Best Organic Baby Wash And Shampoos For Soft Skin (2020 Guide)

Best Organic Baby Wash And Shampoos For Soft Skin (2020 Guide)

If you think about it, your skin (and your baby's) absorbs everything.

So, if you are using products that contain chemicals and other harmful substances, you guessed it—they are going into your baby's body.

Knowing that, there was zero chance I could use anything on my baby except organic washes and shampoos.

I have tried and tested many, and among them I have found some favorites.

Let me share them with you so you can ensure you are only putting the safest, yet most effective products on your little bundle of joy!

Important Features to Consider

There are lots of baby products on the market, and organic brands are wildly popular among moms. Based on my experience, there are some that are better than others.

Here are a few things you should keep your eyes peeled for:

Free of concerning chemicals. You don’t want to use anything that contains harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates. The tricky thing about this is you really have to learn how to be a good label reader and understand all the aliases these chemicals have. One of the big ones to avoid is SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which can cause damage to the central nervous system, as well as phenoxyethanol, which is a common carcinogen!

Certified organic. Certified organic is definitely the way to go. That means there are very minimal ingredients used to make the products and they have been given the thumbs up when it comes to being a hands down, safe product. As a personal rule of thumb, I try to only use products that have five or fewer ingredients!

Free from irritants. Fragrances and dyes can really irritate a baby’s skin. Fragrances especially contain phthalates. So, I learned that I can still use products on my son that smell yummy, but are made with essential oils, rather than perfume. My son actually prefers fragrance-free stuff, so yours may too!

Cost. All-natural items can get very pricey, but, you don’t have to break the bank in order to use high quality and safe products on your kids. Try to keep your organic wash and shampoo budget in the $20 range for both combined. Anything over that price point isn’t really necessary because there great items for less than that!

2 in 1. Relating to cost above, try to find a product that is able to double as both a wash and a shampoo, to get more bang for your buck!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying

Some babies have special considerations when it comes to washing and shampooing, so you should kind in mind the following before making a purchase. 

Dry scalp. If your baby suffers from dry scalp, they need something highly moisturizing, to discourage itchiness and help make strands soft.

Sensitive scalp. If your baby has sensitive scalp and tends to get red or itchy, very few ingredients (especially no fragrances) should be used.

Cradle cap. Cradle cap needs a special shampoo that is rich in oils and can help slough off flaky skin on the head.

Eczema. When it comes to washes, if your baby has eczema, they will need a specialized product too. The wash should be fragrance free and include certified organic ingredients, like oatmeal, that is known to reduce irritation and inflammation, but also nourish and soften the skin.

Allergies. Your baby will also need a specialized wash if they suffer from allergies, so they should not have any kind of irritating ingredients or chemicals that may only worsen their condition (especially fragrances).

Baby Bath Tips

Here are a few helpful bath tips in order to keep your little one safe and happy! Yay!

Check the temp.The rule of thumb is that the bath water should be not too hot and not too cold. It should be somewhere in the middle—always test out water with your elbow before putting your baby in the tub.

Don’t over bathe. Babies need a bath every few days. If you wash them with cleansers too often, you can really irritate their skin and heads. Plus, they aren’t moving around and aren't as active like toddlers are (who need to be bathed daily). I used to use a warm washcloth on a non-bath day with my infant and simply fresh him up with nothing but water.

Exfoliate the scalp. At least once a week, I’d brush through my girl's hair with a soft bristle brush after rinsing out shampoo to make sure I broke up any kind of flaky skin on her scalp. This helps remove skin that could clog pores and make her hair greasy (or even slow hair production).

Never leave the room. I always had everything I needed set up before bath time and in arm’s reach. An accident can happen quickly, so you need to be present and alert during bath time.

Use an infant tub. You should not put your infant in a full-sized bath tub, as it's too difficult to wash them and support them. Many infant tubs are sold to accommodate your baby as they grow and often start them off on a sling, which helps support their body so you can clean them safely and effectively. (Here's our baby bathtub guide).

No that you know what to look for and what to consider (because all babies are very different), read on to learn about some of my favorite products!

Best Baby Wash and Shampoos

#1. Nature's Baby Organics

Nature's Baby Organics shampoo and body wash (click here to check the price on Amazon) are the best on the market, in my estimation.

I absolutely love this product because it is two items wrapped in one!

It’s gentle, yet effective enough to be not only a shampoo, but a body wash as well.

It is made from 70% certified organic products, which is a pretty high amount of safe and solid ingredients.

My son did not suffer from allergies, so I was able to use this scented wash (tangerine vanilla).

The product has been put through rigorous tests to ensure it is as safe as possible for your little one, and the company prides itself on using the purest ingredients they can.

The wash and shampoo always rinses clean, so I never have to worry about residue sticking around on my son’s hair or body!

#2. Evereden Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

If you have a newborn baby or a toddler, this Evereden Baby Shampoo and Body Wash (click here to check the price on Amazon) could be the perfect way to get them clean in a safe manner.

It is made out of plant based materials, it is made for sensitive skin, it has no harsh chemicals, it is 100% natural, it’s non-toxic, and more. It doesn’t even have a fragrance. In other words, this is an ideal shampoo for babies with sensitive skin, as they all do.

Keep in mind that this product is also designed to help hydrate and nourish skin, something your baby can definitely do with.

#3. Earth Mama Angel Baby

If your baby has a lot of bathing needs due to allergies and other sensitivities, then you should really consider using Earth Mama Angel Baby's wash (click here to check the price on Amazon).

It doubles as a shampoo, and isn't too expensive, so in my opinion, it’s a great buy.

I know a few friends who swore by this product and loved how it did a gentle yet effective job cleaning their kiddos, but didn’t contain any kind of scent, which really affected their little ones.

It’s a certified organic product that is also naturally vegan and gluten-free.

It soothes skin, thanks to its organic calendula and leaves hair very soft.

One disclaimer to note—it is not a tear-free shampoo, so you do have to take a lot of time when washing and rinsing around your baby’s eyes.

But, most parents agree, carefulness is worth it, compared to exposing their kids to chemicals!

Wrapping Up

Help make bath time a fun, yet safe time.

Your baby can’t choose what they put on their body; it's up to you to ensure they are being exposed to nothing but safe ingredients that will accommodate their needs and keep them clean as a whistle!


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