Best Organic Baby Foods: Give Baby Only The Healthiest (2020 Guide)

Best Organic Baby Foods: Give Baby Only The Healthiest (2020 Guide)

If you have your own vegetable garden at home, you know there's no better feeling than plucking a cucumber off of its vine and devouring it knowing it is fresh and grown safely, without the use of chemicals.

It seems that eating organically these days is not just a choice, but is a responsibility! You owe it to yourself and your toddler to eat nothing but the best.

And while you may not have time to always whip up your own baby food, you do have time to purchase food that you can feel good about feeding to your baby.

So which are the best organic baby food brands?

Why Eat Organic?

Organic food is defined as food that is grown without the use of toxic chemicals and genetically modified ingredients.

I was horrified when I learned that there really is a lot of gross stuff lurking around on the non-organic foods that I was eating.

Things like pesticide residue, fertilizer, and even antibiotics were all going into my mouth and body! There was no way I was going to do that to my baby!

I also learned that when you feed your baby regular food out of a jar, that it is filled with preservatives.

While whipping up my own baby food just isn’t an option every day, I was so happy to come across some awesome organic baby food brands that boast zero preservatives and are labeled 100% organic!

In fact, anything that is labeled 100% organic must contain no genetically-modified ingredients by both American and Canadian law.

These items do not contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, and are not genetically modified.

Levels of Organic Foods

As I just explained above, some food items are labeled as 100% organic, while others can be labeled as:

USDA Organic: Same as above, but is about 95% organic.

GM-Free: These foods are free of genetically-modified ingredients, but not organic.

Made with Organic Ingredients: These foods have about 70% organic ingredients.

4 Things Look For In A Good Organic Baby Food Brand

So, now that you understand what the labels mean, let’s discuss some other things you should consider when picking out a brand to feed your baby.

#1. It’s tasty! No matter how “organic” your baby food may be, if your child won’t eat it, you’re out of luck! Read on to learn about some awesome brands that are tried and true (and that my son absolutely devours).

#2. High-quality ingredients. Some people believe that great taste and high quality ingredients go hand in hand. So, I’ve learned that some baby food that is on the pricey side tends to be made of better stuff. You get what you pay for!

#3. Level of organics. I try to only pick out 100% organic food, no matter what!

#4. Price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. But I have found great baby food brands that are not unreasonably priced, yet that still boast big taste and high quality ingredients. Many of the baby food brands listed below allow you to buy them in bulk, yielding you some big savings.

Making Your Own Baby Food

As I mentioned before, I do not always have time to make my own baby food. But, I will do so whenever possible.

A great suggestion is to choose one day each week to do all of the peeling, pulsing, cooking, freezing, so you have ready-to-serve, purely fresh and delicious meals for the week.

If you want to make your own food, but aren’t sure how to get started, you should make sure you have a baby food maker.

You’ll also need some ice cube trays and a large selection of organic fruit and veggies.

Step 1. Peel and pit the fruit, and peel and cook the veggies (or harder fruits, like apples). Your kitchen will begin to smell absolutely delicious! You can also stream, bake, or broil the food items. Pick your poison. All methods get the job done.

Step 2. Once the food is softened, you're  ready to mash. Place it in the food processor and begin to mix it up so that all lumps and bumps are smoothed out.

Sometimes, you can add a dash of breastmilk or formula to make your mixture a little thinner (and eventually add none as your child grows).

Step 3. Pour and portion out your mixture into the ice cube trays, and voila!

You’ve made organic baby food!

The really fun part is playing mad scientist and mixing fruits and veggies together to create a culinary masterpiece.

Keep in mind that if you're just starting your baby on solids, the rule of thumb is to start with all the yellowish colored veggies and fruits (squash, sweet potatoes, bananas) first, and work your way up to darker colors and greens.

Baby Food Safety Tips

Whether you have chosen to make your own, or purchase it organically, there are a few things you should do to keep your baby and the food safe.

Never serve food directly out of a pouch. It seems tempting, but pouches can run into contamination during the packing and shipping process. It is always suggested to spoon out an amount into a bowl.

Toss anything after 3 days. Organic baby food does not contain preservatives, which means ultimately, the food is going to perish. Toss it! Saving it will do more harm than good.

Label your food. It’s important to label your jars or containers so you know when it was opened and when it should be used by. You may think you’ll remember all of these specifics, but trust me: you won’t!

Throw out any uneaten food in your serving bowl. Sometimes your eyes get bigger than your stomach and you spoon out way too much food into a bowl, leaving lots left over. You may feel that it’s a waste to discard it, but it’s wise to avoid any kind of contamination when you place the bowl back in the fridge. Next time, start small, and add more food as you go!

Best Organic Baby Foods

#1. Plum Organics

I came across Plum Organics (click here to check all 9 flavors on Amazon) when I was browsing the never-ending options on Amazon, and they are in my opinion the best organic baby food pouches. 

Like any mom, I got super excited when my little one began to show an interest in solids. I wanted him to get off to a healthy start, so I really wanted to make an impression on his little taste buds.

Plum Organics (which is USDA Organic Certified)  is a brand that helped me do just that!

I learned long ago to always get your baby hooked on veggies first, before introducing lots of fruits. This way, they won’t be partial to the sweet taste. Plum Organics has so many veggies and veggie mixes to choose from.

My son eats absolutely anything from their line, and has graduated to eating the veggie and fruit blends since he’s mastered showing a love for all things green.

As a new mom, I had no idea what I was doing at first with which foods I should offer my baby. The line has a little number on the top of the pouch for you to use as a guide as to when you should introduce a certain food to your little one (because allergies are a common concern).

I also love the pouch design. It made it easy to squeeze some food out on a spoon (you can even find plastic spoons to twist on and toss when you’re on the go).

And, it makes it easy to save for later, or tote along with you without worrying about it leaking or spilling (never had any problems!).

The price is also quite reasonable, and Amazon usually has the best price! 

So, overall, Plum Organics has my four things to consider when buying baby food covered!

#2. Happy Tot Organic

While Plum Organics is my favorite, Happy Tot Organic pouches (click here to see all 17 flavors on Amazon) come in a close second!

My son really likes the flavor of these easy to feed pouches as well. The price is comparable to Plum Organics, and you can save money by buying them in bulk online.

I do have to give it to this company and their brand, though. They have created an awesome combination of flavors to introduce to the kiddos, which helps them build up their palette and develop their taste buds.

I am totally convinced that my son is more inclined to try new foods and like all kinds of flavors because he was exposed to so many in unique ways, thanks to Happy Tot.

The brand often mixes their greens with fruits, so a word to the wise: be sure to read the back of the pouch carefully because while you may think are loading your baby up with greens, they may actually be getting more fruit than you bargained for.

While I totally think any amount of veggie is great, this may bother some moms. So, just be advised to always read the back label of any pouch you pick up.

Again, Happy Tot has the benefit of being able to carry around a pouch of food, rather than a jar.

And, the company is certified organic (because of this, keep in mind that pouches have to be used up within 24 hours because they do not contain preservatives).

#3. Peter Rabbit Organics

Another brand of organic baby food that I tried (and loved), is Peter Rabbit Organics (click here to see all 11 flavors on Amazon). My son especially loves any of their pouches that contain pumpkin.

A bit more on the affordable side, you can purchase a pack of 10, four-ounce packs for less than you'd spend on Starbucks during the week!

The pouches are made in Oregon, and many moms like the fact that it’s an American made product.

There is absolutely nothing artificial included in the pouch and because it’s composed of 100% of fruit and vegetables, your child can be sure to get the recommended daily dose with ease.

The pouches are also recyclable and BPA free. 

And, not to sound too consumeristic (or girly), but I really do love their adorable, vintage inspired design on their packages!

#4. Earth's Best Organic

I have heard great things about Earth's Best and their baby organic food brand (click here to see all 27 flavors on Amazon).

So, I made it a point to work some of their jarred, organic baby food into my son’s diet.

I really wanted him to love it, but unfortunately, he didn’t. He would eat some of the meats and he just didn't totally love them.

But, my girlfriends’ children absolutely swoon over Earth’s Best, so it totally is all about your child’s personal preference.

Despite my misfortune, I do choose this brand as an awesome brand of food to offer to your little ones.

Why? Not only is Earth’s Best is USDA organic certified, it is very high quality stuff. There are very minimal ingredients listed and zero salt, sugar, or preservatives are used (so toss the jar after 24 hours).

And yes, unfortunately I said jar. In my opinion, jars are the brand’s only downfall.

But, if you try the brand and get your baby hooked on it, simply leave the jars for home use and take advantage of all the wonderful pouches available to take on the road instead!

#5. Gerber Organic

Another one of my favorites brands, you can’t go wrong with Gerber (click here to see all 11 flavors on Amazon).

I like the brand because it’s a valued name you can trust.

My son absolutely devours any and every pouch they make. They have a great selection of flavors and blends.

Each pouch is USDA certified organic and contains zero flavors, colors, or sugars. The pouches make a great snack and they encourage healthy eating habits.

The pouches, much like the others, are easy to hold and are great to teach your baby how to feed themselves (with guidance of course).

Gerber products are slightly more expensive, but I often find great deals on Amazon. 

Overall, each of these organic baby foods are pretty great and one of my son's favorites.

Remember, though, with any of these foods, it all comes down to personal preference (totally dictated by your baby), and your budget.

#6. Amara

Amara’s organic baby food (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a win-win for baby and for mom.

Moms love it because it’s non GMO, it contains no additives, and it’s filled with nutrients a baby needs. Babies love it because it’s simply delicious!

The food can be easily mixed with formula, water, or breastmilk is pressure protected, so the high quality or original taste never changes. This also means it is dried uniquely. Other companies use high heat and a pasteurization process that can compromise the nutritional value of their food. Not Amara.

It’s ideal for babies 8 months and older and the food boasts a homemade texture. Each pouch can be poured for any meal, and it makes a great snack on the go. Just toss the packet in your diaper bag and go.

The company also offers a customer satisfaction, so if for any reason you are unhappy with the baby food, you can get your money back!

#7. Happy Baby

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food (click here to check the price on Amazon) is perfect for you if you have a stage-2 eater on your hands.

You’ll be able to introduce their taste buds to something totally awesome and organic!

Happy Baby offers a wide variety of flavors to enjoy! From bananas, to beets and blueberries, to a combo of spinach, mango, and pear. Or, even apricot, sweet potato and banana, broccoli, or peas and pears. The healthy eating options are endless.

The organic food pouches are ideal for babies who are six months or older. The pouches can be used on the go and are free from BPA, which is important to many moms.

Whether your baby is ready to squeeze and serve themselves, or they’re able to enjoy it with your help; you can ensure that they always have a tasty treat in your diaper bag or purse.

#8. Sprout

Sprout is a baby food brand (click here to check the price on Amazon) you can rely on to provide your little one with lots of nourishment and good for you ingredients.

The organic baby food is made with whole vegetables, contains non-GMO ingredients, has no concentrates or preservatives, and has 100% BPA-free packaging, so your baby can consume something safe and natural.

Because the pouch is meant to be served on the go, it features an easy twist off cap and squeeze top feature. Offered in a variety of flavors, some of Sprout’s most popular ones include: peach, banana, quinoa, and raisin; strawberry, banana, and yogurt; mango, oatmeal, and butternut squash, and carrot, apple, and mango.

Moms love this line because their babies get exposed to different flavors and textures, in a non-confrontation and natural way.

This helps them become better eaters and to develop a more sophisticated pallet, which in the long run enhances their taste buds and their willingness to try to foods and flavors.

#9. Ella's Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food (click here to check the price on Amazon) will become a favorite staple in your own family’s kitchen.

Why? It will make introducing your baby to solid foods a snap!

Don’t have time to whip up your own baby food? You’re not alone. Many moms rely on organic baby food, like Ella’s Kitchen, to provide their baby with pure ingredients, plenty of flavor, and lots of nourishment. Ideal for babies who are six months or older, the baby food contains absolutely zero genetically modified organisms, preservatives, thickeners, additives, gluten, wheat, lumps, or anything artificial.

It provides a perfectly balanced breakfast for babies on the grow and go. Because it’s sold in a pouch, its contents can be emptied into a bowl, or can be used on the go!

The pouches are BPA free, so moms feel confident that they are handing their baby a safe product to consume.

Plus, they are small enough to be kept in any pantry, purse, or diaper bag to promote healthy eating, anytime or anywhere.

#10. GoGo SqueeZ

Go Go Squeeze’s applesauce (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a favorite among babies, toddlers, and moms on the go.

They allow for anyone to enjoy delicious applesauce (in a variety of flavors), without the hassle of making the sweet, favorite snack from scratch. This squeezable applesauce can be served to babies who have mastered solids, or even active toddlers who need a tasty treat throughout the day.

The pouches contain no added sugar, and the best part is consuming one pouch allows your kiddo to get one of their servings of fruit for the day. The ingredients are all natural, never allowing artificial flavors or preservatives to come into play.

The re-sealable pouches are sold in a variety of flavors,from classic apple, to apple banana, apple strawberry, apple pear, apple-you name it (there are 8 flavors in all).

Your child will have many choices with how they want to quench their hunger and nourish themselves at meal or snack time.

#11. Love Child Organics

Love Childs Organics food (click here to check the price on Amazon) is something your own child will quite simply, “love!”

These organic purees are sold in four ounce squeezable pouches. So, whether you serve them at home in a bowl, or enjoy them on the go, they make perfect snacks for your baby, toddler, or child.

Your baby will get a mouthful of goodness each time they consume a pouch, not to mention will get plenty of vitamins and nutrients in their tummies. The organic fruit and veggie purees contain no ascorbic or citric acid, and are sold in a variety of blended flavors.

From butternut squash, corn, and apple, to plain old (but super delicious) sweet potatoes, your child is sure to find a favorite after sampling the brand’s wide array of yummy offerings.

An added bonus of choosing this organic food brand? With every purchase, a donation is made to Love Child’s partner non-profit, First Book, so you can not only feel good about giving your tot something healthy, but you’ll feel good about giving back to others in need as well.

Wrapping Up

Making your own baby food is not only ideal because you are solely responsible for whatever goes in it, but it is super cost-effective and will save you oodles of money in the long run.

But, if you have to purchase solids, be sure to choose from one of the five brands that I reviewed for you.

You’re sure to nourish your baby, develop healthy eating habits for life, and have a clear conscience because you are serving up something tasty, safe, and environmentally responsible for the little life you are responsible for!


Hi there, I'm Kate! I started Maternity Glow to be a place for new and expecting moms to come to for practical pregnancy advice, parenting tips, and baby care tricks.

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