Best Toddler Travel Beds For Sleeping On The Go (2020 Guide)

Best Toddler Travel Beds For Sleeping On The Go (2020 Guide)

My husband and I love to travel, but once I had my daughter, I had some serious concerns about taking her with us on the road, and especially overnight. There was no way I was going to collapse my crib, or even lug around my baby bouncer, and so we put off traveling for some time.

But, once my baby turned into a toddler, we were all ready to hit the road and enjoy a night away from home. And the one thing that made this possible was a good travel bed.

What Exactly Is A Toddler Travel Bed?

Toddler travel beds aren’t nearly as big as you think they are. They're more a miniature bed suitable for toddlers that fold up.

They don’t have high walls like a crib, so they aren’t really intended for containing your little one. Instead, their main purpose is to provide a snug and cozy space for your child to curl up into at night when you are away from your home.

There are a few different kinds of toddler beds on the market: some fold straight out like a cot, others inflate, while others need to be lightly assembled.

Some are also able to contain your toddler more than others.

How Do I Know If My Child Can Sleep On A Toddler Bed?

It’s best to put children who are two or older in travel toddler beds. Generally, children up to the age of six utilize them.

You know your child is ready for a toddler bed if they are no longer sleeping in their crib at home. They will be used to less containment and will be able to lay down and sleep, instead of roll and jump around on it, viewing it more like a toy than anything else.

It’s also not suggested that you put a baby in the bed in case they roll out the sides or don’t have a firm, supportive surface.

Just keep in the mind general rule of thumb—a toddler bed should be a help, not a hazard!

Important Featues To Consider

Before you purchase just any old travel toddler bed, be sure the bed you buy boasts the following features

Lightweight. You don’t want anything that is overly heavy to carry around. A travel toddler bed should be able to be carried with one hand!

Ease of transport. Anything too big or bulky, even when folded up, may be difficult to fit in your car or take on a plane. Look for something that can be stored compactly and that offers some kind of carrying case with a handle so you could potentially wear it on your shoulder, freeing your hands up for other things.

Easy to clean. As all moms know, accidents happen! You want something that is easy to wipe down and sanitize.

Breathable. Like any surface your child sleeps on, a travel toddler bed should be breathable, especially during summer months. You want your child to remain at a nice, even temperature throughout their sleep.

Comfortable. A great travel bed should be supremely comfortable. This will ensure your little one gets a great night’s sleep, even if they are miles away from home.

Safe. Organic materials are best, which ensures your child isn’t coming in contact with any kind of hazardous materials or chemicals. Organic materials are also idea for kids with sensitive skin and need to rest on something hypoallergenic.

Best Toddler Travel Beds

1. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed
  • Super comfortable and helps kids of all ages get a great night’s sleep
  • Can accommodate standard crib size sheets and blankets
  • Lightweight and folds easily
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2. Aerobed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed
  • Boasts four inch high sides, so your child will stay put overnight
  • Very high quality
  • It has electronically welded seams
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3. Regalo My Cot
  • Durable
  • Designed with a steel frame and has a reinforced canvas bed liner
  • Easy to fold up and is actually very light in weight
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#1. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

A lot of parents rave about The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed (click here to check the price on Amazon), and for good reason.

It is super comfortable and helps kids of all ages get a great night’s sleep. It can accommodate standard crib size sheets and blankets and it tucks them inward so they will never touch the ground, and is lightweight and folds easily when you want to store it or travel with it.

The Shrunks bed does have to be inflated, but it only takes about five minutes to do so. It offers great support for toddlers who are just getting the hang of sleeping in a bed because it has special rails that keep kids from rolling off. It also contains no BPS, lead, or phthalate.

This travel bed comes with an electric pump and it accommodates up to 150 pounds. It’s a great bed to take camping, to grandma’s house, or on any family vacation.

#2. Aerobed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed

Aerobed’s Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed (click here to check the price on Amazon) is made specifically for toddlers and kids.

Many parents have used this travel bed with their toddlers who have just begun to make the transition between the crib and big kid bed. This blow up bed boasts four inch high sides, so your child will stay put overnight. The mattress is also of very high quality, as it has electronically welded seams, so it won’t fall apart after a few uses.

It comes complete with an AC pump, so it can inflate in less than a minute, but also deflate in less than 15 seconds. Parents also love that it comes with a thick, washable fitted mattress pad with a dreamy star and moon design.

Its mattress pad is great to protect the bed from overnight accidents, and also spilled substances from sippy cups.

#3. Regalo My Cot

The Regalo My Cot's (click here to check the price on Amazon) main bragging point is definitely its durability.

It's designed with a steel frame and has a reinforced canvas bed liner, and is easy to fold up and is actually very light in weight. Once it’s folded up, parents like that they can carry it on their shoulder because of its carrying case.

It comes with a machine washable fitted sheet, which is great if you need a set to send in to a daycare, or if a grandparent is going to care for your toddler while you are at work. It supports up to 75 pounds and is very sturdy. It also comes in a few colors, so you can customize each cot to each child.

It does sit higher up on than most portable travel beds, so it’s probably most ideal for toddlers who are used to being in a toddler bed or who are closer to two and a half or three years of age.

Wrapping Up

My daughter began to love being away from home overnight. It wasn’t really because she was enjoying the company or the change of environment, it was mainly because she loved her travel toddler bed so much!

Each of the beds are great choices that will allow you to get peace of mind as you sleep because you’ll know that you toddler is safe, comfortable, and happy!


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