25 Fourth of July Sweet Treats To Make Your Kids

25 Fourth of July Sweet Treats To Make Your Kids

Kids have quite the sweet tooth. And, rightfully so!

There are so many goodies to dig into.

While I may not let my kids eat sweets all the time, holidays are certainly a right of passage to indulge in desserts.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I came across some awesome sweet treat recipes that you can make for your guests and kids at your next event.

They’re delicious, super cute, and very patriotic!

1) Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

(image via Raining Hot Coupons)

Mmmm, enough said just in the name! Super easy, super affordable (and totally adaptable to accommodate food allergies if needed); simply gather or bake chocolate chip cookies.

Place some ice cream in the middle (my kids prefer plain old vanilla), and make a sandwich out of them all.

Place patriotic sprinkles in a dish and have the kids help you roll the ice cream part until covered in red, white, and blue goodness! Store them in the freezer until ready to serve.

You can check out Raining Hot Coupons for another version of this too!​

2) Patriotic Punch

(image via Mom Endeavors)

Mom Endeavors has a recipe for punch that I love!

There’s even some science behind mixing the drink so that the kids can visibly see the red, white, and blue layers!

Add a twizzler to use as a straw and you have one sweet, chilly, and celebratory drink to indulge in!

3) Red, White, and Blue Oreo Pops

(image via Creative Party Ideas)

There’s nothing more “American” than the Oreo cookie.

So, obtain some skinny craft sticks and make a pop out of the cookie. Dip it in some melted white chocolate, and place it on wax paper.

As it cools, drizzle some star shaped or red, white, and blue sprinkles on top!

These desserts are easy to enjoy on the go, which is perfect for picnics or while waiting for fireworks to go off!

Check out Creative Party Ideas for more ideas!​

4) Patriotic Caramel Pretzel Bites

(image via The Gunny Snack)

Salt, sweet, and savory? Yes, please!

These patriotic pretzel bites and easy to make and easy to enjoy. I got the idea from The Gunny Snack.

All steps are outlined on their site with pictures and the finished treats store nicely in case you want to make them ahead of time.

5) Fourth of July Rice Krispies

(image via Lil' Luna)

Another All-American favorite; rice krispies are a crowd pleaser. In order to make them appear more festive, visit Lil' Luna’s blog for a full set of directions, which are easy to follow.

They make the ultimate Independence Day treat because they can be portioned into bite sized chunks and are able to hang out on your countertop, so you won't have to worry about them spoiling (just disappearing too quickly).

6) American Flag Marshmallow Pop

(image via Two Sisters Crafting)

Two Sisters Crafting brings us their awesome American flag marshmallow pop.

You’ll need marshmallows, sticks, and patriotic colored candy melts; plus sprinkles and star embellishments.

This is a little time consuming, so it’s best to make on a rainy day leading up to your Fourth of July festivities.

7) American Flag Treats on a Stick

(image via Craft Create Cook)

Incredibly easy and very delicious, this sweet treat from Craft Create Cook will please all!

It features Twinkies and melted chocolate—two of my favorites!

Your little “monkeys” will be sure to rave over them!

8) Edible Eagles

(image via Noble Pig)

Independence Day is a great time to explain the historical significance behind eagles to your kiddos.

After the little history lesson, you can serve them their own edible eagles.

Check out Noble Pig to learn how.

You’ll only need a handful of ingredients and by the time you’re through, they’ll look to pretty to eat (but your kids will get over that quickly!)

9) Fruity Stars and Stripes Flag

(image via Betty Crocker)

This treat via Betty Crocker couldn’t be easier to make.

Simply pull out graham cracker squares, slide on some vanilla frosting (or your kids’ favorite), and decorate it with a blue section in the upper left corner, and place red stripes throughout.

Add some white candy stars on top of the blue and voila! You’re ready to eat (be sure to say the pledge first!)

10) Patriotic Sugar Wafers

(image via Southern Made Simple)

Guilty, but true: my toddler son loves vanilla wafers (or any wafer for that matter).

So, I let him help me dip some of them in white chocolate (just the tip).

We added some patriotic sprinkles to the chocolate and let them cool before digging in.

As an added treat, I placed some in his ice cream dish and the festive addition brought an instant smile to his face!

Check out Southern Made Simple for more!​

11) Fourth of July Fireworks Treats

(image via Lemon Tree Dwelling)

Lemon Tree Dwelling has an awesome recipe for kids!

Its called Fourth of July Fireworks.

They’re little balls made out of chow mein noodles and some other goodies and are coated in chocolate, colorful candy to gain a festive appearance.

They can be portioned and packaged, or placed on a platter for little hands to grab at their leisure. After all, our independence is something to be celebrated!

12) Rice Krispie Treat Stars

(image via Blooming Homestead)

Not a crafty person but want to be fun and patriotic around the holiday?

All you need to do is prepare a pan of rice krispies and use a star shaped cookie cutter so you have star shaped treats for the kids.

You can leave them as is, or provide the kiddos with frosting to decorate as they’d like!

You can’t get easier than that!

Check out Blooming Homestead for more!​

13) Patriotic Fruit Cups

(image via Amanda's Cookin')

Nothing tastes sweeter than fruit!

And, if you’re into clean eating and serving the kids portions of organic goodness, you’ll love this simple fruit cup mix!

Check out Amanda's Cookin' for the recipe!

14) Patriotic Popsicle

(image via The Things We'll Make)

The Things We'll Make's patriotic popsicle is too darn cute.

You’re sure to feel just like Martha after putting together these cool, kiddie crowd pleasers.

Be sure to visit the site for a full set of layering instructions and to learn how to get a perfect shaped star on the end of the pop as well!

15) Cool Whip Stuffed Strawberries

(image via My Recipe Magic)

This dessert is light and yummy on a hot summer day. All I did was hollow out huge strawberries and fill their insides with cool whip!

I used the plastic bag technique to help me get the whip into the small space with ease, and I inserted a blueberry connected to a toothpick right down the middle for a patriotic effect!

My Recipe Magic has a similar recipe that uses cheesecake instead of cool whip!​

16) Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

(image via Sugar Apron)

Cake on a stick? Sure, why not?

I must admit, I got a little lazy here because I purchased pre-made pound cake.

You can obviously make your own, but I was in a time crunch (the kids didn’t notice anyway). I layered each cube of cake between whole strawberries and drizzled some melted frosting across the kabob.

Simply keep them in the fridge until ready to serve and you also have an easy clean up dessert!

Sugar Apron has another awesome recipe you can also follow!​

17) Crafty Cones

(image via Passion for Savings)

We often eat ice cream as we watch fireworks as a family on the Fourth of July. So, this year, I’ve decided to get crafty and decorate my waffle cones.


I plan to dip just the top into white chocolate. Then, I’m going to sprinkle red, white, and blue sprinkles on top of the chocolate as it dries.

My kids will be so excited to eat their ice cream out of something not just tasty, but festive as well.

Check out Passion for Savings for more inspiration!​

18) American Cupcakes

(image via Hungry Happenings)

For whatever reason, my kids love eating and drinking out of my nice glass stemware.

So, since that couldn’t happen (because they are super valuable), I ran to the dollar store to pick up some inexpensive replica glasses.

I plan on filling the bottom with patriotic M’n’M’s and placing a white chocolate cupcake on top!

They’ll be so pleased when dessert rolls around!

19) Festive Candy Apples

(image via Mom Loves Baking)

Using blue candy melts (you can also choose to use red or white), we melted them in a pan on the stove.

The kids loved taking turns placing their apple on a stick into the gooey, sweet mixture.

They then got to decorate their apples as they liked. I had a sprinkle and candy bar set up for them buffet style to get creative with their sweet American treats.

Check out Mom Loves Baking for more ideas!​

20) Firework Pudding Cookies

(image via Crazy for Crust)

Crazy for Crust has cookies that I am obsessed with!

Every summer, I make these brown sugar pudding cookies right around Independence Day.

They are loaded with M’n’M’s (you can buy the ones designed in patriotic colors) and take several steps to make.

The blog outlines the process in easy to follow, visual steps. I highly recommend these babies not just for your kids, but if you’re in charge of bringing dessert to your Fourth of July family gathering!

21) Patriotic Popcorn

(image via A Pumpkin & A Princess)

Salty and sweet? Sounds great!

Pop your kids’ favorite popcorn. Drizzle some melted white chocolate on top of the snack. Add some coconut shred, red, white, and blue chocolate candy (I prefer M&M's) and some peanuts for added crunch.

Your kids will have to be dragged away from the snack bowl.

Check out A Pumpkin & A Princess for an awesome recipe! ​

22) Firecracker Cake

(image via Love Bakes Good Cakes)

Love Bakes Good Cakes gave me this awesome idea for a firecracker cake.

While I’m not the best baker, this cake was pretty easy to make and is a favorite treat among my kiddos.

It’s made out of a cake mix, and is also easy to decorate patriotically—just grab some red, white, and blue frosting or melt some colored candy that you can pick up at your local craft store.

23) Fourth of July Milkshakes

(screengrab via Tastemade)

Feeling lazy? Make a milk shake!

So super easy, just follow Tastemade’s blog video to show you how.

Minimal decorating is involved and the blender will do all the work for you!

24) Red, White, and Blue Strawberry Shortcake

(image via An Affair from the Heart)

Prepare strawberry shortcake as you normally would. Except for the whipped topping!

In my household, Cool Whip is a staple in our fridge.

But, to make this All-American dessert, well, more American, add some blue food coloring to tint the angelfood cake!

Talk about getting in the holiday spirit.

Check out An Affair from the Heart for the recipe!​

25) Fourth of July Dessert Pizza

(image via Crafted Arrow)

Pick up your favorite brand of sugar cookie dough (obviously already pre-made) and make this Fourth of July Dessert Pizza via Crafted Arrow!

Wrapping Up

America’s independence is something to celebrate.

Your kids will love indulging in these treats (and hopefully helping you make them) this summer.

These 25 sweet ideas are among my most favorite and are a huge hit with my kids and family members.

So roll your sleeves up, get cooking, and don’t forget to enjoy some yourself!


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