The Best Wipe Warmers For Warming Baby’s Bottom (2020 Guide)

The Best Wipe Warmers For Warming Baby’s Bottom (2020 Guide)

I think your baby would agree with me when I say that a cold tooshie is a sad tooshie!

Imagine if you needed your diaper changed in the middle of the night, or during cold winter months—yikes!

I mean wouldn’t you want something warm and comforting used on your most sensitive areas?

So I decided to research and test some wipe warmers to make diapering time a pleasant (and warm) experience, no matter what.

Plus, I was sick and tired of dealing with dried out, unusable wipes.

I needed the help of a warmer to keep them nice and moist!

So which are the best wipe warmers for baby?

How Does a Wipe Warmer Work?

A wipe warmer is electric, so it needs to be plugged in.

On the outside, the warmer looks like a sleek, hard baby wipe box.

And inside the box is a sponge (or pillow) that you have to moisten (in some higher end models, the box sprays a mist!), which is what helps the wipes stay so perfect!

Next, you fill the box with the wipes of your choice.

Once you close the top, you can gently thread the first wipe through the dispenser opening for easy access.

Make sure the lid gets closed tightly and then, you press a button to signal the warmer that it’s time to heat things up!

After a short amount of time, the warmer is in action, making sure the wipes are warmed to the most perfect temperature.

It also provides a lot of moisture to the box, making sure the wipes are always wet and never dry out.

Voila! It’s that easy. You’re sure to love it (and so will your baby).

How to Choose the Best Baby Wipes

A wipe warmer is a great little gadget, but it's only as effective as the wipes that it's holding—check out our guide to finding the best baby-safe wipes.

Best Wipe Warmers

#1. Munchkin Mist

I love Munchkin brand products! I’ve always had a great experience with them, and their wipe warmer is no different.

Let me tell you, Munchkin Mist wipe warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is awesome—so awesome, I want my own.

This wipe warmer features a built-in mist system to keep wipes wet. You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal if wipes dry out a bit?”

If you have to ask this, then you never had to use a dry wipe on a messy bottom! Yikes.

Every time you close the lid on the warmer, a mist is sprayed. Every time. You can even make the wipes extra moist by pressing a misting button on the outside of the box!

It is not hard to fill with wipes at all, and it's not difficult to pull out the wipes either; the wipes won’t stick together or rip.

Best of all, it doesn’t leak, and the wipes are always the perfect temperature!

You do have to keep the removable water reservoir filled at all times for it to function properly, and it also has to be plugged in and turned on.

While you might not love leaving a wipe warmer on all day, you can turn it off in the morning, and turn it on in the late afternoon so it's ready for evening and overnight.

The warmer also has a glow light for night time use, and it’s not gigantic so it can rest on changing tables or shelves without taking up a lot of space.

Overall, this is a great (and luxurious) baby item.

#2. Prince Lionheart Ultimate

Similar to the Munchkin warmer, the Prince Lionheart Ultimate warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is our second favorite wipe warmer on the market today.

The Ultimate boasts something called the Ever-Fresh System, which guarantees that the wipes will be kept as fresh as they can possibly be.

The warmer is useful because it helps soothes sensitive skin and it protects your baby’s bottom because the tub and pillow are treated with a special (but EPA approved) additive that stops the growth of microorganisms, which can cause odors and mildew to occur.

As you can tell, the warmer is very fancy! It also will make sure the wipes do not discolor when warming, and they stay super moist.

Micro pores in the pillow actually trap and release water that is needed inside the tub.

In my opinion, it makes a great shower gift and addition to any nursery.

#3. Prince Lionheart Premium

Similar to the Ultimate wipe warmer above (but a bit more affordable), the Price Lionheart Premium (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a slightly less luxurious option.

It does everything the Ultimate warmer does, except it does not have a water reservoir or button to push for extra moisture.

It uses a pad on the bottom of the warmer which needs to remain moist, and it also discourages any kind of unhealthy or unwanted bacteria and microorganisms.

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It’s roughly the same size as the Ultimate version, and also needs to be plugged in, in order to function.

An added bonus of the Prince Lionheart wipe warmers is that they allow moms to use cloth wipes. With such a huge clean and green movement, moms who choose to use cloth diapers also choose to use cloth wipes.

It must be nice to know that they can be warmed safely, quickly, and effectively!

#4. GoGo Baby Wipes Warmer

The GoGo Baby Wipes Warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is comparable to the other models reviewed, but it doesn’t use moisture pads (which are required in the other warmers).

It is on the smaller size, but still holds about 100 wipes. We also like the design of the warmer because it heats from the top and actually makes the wipes warm up quicker.

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Our only complaint is that if you need to go through quite a few wipes to combat one big mess (we’ve all been there!), when you get toward the middle of the warmer, the wipes tend to be a bit squishy and cold since there is no heat coming from the bottom.

But, that generally doesn’t happen often, so it doesn’t overly bother me.

Like the other warmers, the wipes won’t brown or dry out, and the entire warmer comes with a lifetime guarantee, so its money well spent.

#5. hiccapop

The Hiccapop Wipe Warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a favorite among moms.

Kiss those cold and unfriendly diaper changes goodbye. After all, cold wipes shock a baby’s sensitive skin and the last thing you want is to wake your little one up even more than they are during midnight (or crack of dawn) changes.

The wipe warmer keep wipes moist and won’t dry them out like others can. It has a unique silicone seal that locks in moisture and heat at the same time (this also helps them from turning brown).

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Because they have a top heated design, the wipes at the top of the box will be the warmest! A built in changing light also helps give off a soft glow to make an in the dark change a snap.

The light will also shut off on its own after 10 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to see as you put your child back in their crib.

#6. OXO

OXO's wipe dispenser (click here to check the price on Amazon) is highly effective and efficient with keeping wipes warm and readily available.

Simply purchase the warmer accessory and you have an item to use at home overnight, or unplug the warmer and take the dispenser itself and go! Since diaper changing can be uncomfortable for a baby, warm wipes help this process along.

OXO’s wipe lid opens with a simple push. Its silicone gasket keeps wipes fresh, but most importantly moist. It also has a non-slip design (and is weighted) so you don’t have to worry about it shifting around as you pull out a wipe.

The warmer can fit up to 100 wipes at once and accommodates a number of brands. Simply use the clear window to view when you need to do a refill to remain prepared for all diapering situations.

You don’t have to worry about wipes drying out ever again (or being cold for that matter)! OXO’s got you covered.

#7. EZ Baby Trendy Wipes Warmer Dispenser Holder

Here we have a very simple yet effective baby wipes warmer, the EZ Baby Trendy Wipes Warmer Dispenser Holder (click here to check the price on Amazon). For safety, this unit features a low voltage design, so there is never any risk of electrocution.

The EZ Baby Trendy Wipes Warmer Dispenser Holder features a fairly large compartment, so you can easily fit a large amount of wipes. Moreover, this unit comes with a great seal on the lid, which helps ensure that your wipes stay moist.

The design of this baby wipes warmer allows it to warm up baby wipes in just a couple of minutes. It also comes with a nightlight for nighttime changings, one that turns off on its own after a few minutes.

#8. Baby Wet Wipes Warmer

The Baby Wet Wipes Warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a very simple, functional, and cost effective baby wipes warmer to go with. All you have to do is press the ON button to heat up the baby wipes, and doing so takes only a few seconds.

It’s a very fast acting baby wipe warmer. This product can hold all brands of baby wipes, and it has enough space to hold about 100 of them, making it convenient because it doesn’t need to be refilled very often. It also comes with a special silicone seal to help prevent moisture from escaping and the wipes from drying out.

#9. Jool Baby

The Jool Baby wipe warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a great addition to any baby registry.

It comes complete with a special light to make overnight diaper changes an easy and smooth situation. Its clear viewing window makes it easy for moms to see when they need to add more wipes to the chamber.

It has two heat settings for your baby’s optimal comfort. And, moms love that if they forget to turn off the helpful changing light, it will shut off on its own after 10 minutes.

It can hold nearly 100 wipes and it accommodates wipes of standard size. It does need to be plugged in and take very little time to warm up.

Because it runs on low voltage, many moms feel safe with it running all day. Sometimes just the littlest luxuries can bring comfort and a smile to a baby (and a mom’s) face!

#10. Tomyth

Tomyth’s multi-purpose wipe warmer (click here to check the price on Amazon) certainly comes in handy for busy moms who like to remain organized and prepared at all times.

It can be used in your home, or even in your car thanks to its special battery adaptor. At first, it looks like only one device, but it has 3 functions in all.

It can warm wipes, warm bottles, and warm pretty much anything you need once your little one weans off the bottle (hot coffee anyone?).

Not only is it highly effective and efficient it is fully safe. It heats smoothly and has been approved by the FDA, and it’s made of toxic-free materials, in a toxic-free environment.

It also has a non-slip bottom to help it remain in place and is small enough to sit on a changing table or even take with you anywhere.

Moms love to use this if they’re going on a long car ride, or even taking a vacation and want all the luxuries from home, in one convenient little item!

Wrapping Up

Some moms believe that wipe warmers aren’t a necessity, but I disagree!

I say there’s nothing wrong with a little luxury! After all, your little prince or princess deserves the best, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make them feel comfortable, cozy, and secure during delicate diaper changes!

Consider selecting one of the best wipe warmers above to give their little tooshie a treat!


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