Know What To Expect With The Best Pregnancy Books (2020 Guide)

Know What To Expect With The Best Pregnancy Books (2020 Guide)

When you find out that you are expecting, a hundred questions arise.

So, I found it helpful to have some pregnancy and baby books on hand to serve as my “baby Bible.”

From what to expect each trimester, to a comprehensive overview of each doctor’s visit you’ll attend, a pregnancy book (or three) is a must have!

Here are the best pregnancy books I’ve come across that have helped me get all the answers to my questions and give me total peace of mind, be sure to check them out to help alleviate your worries and anxieties about being pregnant!

#1. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

I love the Mayo Clinic Guide (click here to check the price on Amazon) mainly because it’s written by doctors who are actually parents.

They totally understand the questions that arise and the concerns a new mother has.

They also help moms make reasoned decisions when it comes to sensitive topics such as breastfeeding, circumcision, and whether or not to go back to work.

#2. What to Expect When You're Expecting

The mother of all baby books, What to Expect When You’re Expecting (click here to check the price on Amazon) has been around for ages.

It’s been fully updated to reflect the needs and thoughts of a modern mommy, and is written in an easy to read and understand format.

I found this book to be very comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics in a lot of detail.

#3. The Pregnancy Countdown Book

What I love about The Pregnancy Countdown Books (click here to check out the price on Amazon) is that it breaks everything down for you each month.

Plus, it’s not politically correct, so it will not only make you chuckle, but really give a clearer picture of what some of the downsides of pregnancy can be like from moms who have been through it all—and who aren’t afraid to say what needs to be said!

Best of all, it's formatted in a nice concise layout, so it makes for a quick read!​

#4. Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy

Funny lady Jenny McCarthy does not hold back when it comes to filling you in on the joys (and no so joyful moments) of being pregnant and the day of your delivery, in her book Belly Laughs (click here to check out the price on Amazon).

Told totally from her perspective, you’ll laugh out loud when you journey with Jenny from one trimester to another!

With all the oh-so-serious pregnancy books out there, it's nice to have a good laugh about the whole thing every once in a while.​

#5. Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

Many women love Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (click here to check the price on Amazon) because it’s written by a mid-wife.

While it doesn’t focus on breaking down your pregnancy month by month, it does zero in solely on your delivery.

While many pregnancy books touch upon “D-Day”, this book does an amazing job covering the topic and helping you decide if you are on the fence about having an all-natural delivery without technological intervention.

#6. Funny Little Pregnant Things

Funny Little Pregnant Things (click here to check the price on Amazon) goes into detail about the good, the bad, and the super funny things that you’ll experience throughout your nine month journey.

Written in a witty, easy to read way, you’ll be highly informed and highly entertained—and a little bit grossed out as well.

#7. Pregnancy For First Time Moms

Pregnancy for First Time Moms (click here to check out the price on Amazon) is another book filled with truthful tales, mainly designed for the first time mom.

The author feels that by giving an honest account of pregnancy, there will be zero surprises.

Each trimester is covered in detail, and Darell Spice has worked in the medical field for years and wanted a way to really connect with his patients.

#8. Eat This, Not That When You're Expecting

I especially love Eat This, Not That When You're Expecting (click here to check out the price on Amazon) because it really serves as a nutritional guide when you find out you’re expecting.

This book helps you make excellent food choices throughout each trimester and offers a lot of suggestions for breakfast on the go, and for pregnant moms who work long hours (you don’t need to binge on take out or fast food!)

So if nutrition and staying healthy is super important to you during your pregnancy (and it should be), this book is for you.​

#9. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

Described as the ultimate guide to all aspects of birthing, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn (click here to check out the price on Amazon) has it all. 

Its format mimics What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but extends into taking care of your newborn (so it’s like you’re getting two books in one).

It’s a little more technical to read, but it serves as a great resource guide, as all information is easy to locate and is organized in a user friendly way.

#10. The Baby Bump: 100s of Secrets to Surviving Those 9 Long Months

Yes! Survival is key.

Everyone has such a different pregnancy, and I feel The Baby Bump book (click here to check out the price on Amazon) is very valuable to those mom-to-be that are really “lost” in the whole experience.

It features lots of tips and advice that covers pretty much anything you want to know about being pregnant and your delivery day.

#11. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

While most pregnancy books tend to focus on what a serious and sentimental topic pregnancy is (and it is!), what we appreciate about The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People (click here to check the price on Amazon) is how real and honest it can be!

What really separates this book from the others is its format: filled with activity sheets, fill-in-the-blanks, word associations, and quizzes that will keep you laughing and nodding along in agreement as you breeze through it.

If you're looking for an honest, refreshing, and oftentimes laugh-out-loud funny look at your pregnancy, this is the book for you.

Having a good pregnancy book to help you along the way is essential.

So if you’ve just found out that you’re expecting, consider picking up some of these awesome pregnancy books to start your pregnancy off on the right foot, and to be totally aware about what his happening to your body and your baby along the way!​


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