodate babies and toddlers ranging in ages from 6 months to 3 years, and it has nothing but safety in mind as it boasts a 4 point harness.

The fabric is easy to be cleaned since it slides out—there’s no nooks and crannies to clean! Just be sure to use it on stable tables, picnic tops, and bar tops, and not on pedestal tables, glass tables, or anything unstable (much like the other hook ons).

#3. ANTEN Hook On Table Chair

Another great dining option designed by a name that many parents trust, ANTEN Hook On Table Chair (click here to check the price on Amazon) also hooks onto a number of tables and countertops.

It has an easy fold design so you can travel with it, or move it out of your way whenever you’d like. It has a removable seat cushion, so it’s not only soft and supportive for your baby, but it cleans up with ease.

It comes with a tray and can be turned into a booster seat once your little one outgrows the weight restrictions, and has a modern, neutral color palette to complement a variety of kitchen or dining room decors and a 3 point restraint system for top safety!

#4. Regalo My High Chair

The Regalo My High Chair (click here to check the price on Amazon) is fully padded and sits upright, so it’s ultra-comfortable for your diner.

It features a five point harness belt for extreme safety, which brings peace of mind to many parents, especially if they have their baby in the seat while they are finishing up cooking dinner. The chair also features a double locking system for a super tight grip and it eliminates the need to adjust the attaching mechanism for each use.

The Regalo chair can be washed and wiped down after each use and like the other chairs featured, it helps your baby become a part of the dining experience.

#5. Chicco 360 Hook On Chair

A favorite of a lot of parents I know, Chicco’s 360 Hook On Chair (click here to check the price on Amazon) is very light in weight.

It folds up for easy travel and storage, and fits on nearly all table tops and has rubberized grips so your tables or countertops won’t get marked up. It also has a three point harness for ultimate safety!

Wiping it down is a breeze thanks to its nylon material (which is very sturdy and secure). You can also toss it in the washer when pesky sauce or other hard to clean substances coat the fabric.

It’s recommended that you have a 10 inch clearance below the surface of your table. The handle that attaches it extends about 8 inches on the top of the surface too.

Wrapping Up

At first, hook on high chairs can look a bit frightening or bizarre. But, I swear to you that they are so easy to set up, very safe, and is a great way to ensure that your child is a part of the dining experience like every other family member whether you’re eating at your own home, at a restaurant, or someone else’s. Enjoy the ease and comfort by choosing the best hook on high chair for your little one.


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