Best Stroller Fan For Baby (2020 Guide)

Best Stroller Fans For Keeping Baby Cool (2020 Guide)

Summer months can be grueling, especially for babies!

For me and my family, being outdoors on beautiful summer days is a must. But, things can get a bit challenging with a baby in tow.

One item that my little ones comfortable and crank-less all summer long is a good baby stroller fan.

As soon as my two little ones start fussing, I’ll turn the fan on and they'll not only be amused by the spinning motion and comforting hums, but will instantly feel a lot cooler.

Believe it or not, some stroller fans are better than others.

You want a baby stroller fan that works the best, is cost efficient, and is also durable and designed well.

But, as moms we don’t always have the time (or energy) to shop around.

So let me take the guess work and hassle out of that for you, so you can pick one up and be prepared to conquer summer’s hot and humid temperatures while on the go!

Stroller Fan Benefits

A stroller fan has numerous benefits. They include:

  • Cooling off on a hot day. If you don’t like to be hot, your baby doesn’t either! A stroller fan will continuously blow air on your baby!
  • Soothing. If your baby is trying to catch a nap on the go, a baby stroller fan will keep them feeling great and will omit a soft hum that will make them tired and fall asleep.
  • Mood enhancer. Your baby will remain happy and pleasant when they’re nice and cool. Keep them in a great mood regardless of the temperature around them!
  • Keep bugs away. Blow bugs away as you take a walk, literally!

6 Features To Consider

When shopping for a stroller fan, there are some features that you’ll want to look for:

  • #1. Flexible. Kids sit and sleep at strange angles, so it’s best if you can position your stroller fan in a way that will directly cool them off. A flexible angle works great!
  • #2. Adjustable. The whole point of a stroller fan is to get some power behind it! A strong gust may work on some days, while on others, you may just want a gentle breeze. Opt for adjustable settings.
  • #3. Strong clasp. Your baby stroller fan should grasp the stroller’s frame strongly. Goodness knows you’ll be going over bumps and lumps on your walk (or jog), so you want something that’s going to stay put!
  • #4. Easy to clean. A stroller fan is low maintenance when it comes to cleaning it, but you want something that is easy to dust or wipe off!
  • #5. Multi-purpose. Who says you can only use a fan on a stroller? Place it on the side of your baby’s dresser to blow into their crib as they sleep, or even on the arm of your rocking chair as you’re feeding them or rocking them off to sleep.
  • #6. Portable. You should be able to transport your stroller fan anywhere and clip it at any point on your child’s stroller. It should be lightweight and easy to move.

Best Stroller Fans

#1. Cool On The Go Clip-Fan

My best stroller fan has to be the Clip-Fan by Cool on the Go (click here to check the price on Amazon). 

This pint-sized but powerful fan was one of the best stroller-purchases I’ve made in a long time.

It can be used in so many ways in order to keep you cool, though I mainly use it to keep my baby happy when we has to be outdoors on days that are sweltering hot.

I simply clip it on the side of his stroller and let it do all the work.

The fan runs on 4 AA batteries, on rechargeable batteries, or even by using a USB cord. It keeps my son cool for about five hours if I run it on high, and approximately 8 hours if I run it on a low setting.

One thing I have to say is that the air came out really steadily. I’ve used other fans before that were less than smooth and spit out cool air inconsistently.

This fan is also light weight, so it stays where you place it. It’s also small enough that it doesn’t ever get in the way, but it’s not too small where it can’t produce a big, cooling, stream of air.

As a mom, I always like to have my hands free. This fan has the option to clip onto the side or top sun shade of the stroller, or can even be worn around a young child’s neck.

I never have to worry about holding it or fixing it for my son.

In addition to using it outdoors on a stroller, I’ve attached it to my son’s crib, car seat, and have placed it on his floor play mat when he was very small and immobile if we were outside on a picnic or at an outdoor family event.

And, I’ve been known to steal it a time or two when he wasn’t around so I myself could remain fresh as a daisy in the summer’s heat. I’ve used it as I went on my daily jogs and have placed it on my desk when working on my computer.

I love this portable fan because it's sturdy (we’ve dropped it on several occasions), highly effective, and it comes in a variety of colors.

It’s perfectly safe for children of all ages, and you can guarantee a happy baby that is cool as a cucumber during your next outdoor excursion.

#2. Dreambaby Stroller Fan

Another one fo the best stroller fan that I really like and have used before is by Dreambaby (click here to check the price on Amazon). 

The Dreambaby easily and effectively helps your little one avoid overheating while strapped into their stroller, car seat, or when placed anywhere outdoors during hot summer months.

It's definitely cheaper than the Cool on the Go stroller fan, and can be used as your baby grows into a toddler and child.

Simply move the fan from their stroller to a beach chair, or clip it onto the end of a picnic or play table.

You can get lots of years of use out of it, and, because it's so cost-friendly, you can get one for each child to use!

When I first heard about stroller fans, safety was my main priority. Could my baby injure themselves if it is clipped near them? Nope, not with this one!

It has baby-safe foam fins which will not harm any body parts, especially fingers.

I purchased this fan for my niece and she was completely captivated by the spinning propeller. And, no matter how many times her curious fingers grabbed at it, it never budged from its clipped position.

The neck on this clip fan can be positioned in a number of ways and angles, which is especially helpful if you need to aim it on your baby as they nap in one of their many odd positions.

It runs on 2 AA batteries and is light weight, it has a steady stream of cool air, and can fit easily into any diaper bag. It also clips on to virtually any stroller, car seat, or surface with ease.

Because it is made of foam fins and runs on two batteries, this fan isn’t particularly strong.

However, my sister-in-law and lots of other moms who swear by this fan say it provides an amount that is adequate enough to get the job done. And, the steady stream isn’t annoying to small babies and toddlers.

It comes in a variety of colors to match the gender of your baby or stroller décor, and I’d also suggest picking up a charger to always ensure that your batteries are ready to go and you don’t have to be without this cooling agent on hot summer days.

And, if you're hesitant about its foam wings not being powerful enough to cool things down, you can always purchase two fans and clip them on both sides of the stroller since they are safe and ultra-affordable!

Preparing for the summer heat is a must!

And, nothing will keep every member of your family happy and sweat-free like a portable stroller fan.

Be sure to check out my two recommendations and consider picking up several so you have the coolest summer possible!


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