Be Prepared During Diaper Changes With The Best Diaper Caddy (2020 Guide)

Be Prepared During Diaper Changes With The Best Diaper Caddy (2020 Guide)

Wow! Who knew that a tiny, little baby could go through so many diapers and diapering accessories so quickly?

I didn’t!

After my c-section I learned pretty quickly that I had to make things easy, accessible, and efficient as a new mom since I couldn’t get up and down the stairs to my son’s nursery with ease.

One of the things I did to make life a lot easier was utilize a diaper caddy.

And you know what? Everything I needed during diaper changes was at the tip of my fingers.

I was always prepared and I could even pick the caddy up and move it to wherever I wanted it to go (the car, outdoors, in my stroller)!

If you want to be a more efficient and prepared mom, consider using a diaper caddy. Here’s our guide to the best ones. 

Benefits of Using a Diaper Caddy

As mentioned above, a diaper caddy makes life easier.

It cuts down on all the running around at diaper time, plus all items are in one place.

And, the best part is that you can move all your items, keep them neat, and take them with you wherever you want! 

What Style Will Work for Me?

There are a few types of caddies to consider. They include:


For me, a portable caddy was the best choice.

I was able to remain organized, even if I was on the go.

Portable caddies are durable and have a handle. Some are hard, plastic, while other are made of material and are decorated in a certain color, print, or style.

They generally have several compartments of varying sizes in order to fit diapering accessories of all shapes and sizes, like diapers, creams, lotions, and powder.

Often times, parents sit them on top of their diaper changing table or pad, rather than store each item individually on a shelf or in a drawer. 


Hanging caddies are also pretty portable, as long as you suspend them from something.

Usually, you hang it off the side of your changing table, crib, or on a closet door. It’s a bit larger than a portable caddy, so it can hold more items.

I kept a hanging caddy in my car when my son was very young, and hung it off the back of the driver’s seat in the back.

It’s “hang” is usually adjustable and it’s also a perfect fit on portable cribs, so if you’re going on a trip, you can tote it around with you.


Stationary caddies are meant to stay in one place.

Because they are super sized, they hold anything and everything, and they aren’t great for traveling or moving it around to other locations beside your diaper station or changing table.

Features to Look For

Some diaper caddies have certain features that make them much better than others. They include:

  • Storage. The whole point of a caddy is for ample space to hold all your baby goods. Look for storage that compartments of all shapes and sizes so you can use it for a variety of items, like diapers, lotions, and creams.
  • Easy to clean. A caddy should wipe down with no problem. If it’s lined, the liner should also detach with ease so you can toss it in the washing machine.
  • Gender neutral color. Why not choose a gender neutral color so you can maximize your investment and use it for your next child (or two!)

What to Keep in Your Diaper Caddy

Organizing your diaper caddy is a cinch. Just make sure you fill it with the following items:

  • Diapers. I had a day’s worth of diapers in my caddy at all time (about 10) and re-stocked them each evening, and this method also helped me keep track of when I needed to buy more.
  • Diaper rash cream. I kept a spray can for preventative measures, and a thick paste for full fledge rashes.
  • Wipes. A large pack of wipes will keep bottoms clean and mess-free.
  • Powder. I also had a small bottle of powder to make my son smell baby fresh after a cleaning.
  • Nasal aspirator. I often took the opportunity to clean my son’s nose out at least once a day during diaper changes (or when he was sick).
  • Hand sanitizer. A few squirts kept my hands clean as a whistle before and after each change.
  • Lotion. I also always took the opportunity to moisturize my son during diaper changes, as needed.
  • Vaseline. This was a must for when my son was first born! It prevents rubbing and keeps skin moist.
  • Nail clippers. Babies can have pretty sharp nails, so keep these grooming tools close by.
  • Brush. My son’s hair was always freshly combed, making him ready for impromptu picture opportunities.
  • Toy & teether. A great distractor item, toys or teethers give them something to hold on to, or nibble on as their teeth start to break through.

Best Diaper Caddies

#1. Trend Lab

Trend Lab has a lightly padded, portable diaper caddy (click here to check the price on Amazon) that will keep everything from wipes lotions and diapers nice and tidy whenever you need them. You can move room to room with this versatile eight pocket caddy.

You might want to consider this option if you are looking for something that will be lightweight and easy to clean.

The Trend Lab as a nice, gender neutral design which will look great for both boys and girls rooms, making it useful for baby number one and number two.

The portable design is another great feature. Toss the handles of this bag over your shoulder be at your baby’s side the moment you are called into action.

The Trend Lab is also highly versatile. Add or remove the ‘T’ separator to quickly and easily suit your needs.

Do note that the flexibility can have its downsides; this diaper caddy is not as firm as others that are built to be stationary in the nursery.

#2. Ubbi

The diaper caddy from Ubbi (click here to check the price on Amazon) is made with premium quality materials, so you know this is a sturdy unit.

Complete with a storage drawer for all your smaller nursery items, you can keep all your diaper supplies together with this one portable, gender neutral unit.

If you're looking for a high-quality diaper caddy, you might want to think about adding this to your gift registry.

This caddy is definitely safe for baby’s room, as you won’t find any PVC, BPA, or phthalates in it.

We also like the easy-view window for monitoring wipes, giving you an instant preview of how many wipes you have left, so you never wind up empty at the wrong time.

The Ubbi also comes with a soft, flexible changing mat that you will use often.

Do keep in mind that this caddy is smaller than some others. Although a space saving option is always nice, the Ubbi only fits an average of 8 diapers.

#3. Munchkin Sarabear

The Munchkin Sarabear (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a large diaper caddy that combines both function and style. Made with a Shaker style basket and heavy weight, 100% cotton, everything you need will be at hand with only a moments notice.

If you're considering a larger sized diaper caddy for your nursery that will be fashionable, you might be able to stop looking.

A lot of parents like that the liner is easy to take off and is machine washable, making it incredibly easy to clean.

This caddy is also made of good materials: all wood is stained with water-based stains which are lead-free; the cotton material is dyed with zero formaldehyde; and the caddy itself is PVC-free.

The collapsible handle is also a nice touch; it lies flush with the basket and snaps quickly into place when you need it.

One thing to be aware of is this caddy can scratch wood furniture. The base is made from rough wood which can leave marks on your other items. Simply place felt pads on the bottom for a smoother finish.

#4. JJ Cole

Change your baby in style in any room of your home with the diaper caddy by JJ Cole (click here to check the price on Amazon).

This 100% polyester diaper caddy is suitable whether you have a boy or girl, and provides you with easy access to all of your items with the open design.

You may want to consider this option if you're in the market for a caddy that can easily convert into other storage once your little one is potty trained.

This caddy has a really convenient drawer for storage, so you can keep all the little things from getting lost at the bottom.

The JJ Cole also comes with a coordinating changing pad, which is cozy and easy to wipe down, and checks one more purchase off your list.

The slip-resistant design is another nice touch, as the caddy is finished with protective rubber feet for the safety of the other furniture throughout your house.

Do keep in mind that there is room here for a diaper warmer. Because of the portability of this diaper caddy, it was not designed to fit a warmer.

#5. Dexbaby Playard

The Dexbaby Playard (click here to check the price on Amazon) is ideal for the mom that wants to know where everything is, at all times.

This well-designed diaper caddy will keep you extremely organized while matching any nursery décor.

If you're looking for a diaper caddy that has all the bells and whistles, this might be your best bet.

As the name suggests, this caddy attaches to playards. The easy-install hooks provide you with a convenient changing solution just about anywhere.

The large, mesh panels also give you easy access to diapers while letting you keep an eye on inventory. You won’t be caught unprepared with this diaper caddy.

What we love about this caddy is that you have everything you need, at your fingertips. Between the large diaper compartment, side panels, and top shelf, you will have space for all your needs.

A few parents have commented that it's not exactly easy to clean, however. While all the compartments are a great addition, they leave you with many nooks and crannies that can harbor bacteria and icky messes.

#6. Cradle Star Hanging Diaper Caddy

The Cradle Star (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a space saving organizer that had loads of storage space, allowing you to add square footage to your nursery by quickly hanging it anywhere.

You might want to consider this option if you are looking for all the benefits of a large diaper caddy but are short on space.

The easy to use hanging hooks that are provided with this nursery organizer are great, so you can place it on either your crib, bed or dresser.

The Cradle Star is also very durable. The reinforced rear section is sturdy and built to last, and you won’t notice a sag in this caddy like some when loaded down.

We also love that this unit has tons of storage space. With a large diaper area, one large side pocket, two smaller side pockets, and a wide shelf, you can have everything from a change of clothes to q-tips at hand.

All that space means, however, that this caddy can be a bit heavy. Although it's marketed as portable, you might find it cumbersome when you have a crying baby in tow also.

#7. Runsabay. Baby Diaper Caddy

The Runsabay. Baby Diaper Caddy (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a great diaper caddy for the nursery or on-the-go.

It's highly durable and extremely versatile, so it can easily adapt to your needs.

If you're looking for a diaper caddy that can be converted easily to fit your use at the time, this might be a good option for you.

This caddy is water resistant, so when spills happen, simply give it a quick wipe down.

The Runsabay. Baby Diaper Caddy is also a great space saver. You can hang it just about anywhere you can imagine: in the closet, on the side of the crib, or on the wall for quick access to your baby’s items.

We also like that it adapts to your needs: use this caddy as one large organizational unit, or split it in two for multiple uses.

One thing to keep in mind is that the velcro isn’t a perfect fit. Once unattached, the two sides can be difficult to re-attach. With a little practice, it is possible, however.

#8. Munchkin Diaper Duty

The Munchkin Diaper Duty (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a sleek, plastic tabletop organizer.

Loaded with various compartments of all sizes for optimal organization, you can place this stationary caddy in your little one’s room, and you will be prepared for any diaper disaster.

You might want to think about this diaper caddy if you like to stay extremely organized and have a little extra space for your nursery.

This caddy comes with a large, ventilated flat top that can fit a diaper dispenser and can even accommodate a wipe warmer.

It’s also pretty easy to clean. Whenever this caddy needs a wipe down, simply unload it and rinse it out in the shower or sink.

The removable side bins are another nice touch. If you have limited space or find yourself not using the side bins, just remove them for storage elsewhere in your home.

One downside to this caddy is that it's not portable. This is not the unit for you if you want something you can move from room to room.

#9. Buzzy Babee

This new and improved organizer caddy by Buzzy Babee (click here to check the price on Amazon) is larger than ever.

The unique design of this caddy is ideal for newborns up to 18 months, and it can easily be stored and suits the décor of any nursery.

You may want to consider this  if you want something big enough even for twins and made from high-quality materials.

One great feature of the Buzzy is the upper shelving unit. The main shelf is topped with velcro to keep your items secure and prevent the shelf from sagging.

This caddy also has strong, durable hooks, so you can hang it anywhere. With the help of the Velcro strip on the back, it won’t slide around as much as others.

Bottom line, this is a big caddy, ample enough to store all of your baby’s accessories, and ideal for households with twins.

One thing some parents have pointed out is that you may need to give this unit a few days to air out before placing it in your baby’s bedroom.

#10. Dexababy Nursery Organizer

The Dexababy Nursery Organizer (click here to check the price on Amazon) is made from 100 percent polyester shell and backing, providing you with an easy to wipe down diaper caddy.

If you are thinking about purchasing a diaper caddy that is gender neutral and will keep you organized, this might be your best bet.

With the large variety of cubbies, shelves, and pouches you will have room for everything, making this an organized mom's dream.

You won’t find any BPA, latex, lead or phthalates in this diaper caddy, so you know that it's safe. You can be assured that this caddy won't introduce harmful chemicals or toxins into your little one’s room.

Hang this caddy from your dresser, changing table, crib, or wall; it can be hung virtually anywhere.

If you opt not to use a warmer, you may find that regular wipe dispensers move around too much, as the top shelf is made to fit a wipe warmer,

Wrapping Up

A diaper caddy helped me be prepared for anything and everything.

It organized all my goods and also allowed me to remain on the go.

When choosing the best diaper caddy, be sure you consider the kind that will work best for you, as well as some of the features mentioned above for an easy, breezy diaper change every time.


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