Best Travel Bottle Warmers: Warm Baby's Bottles On The Go (2018 Guide)

Best Travel Bottle Warmers: Warm Baby’s Bottles On The Go (2020 Guide)

Who doesn’t love a warm bottle to go? I certainly know that my son was a huge fan of a perfectly warmed bottle, and I wanted to give him a great bottle every time, even if we weren’t at home.

And so one item that became my savior was my travel bottle warmer.

Initially given to me as a shower gift, I was skeptical about just how often I’d use it. But, it turns out I used religiously. Travel bottle warmers are easy to toss in your diaper bag or keep in your car. And, they don’t take long to heat up and are easy to maintain.

They bring instant comfort and gratification to any hungry or antsy baby. Plus, a portable warmer sure beats asking a waiter to warm up your bottle at a restaurant, and it ensures that the bottle won’t be warmed in a microwave (which is very dangerous due to hot spots!)

Just with any baby product, some are certainly better than others! Read on to learn about what key features your bottle warmer should have, and some great brands I suggest you check out!

Important Featues to Consider

Lightweight. Who wants to tote something around that’s as heavy as a bowling ball? Some warmers can be quite heavy. But, if you plan on taking one with you in your diaper bag, opt for a super light (and even compact) one!

Accommodates a variety of bottle types. Babies take certain sized bottles at different stages in their development. Some also need to switch bottles due to conditions like acid reflux or gas. So, you want to make sure your bottle warmer can accommodate all kinds and shapes of bottles.

Can store hot water. Some great portable warmers allow you to store and maintain heated water in a special thermal flask. This is ideal if you want a warm bottle when you aren’t way from home, but are also not planning on using your car’s power to heat the bottle (i.e. if you’re on a walk, at the mall, or at the park).

Easy to operate. A portable bottle warmer should come with very minimal instructions. Who wants to fool around and fiddle with a device when your baby is starving and cranky?

Disposable sachets. If you choose not to use a bottle warmer that is powered off your car’s energy, then you’ll most likely want to invest in a warmer that uses disposable sachets. These items generate heat and do not need to be reheated for the next use—just toss them!

Plug in. If you’re hitting the road, or just want something that warms up quickly and effectively, you may wish to buy a plug in warmer. It heats up when your car is running and when you utilize the adapter outlet.

Best Travel Bottle Warmers

#1. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

Probably one of the most popular warmers on the market, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer set (click here to check the price on Amazon).

You can heat up your baby’s bottle and food when you are away from home in a snap. The warmer is great to use on breast milk, formula, and food jars, and has a thermal flask that keeps water stored in it warm, requiring no external warming source.

It doesn't leak, it’s ultra-convenient, and it’s BPA free for added peace of mind. This Tommee Tippee warmer is designed to hold Closer to Nature bottles, but many parents remark that it did fit other kinds of bottle models.

#2. Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer

Another great baby brand, Munchkin’s Travel Car Bottle Warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is also highly effective.

It plugs into your car’s adapter and heats up evenly in just minutes. Many parents worry about hot spots, but the Munchkin has a timer display (which lights up during the night) to help you get the milk’s temperature just right.

It fits a variety of bottles, so it’s pretty universal because its heating band is flexible. Many parents refer to it as a heating blanket for a bottle, so it’s even safe to use drop in disposable bags too!

#3. BambinOz Instant Heat Travel Bottle Warmer

What I love about the BambinOz Instant Heat Travel Warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is how unique it is!

It warms milk while you’re on the go, taking approximately 10 minutes (which is a pretty standard time). All you have to do is follow one step—simply click it and it heats! No batteries are required, nor electricity to power it.

It can be re-used as well and is ideal if you’re flying, traveling by train, for long car trips, or even impromptu feedings while you’re away from home. The BambinOz is basically one effective heating pad that literally wraps around the bottle.

When you want to use it again, place it in boiling water for 5 minutes, let it cool, and it’s ready to warm up the next bottle!

I used to think that a travel bottle warmer was a luxury item and was never a major baby item must-have in my world. Boy, was I wrong!

Because they’re so lightweight, portable, and easy to use, I never left home without a travel warmer.

The warmers described above are among my favorites and have been reviewed positively by parents, so consider checking them out and bring some comfort to your baby when you are out and about from your home.

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