Best Long Range Baby Monitors For Watching Baby (2020 Guide)

Best Long Range Baby Monitors For Watching Baby (2020 Guide)

When your baby is sleeping, especially away from your bedside, you always want to know how they are.

SIDS is a real concern and your baby’s health and safety is top priority as they cuddle up in their crib each night.

The right long range baby monitor can give you peace of mind, as well as grant you the flexibility to do what you need to do when your baby is napping.

Don’t leave your baby’s safety up to just any old monitor!

Consider investing in a long range monitor that also comes with all the bells and whistles you need to see and hear your baby perfectly!

Benefits Of A Long Range Monitor

You’re probably wondering why you need a long range monitor, over a traditional monitor.

They both do the same job, right?


What I love about having a long range monitor is it allows me to move freely not only around my home, but my property!

Consider these factors:

You can cook dinner. A long range monitor is perfect if your kitchen is downstairs and your nursery is upstairs. It guarantees there won’t be any confusion when it comes to figuring out if your baby is awake or not. No static, no interference. Just clear sounds.

You have a large home. Similarly to what I was saying above, you don’t want to limit yourself to one room or two, in order to ensure your little one is safe and sound. Clip a long range monitor onto your jeans and feel free to move between floors, workout in another room, complete laundry in the basement—move absolutely anywhere without limitations!

You can go outside. I used to love to wash my car or trim my shrubs when my son napped. Heck, it was the only time I could get something done! With a long range monitor, you can be outdoors and still get a crystal clear signal (or picture) of your child.

#1. Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor

I simply love the Motorola MBP36S (click here to check the price on Amazon), because it’s the whole package.

It allows you to not only hear your baby from a far range (about 590 feet), but see them clearly in color as well.

It's not exactly cheap, but Motorola is definitely a name you can trust.

In addition to its long range and crystal clear picture, the monitor allows you to communicate with your baby even if you aren’t in the room.

It also plays lullabies and shows you the temperature of the room so you know if your baby is too hot or too cold.

A great feature is that it runs off your wireless internet, which is nice.

And finally, you can tilt the camera, zoom, and pan around the room! It is a pretty amazing monitor!

#2. Summer Infant Color Baby Monitor

A more budget-friendly option that I love is this Summer Infant monitor (click here to check the price on Amazon), which is also a favorite among a lot of parents I know.

The Summer Infant monitor is also a color video monitor that allows long range use (up to 600 feet). It has a large, flat screen to view your baby, which automatically switches to black and white night vision when it’s bedtime.

It can zoom in if you think your baby is in distress, and its camera has a swivel design. So, you can set it on a dresser or wall mount it (it comes with hardware) to get the best view of your little one.

It also uses wireless internet and power-saving features.

You can also easily add up to three cameras, so you can see your baby in a variety of rooms (or it’s great if you have twins and are using separate rooms).

Wrapping Up

You can’t trust just any old monitor when it comes to your baby’s safety.

Plus, the right monitor can make your own life a lot easier, allowing you to move freely around your home without limitations during your baby’s nap-time.

Be sure to have peace of mind and think of a long range monitor as an investment and a safeguard!

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