Best Maternity Underwear For Ultimate Comfort (2020 Guide)

Best Maternity Underwear For Ultimate Comfort (2020 Guide)

When I became pregnant, one item I splurged on for my whole new wardrobe were a few pairs of really great maternity underwear.

My body began to grow quickly, and my everyday undies no longer fit! 

With maternity underwear, I was surprised at how comfortable they were and how seamless they remained under my clothes.

In addition to comfort, they were supportive and important to have during my postpartum healing.

They truly are a need to buy item, and because they are so stretchy, they are sure to grow with you. 

Best Maternity Underwear

#1. Anita Maternity Briefs

My favorite maternity underwear are definitely these briefs by Anita (click here to check the price on Amazon).

They are very soft and comfortable because they are made from microfiber.

And, they don’t have side seams so you don’t have to worry about outgrowing whatever size you select.

The Anitas will certainly stretch with you, and they come in sizes small to extra-large (just check out their sizing chart—when in doubt, size up).

These briefs aren't the cheapest you will find, but you will get tummy control for a snug, seamless, yet supportive fit.

You also get a good amount of back coverage, so they are ideal for postpartum recovery as well.

#2. Intimate Portal Under The Bump

I love these panties by Intimate Portal because they are sold in a multi-pack and are very affordable (click here to check the price on Amazon). 

They are designed for women who like the look and feel of a standard bikini brief since they fit below the bump, rather than above it.

While the front rises low, the back has moderate rear coverage, and they are soft and stretchy.

They are made from cotton and spandex, so they are breathable, which is important, especially during summer months.

I also love that they are designed in light colors in case you notice any kind of discharge that needs to be reported to your doctor, or that signals you could be in labor.

These Intimate Portal undies are also eco-dyed, so they are environmentally friendly too!

#3. Giftpocket Maternity Underwear

These undies by Giftpocket (click here to check the price on Amazon) are just fun!

They come in a variety of colors and prints, but most importantly, they are comfortable and stretchy.

They have a high elasticity, and are composed from an antibacterial fabric that is mostly cotton.

These Giftpocket undies sit below the bump, but have a full back coverage so you can count on them during your postpartum recovery.

They have a unique v-scoop front, which makes women feel a little sex appeal, and the panties don’t put any additional pressure on your bump.

They tend to run a little small, so be sure to purchase them a size or two larger to accommodate your third trimester body.

Wrapping Up

Maternity clothes are important, but maternity underwear is essential!

All of these undies will grow with you comfortably, and will serve you well, long after your baby is born!

Choose a pair that you think you’ll be most comfortable and supported in.


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