46 Bloggers Reveal How Moms Can Make an Extra $500 per Month

46 Bloggers Reveal How Moms Can Make an Extra $500 per Month

Are you a new mom who's looking to earn a little extra money on the side?

Have you ever thought what you'd be able to do with an extra $500 per month?

Would yo pay off debt, invest in your little one's college fund, go on a vacation?

While making an extra $500 per month seems too good to be true, it's definitely possible, with a little creativity and a lot of hard work.

To get you motivated, we reached out 46 bloggers and asked them all the same question:

If a new mom wanted to make an extra $500 per month, which 3 side hustles should she take on (and why)?

And the answers we received were incredibly helpful!

From starting a blog, offering virtual assistant services, freelance writing, taking online surveys, and selling items online, this post is filled with some of the most comprehensive ideas for earning an extra $500 per month that you'll find anywhere!

A special thanks to all the bloggers who contributed!

If a new mom wanted to make an extra $500 per month, I'd actually encourage her to go deep with one side hustle instead of trying to dabble in three different ones. I've found that people tend to get the best results when they are focused on one goal or priority at a time, and can add more income streams once their first one is automated.

But for that goal, I'd recommend starting with a blog, using their blog to grow a little email list of subscribers and readers, and then using their list to sell an online course. Earning $500/month from online course sales is easier to do than you might think! If your course is $50, then you only need 10 buyers per month! And if it's $500, then you only need ONE person to buy your course in order to hit your goal. With odds like that, it's much easier and quicker to earn $500/month from an online course than from, say, affiliate marketing.

And for anyone reading this who is worried about not having the expertise to create an online course -- trust me, you do! You don't need to be a full-fledged expert, you just need to know more than the people you're teaching. Online courses can be about almost any topic, too. So whether you're a master organizer, a good calligrapher, or have any other skill that others may want to learn, then you're set!

Melyssa, MelyssaGriffin.com


I would recommend a side hustle in which the mother could work from home, so that she could cut out any commute times and have a more flexible schedule.

The first side hustle I'd recommend is, of course, blogging. I earn over $100,000 a month blogging and it all started on the side.

Then, I would also recommend staff writing and virtual assisting.

All are great side hustles to have!

Michelle, Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents

To make an extra $500 per month, a new mom should focus on making money online. First, a new mom should start freelance writing. As a freelance writer, you are paid to write for other blogs and websites. The money is good, even if you're not a professional writer. I have a post that can teach you how to make money freelance writing (I know bloggers who make $300 per post after using my template).

Next, to make an additional $500 per month, a new mom should become a Virtual Assistant (VA). As a VA, you do administrative tasks for bloggers, like editing posts, creating pictures, or replying to emails. It's an easy way to start making money online, from home, on your own time, with no experience needed. See my post on how to become a virtual assistant for a step-by-step guide to get started.

Finally, to make an extra $500 per month, a new mom should start her own blog. With a blog, the income potential is unlimited, but it takes longer to build, which is why it's listed last. A new mom should do all three of these things at once, so that over time, she can slow down from the freelance writing and virtual assistant work once her blog picks up and makes more money. I can teach you how to start a blog in an easy step-by-step guide.

Between freelance writing, virtual assistant work, and starting a blog, there's no reason any new mom can't make over $500 per month.

Natalie, NatalieBacon.com


Drive for Uber. Uber is a great side hustle for busy moms since they can set their own schedules and work when they want. Requirements for entry aren't that difficult to meet, either. To drive for Uber, you need a clean driving record, a newer car, and insurance.

Start a blog. Blogging is another smart side hustle for busy parents. You can work when you want and put as much time and effort as you feel comfortable with. One downside, however, is that profit isn't guaranteed. You can definitely make an extra $500 or more per month blogging, but it can take many months or even years to get there.

Tutor kids. If you're really smart in science and math, you could consider tutoring kids in person or online. Most tutors are able to charge $20 per hour or more.

Jeff, Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents

The #1 side hustle busy moms should try is writing content online. I have been a freelance blogger for many years, and it only took me a year to get enough clients to quit my job. If you're a great writer, websites will pay you anywhere from $50 - $500 for professional quality content. My course, EarnMoreWriting.com, teaches talented writers the skills they need to get writing jobs in the online space.

The #2 side hustle moms should try is becoming a virtual assistant. Website owners will pay $20 per hour or more for completing basic online tasks.

The #3 side hustle moms should try is Pinterest and social media management. There is a huge demand for people who can make professional-looking images for blog posts. You can also get paid to manage Pinterest and other social media networks for busy bloggers.

Holly, Club Thrifty

Club Thrifty

If a new mom wanted to make an extra $500 per month I would recommend they start by offering some kind of product or service online. This is something that could happen on their own time and does not require a big investment to get started.

For example, selling a digital product, creating a course or even consulting services depending on their knowledge and experiences.

Then, create some kind of blog or platform to promote their offering and build a loyal following, so that they can sell their product or service.

The last side hustle would be to become an affiliate partner so that they could earn money recommending other products or services on their site.

Addi, Frugal Fanatic

Frugal Fanatic

Side hustles for new moms are a great way to earn a little extra money. One of the easiest and most profitable opportunities is to sell items live on Facebook or in a Facebook group of your friends. You can sell anything from used toys, baby goods, handmade items, second-hand clothing, etc. It is crazy how much stuff you can sell on Facebook that others will want!

Start with the items in your home that you are no longer needing. Reinvest a portion of your sales into new inventory. The best new inventory are items that are gently used and second-hand. Many moms have made a nice side hustle with this method! Plus, your schedule is completely in your hands!

Another great side hustle is testing websites. There are several sites that you can do this through from sites like UserTesting, UserFeel, and UserZoon. You can make about $30 an hour. Each similar site you join will give you about $200 worth of work a month. So plan to join 2-3 to hit your monthly goal.

Finally, another cool idea is a Mom's day babysitting service. This can be a once a week, bi-weekly or monthly opportunity for you to advertise that you will be opening your home from a drop off babysitting day for other busy moms to have a day to run errands, catch up, clean their homes, grocery shop, etc. This is a once-in-a-while commitment from you instead of a daily commitment and make a nice chunk of change in one day!

Cassie, The Thrifty Couple

The Thrifty Couple

As a new mom, there’s probably nothing more you want than to stay at home with your precious new baby. Good news! There are awesome ways to earn income while still being able to stay at home.

But with all the work-at-home ideas out there, how do you know which ones are actually worthwhile?

I’ll be honest with you. Money won’t just fall from the sky just because you want it. You have to have skills to make good money, and if you don’t have skills you can sell, you will need to learn them.

How do you make that happen?I have three awesome jobs to recommend, and where to find legitimate training you need to start making your freelancing mom life even better.

Number 1 is proofreading for court reporters. Proofreading transcripts is definitely a niche. You get to read lots of court cases, some of which can be pretty juicy! Proofreading the spoken word from court cases is very different from proofreading books or blog posts.

Punctuation packs a heavier punch than grammar, and that can be hard for some people to get used to. It includes not just catching the punctuation errors but also knowing the ins and outs of a transcript and how the court reporter’s job works. If you think you have a good pair of eagle eyes to catch errors, enroll in this free 7-day intro course to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Number 2 is transcribing for any sort of business. Transcription is a real skill to have, and it’s in high demand by all kinds of businesses. It’s not just relegated to medical topics. Transcription may seem pretty basic at first: Just type up what you hear on the audio you’re given, right? Nope! It’s more than that!

You need to be good at punctuation, listen well, be a fast typist, and understand multiple types of software. It’s all about how to make your clients’ lives easier. Once you get your skills down though, you will be invaluable to higher paying clients. Here's a free introductory mini-course about becoming a transcriptionist.

And number 3 is bookkeeping. But not all of us are word nerds! Some people have an affinity for numbers. And if that’s you, you should definitely take a look at bookkeeping. Every business needs a bookkeeper. Most people running a business don’t have time (or the skills) to sit and make sure all the receipts, payments, and bills that come in the door are taken care of.

Bookkeepers are in demand! They can be paid very well per hour too (we’re talking up to $75 an hour!). But you need the training to be able to be good at it. There’s more to it than balancing a checkbook. 🙂 Here's a free introductory mini-course about becoming a bookkeeper.

More skills equals more money, new mom! For more details on these awesome work-at-home skills (and more!), you can click here. Time to put the stress of finances away -- and focus on your new family.

Caitlin, Proofread Anywhere

Proofread Anywhere

I've done this twice, so I think for me there are three very easy, low-key ways to make a little extra after having a little one.

First, I would take online surveys. Why? You can do it on your phone while holding a sleeping baby who won't let you lay them down! I made plenty of money that helped support my Kindle habit.

Second, if you're a heavy social media user with a lot of friends and followers, I would sign up for a site like Izea. You're essentially getting paid for sharing social media updates. Again, easy enough to do with a new little bundle of joy still literally attached to you!

Third, if you have the skills and a little free time, set up an Etsy shop and sell downloaded (or digital) products. I've had an Etsy shop since 2012 selling inspirational printables. I started by using free sites like Photo Monkey to create my prints and moved on up to Adobe software once I could afford the investment. I still make a few hundred a year and I haven't updated my shop in years!

Latoya, Life and a Budget

Life and a Budget

Freelance writing is one of my favorite side hustles for new moms. It provides the utmost in flexibility, in most cases, allowing you to work wherever and whenever you want. As long as you are meeting your deadlines, your client likely couldn't care less whether you are performing your work at 3 AM or naptime. As long as you have great grammar and research skills, you can likely get started today.

Search Engine Evaluation is another great option. Your job is to essentially help Google make sure their search results are high-quality and relevant. There are several companies that hire for these positions. The pay is usually around $12 per hour. The work can be inconsistent and project-based, so this is one best coupled with other gigs if you have a specific monthly income in mind.

If your plan is to go back to work when your maternity leave is up, it can be difficult to start a virtual assistant business only to have to shut it down weeks later. Fancy Hands, however, let's you work when you want and doing only the work you want with no long-term commitment.

Angie, The Work at Home Wife

The Work at Home Wife

For some reason, smartphone apps,

short tasks, and side gigs tend to get a bad rap.

No, they're not going to make you rich, but, they can help to make an extra $500 a month.

To be successful with side gigs — you just need to create a plan and execute it. For instance, if you complete four short tasks a day, and each task pays $4.25, at the end of 30 days you'll have earned $510.00 - not bad!

Some of my favorite platforms are Swagbucks, FancyHands, UserTesting, Fiverr, Time Etc., Easy Shift, and Field Agent.

Holly, The Work at Home Woman

The Work at Home Woman

Organize a simple monthly mommy event. Put out a Facebook post inviting friends and friends of friends. Charge $10-$15 per person to join the event. No matter the situation, moms need to get out of the house and chat with other adults! Not only can you make a really nice side income, but you will be having a ton of fun doing it!

Round up some simple and cute snacks and then find a speaker from one of your local shops to come and teach or speak to all the moms. The speaker could be the owner of a boutique, a yoga studio, salon, or any other place where you find moms. Most shop owners will throw themselves at the opportunity to promote their business to a captive audience of local moms!

Meal plan! Though this is technically a "saving money" technique, it's the perfect solution for any mom who is struggling to find the time for a side hustle. By taking the time to meal plan you are actually going to end up saving time in the long run by avoiding last minute trips to the store or staring hopelessly into your fridge at 5:00pm at night.

Let's not forget about all the money meal planning is going to save you! The simple act of listing out your meals and groceries for the week could save you THOUSANDS each year! Our already frugal family saved over $700 each month once we started meal planning! My guess is you could save even more!

Put your hobbies to work. What could be better than making money from doing something that you already love and are a rockstar at? Whatever it is that you love, there is most likely a way for you to make money online from it. It might be obvious that if you have a digital skill you could promote yourself online but for those who have a more tangible skill there is still a way!If what you love isn't something that can technically be completed online, there might be an audience online who would love to learn how you do it! Maybe baking, knitting, parenting, pet care, or gardening. You can monetize that skill by creating platforms like a blog or YouTube to showcase your talent through teaching others the same thing!

Brittany, Pennies Into Pearls

Pennies Into Pearls

First, I would highly suggest

Swagbucks for coupons, searching, surveys, videos, and even referring her friends. I easily earn $150 a month from Swagbucks BEFORE referring a single friend.

Second, dog-sitting! DogVacay makes this super easy, and if you're a dog person this is really easy money! I often earn $25/day dog-sitting! As a plus, if you already have a dog, it provides awesome companionship and play for both of them.

Third, embrace your creative side. Many new moms find themselves out home wanting a creative outlet, but everyone has different skills and interests. If you like baking and cake decorating, you could start a cake decorating side hustle. Other moms love sewing and crafting, which lends itself to selling your creations on Etsy.

Or, it could be something as fun as crafting a follow-worth Instagram account, and then selling ad space within your posts. They sky is the limit when you're feeling creative!

Gretchen, Retired By 40

Retired By 40

There are hundreds of legit ways to make money online! For me, starting out with an online side hustle, it was important to have flexibility. I wanted to be able to walk away if I needed to, and pick up work when it was convenient. These are my favorite flexible side hustles for beginners!

User Testing. Evaluate websites and get paid $10 per test! It's a little awkward at first because you talk out loud to your computer about the website and the program records your voice. They also offer app evaluations that you do from your phone. The great thing about this is you get paid 7 days after you complete the test to a PayPal account! I make $100 - $150 per month with User Testing.

Leapforce. This is a search engine evaluation job. Basically you help search engines like Google fix any problems on their search engine. There are other search engine evaluation sites you can work for, but I have worked for Leapforce for over a year. It has been the best side hustle for me! I can't disclose how much I make because of a non disclosure agreement, but I make enough to pay for preschool for my 2 little boys! You can work as much or as little as you want to up to 40 hours per week. This is an independent contractor position so you do not receive benefits.

Virtual Assistant. Bloggers and businesses are in need of virtual assistants to keep up with the demand of fresh content and social media. You can earn $10 - $15 per hour to work as a virtual assistant. My recommendation is to choose one area and get really good at it. Think Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, content writing, email marketing, etc. You can find work by emailing your favorite blogs or businesses to see if they are hiring or join Facebook groups for Virtual Assistants. The Facebook groups are a great place to find jobs and tips on getting your business started!

Ashleigh, Smart Cents Mom

Smart Cents Mom

Start a Blog. It takes awhile to ramp up, but it's the perfect job to do on the side and can grow beyond the $500 into a sustainable business. I have a new course out, Beginner Blog Accelerator that shows the exact steps to set up a blog in 60 days or less.

Sell Digital Products. Have an area of expertise? We all do! Creating a digital e-book, template or course on the subject is a great way to share knowledge while generating extra side cash.

Become a Virtual Assistant. Again all digital, part time work than can be done from the comfort of home.

Lauren, Financial Best Life

Financial Best Life

Creating products for Etsy, answering surveys, and starting a blog are three side hustles that can be completed on any schedule and with whatever time is available.

Etsy is a fantastic outlet for any creative person who wants to get their product out.

Filling out surveys is a great way to make an income in passing, on break, or just using the bathroom even!

And creating your own blog gives you an outlet to speak your voice and help other moms, while getting an income.

Alexis, FITnancials


There are so many ways to make money on the side these days, so why not try out a few to supplement your maternity leave right? Choosing the right side hustle is really up to what your skill set is but here are a few suggestions that can help you make a few extra hundred dollars on your off time.

Flip things via buy/sell. I know several people personally who make some good cash by buying things like cell phone cases or cables from wholesale sights, then selling them at a higher price point on buy/sell sites like Craigslist, Kijiji or Facebook groups.

Become a virtual assistant. There are so many small businesses in need of virtual assistants for small or easy tasks. Promote your services in a business/marketing centered Facebook group or list yourself on a site like Upwork to find some paying clients.

Sell your stuff on Etsy. Are you really good at knitting, sewing or crafting? Maybe you've got an eye for vintage jewelry? Make yourself an Etsy store to earn some extra income.

Jessica, JessicaMoorhouse.com


Before my children were in school, I did a lot of freelance writing to make some money on the side. One of my favorite sites for this was Textbroker. They accept people new to the industry, pay weekly, and there is always work available. It was not hard at all for me to make a few hundred dollars per month on this site just doing it on the side.

In addition to Textbroker, I'd also recommend User Testing, which is a company that pays you $10 for spending about 20 minutes giving your thoughts on various websites. There are not always tests to do, but you can make a good bit of extra money if you're signed up and fast about grabbing tests as they become available. It's perfect as a "side hustle."

And finally, Fancy Hands is another good option. They hire work at home virtual assistants to complete short tasks for their clients. Again, this is very flexible because you can log on and off and work when you want. You also do not have to have past experience as a virtual assistant to get started here. It is just extra money, but some assistants are able to earn around $500 monthly or more doing tasks.

Anna, Real Ways to Earn Online

Real Ways to Earn Online

One of the things I tell moms interested in making extra cash on the side is to offer a service. It’s been the best way I have earned money quickly. Within two months I was making over $1k.

I offer freelance writing services, but you can be a virtual assistant (VA) or if you have some graphic design skills, you can design social media banners or Pin graphics for your clients.

Another side hustle you can try as a new mom blogger is affiliate marketing. If you use products or services and if they offer an affiliate program, you can sign up and start promoting them on your blog. When someone clicks on your special link associated with that product, you earn a commission, or percentage of that sale. I recently revamped my affiliate marketing strategy and in my first month my blog generated $200. My second month my blog generated almost 10 times that!

A final side hustle you can try out is product creation. If you have expert knowledge or skills in a field and if you have built a small following or have an email list of loyal subscribers, you can create a course or open up an Etsy shop! Some mom bloggers sell stock photography, while others create digital courses or books. I have one course, but am working on another course and am collaborating with someone else for another course. This has been a great way to generate passive income (well not entirely passive!) and supplement my income!

Elna, Twins Mommy

Twins Mommy

Blogging! I recommend blogging to everyone, because it is so flexible, and I believe that you get out of it what you put in. If you work hard on your blog and are passionate about your chosen subject, you can make money in the first month - although it will probably take a few more months of hard work to reach $500, it is easier than you think.

Re-selling. This is a side hustle that is exploding this year, and with good reason. What re-selling means is buying an item for a low fee, and then flipping for more money on sites like eBay or Amazon. There are people making thousands each month from this side hustle, and it is a lot of fun. The more money that you start with in your pot, the quicker you can reach high profits, but you can build this up gradually even if you start with a small amount of money (this is what I did!)

Dog boarding. This is another side hustle that I do, that I wish I had started sooner. I had thought about starting up a dog walking business, but I had no idea where to start. I found a site which brings the clients to you, and it has been amazing for me. I work from home, so it's easy for me - but I get a lot of weekend work too because there are lots of people who go away for the weekend and only want their dog looking after for a couple of days. The best thing about this side hustle is that there are zero start up costs - the owners bring everything for their pet (food etc) to you.

Francesca, From Pennies to Pounds

From Pennies to Pounds

If a new mom wanted to make an extra $500 a month from experience start by creating a blog but since a blog takes a bit time to make money start babysitting and selling your stuff.

Babysitting is a great way to make extra money to get close to or more make good money, and you can offer your services online and even use your local social media sale, groups.

Selling items online is a great way to make $500 bucks, and you can also offer to sell items for others for commission. An example will be selling items for your friends and family members that are too busy to do this and need money.

While you're babysitting and/or selling items, start doing surveys online on your spare time and using money-earning apps to earn small cash on the side as well.

By the time you realize it, you have earned $500 or more!

Joyce, My Stay at Home Adventures

My Stay at Home Adventures

If you're looking for a reasonable way to bring in a little more from home, look no further than the Internet. As a new Mom it's probably fair to assume you don't always have a lot of free time...so you need something that you can pick up and put down at a moments notice, or something you can work on for a few hours while the kids are down for a nap.

Fortunately there are some side gigs out there, if you're willing to put in the time, that don't require a ton of specialized training to get started. Some odd jobs you can look into are:

Be a transcriptionist (or proofreader): There are a handful of websites out there that will actually pay you to transcribe audio clips. From school lectures to movies that need closed caption (and everything in between), there is a demand for typists that are able to accurately transcribe audio. If this sounds like something you could do during your down time, you may want to look into it.

Consider becoming a social media manager: If your rates are reasonable, and your willing to accept a few clients early on (possibly at a reduced rate in order to build rapport/testimonials), there a number of small businesses that dont have the time or resources available to actively manage their social media pages as actively as they should or need to. You can charge per hour and/or come up with hourly packages - this allows you to work/schedule social media posts on your own time for businesses from the convenience of your home. Professional social media managers can make a living off their clients but even a few hundred dollars a month managing 1 or 2 business from home can be a huge boost to your monthly income.

Become a photographer. The initial startup cost may be a little higher than the previously mentioned items but the ceiling is much higher. If you can afford a decent camera (something like a Digital SLR), like some of you may already have, you can make good money as an independent contractor. From birthday parties and graduation photos to engagement and wedding photos there are so many opportunities to get your foot in the door. There are SO many resources to get started and you can become relatively proficient in a short amount of time. Even a single event ONE time per month can cover the costs of a single or even all of your utilities. Getting new clients can be competitive but just getting your work out there (an online portfolio and reasonable rates go a long way) is a great way to book that once monthly graduation shoot.

Ben, VTX Capital

VTX Capital

For a new mom it's all about getting the most you can of your time. Sure you can do side hustles like doing surveys, task jobs, or part time work, but none of those can help you earn a high amount per hour. Instead choose something that helps you earn more than $3, $5, or $10 per hour.

Three high earning side hustles I recommend are blogging, starting an online retail store, or a freelance service business.

Blogging is super flexible. You can pick a subject you love and work it a few hours a week.

A retail store can be either a product you buy to resale or a product you make yourself. You can keep it small scale, working a few hours a week.

And a freelance service can let you use your work experience and skills while serving clients in areas like writing, transcription, or virtual assisting.

All three of these ideas have the ability to scale it to fit a new mom's schedule but can eventually be expanded as children get older. Plus they can pay you as much as a full-time income for part time work depending on your clients or what service or product you sell.

Katharine, Work at Home Maven

Work at Home Maven

For a new mom who would love to contribute to the family finances I highly recommend starting a blog. It's flexible, super cheap to start, allows you to have a creative outlet and can grow into thousands per month. It's not overnight success, but after putting in the work many moms start seeing an income of a few hundred dollars after a few months, and then growing to $1-2K per month after a year.

As moms we all have great advice to share, either on fitness, healthy living, budgeting, technology, parenting, travel, crafts, homeschooling etc. Blogging has been a life saver for me as a mom with two little ones under 3 years old. It allows me to stay connected with other adults and has grown to a successful $10,000 per month.

Other side hustles I would recommend to moms are direct sales, creating courses on Udemy, or selling stock images.

But in all three of those ventures blogging can accelerate your success.

Suzi, Start a Mom Blog

Start a Mom Blog

If a new mom wanted to make an extra $500 a month, my first piece of advice would be to think about the things you enjoy doing and see if there are opportunities to make money there. I wrote a 10 Part Money Making Series with a lot of different tips & one of the most popular posts was making extra money from your side hustle. If a side hustle isn't your thing, here are some more ideas to get you started:

Sell things you already own: This is often overlooked but most people just have too much stuff! I recently moved and was amazed at all the stuff I kept over the years. I immediately started putting the things I no longer wanted or needed in a pile and was able to quickly unload most of it on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist making a few hundred dollars pretty quickly. Start by going through each room in your home and take your time going through everything. If you no longer use it or wouldn't pay someone to move it, sell it or donate it! This would be one of the first things I would recommend someone start with to make extra money quickly.

Become a search engine evaluator. I haven't done this personally but I know other bloggers who earn around $500 monthly by working as a search engine evaluator. If you not familiar with what this is, Leapforce is one company to get involved with and they describe it as: “Search Engine Evaluators conduct research, evaluation and feedback on search engine results by, but not limited to, measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to predefined queries, by providing comparative analysis of sets of search engine results and various other techniques.” The great thing about this is it's flexible and can be done from home.

Become a driver for Uber or Lyft. I just moved to Nashville and both Uber and Lyft are really big in this city. I use this service a lot because parking can be difficult & it's so much easier when I get picked up. Nearly every driver I've ever talked to said they loved driving because their schedule is so flexible!

Bonus tip. Rent out your space (if you have it) to earn extra money. When I relocated to Nashville, housing was very difficult to find and very expensive. I was able to find a place through Airbnb at a great rate in a wonderful neighborhood. I have even known people in this area that have renovated their garage or extra space into smaller apartments so they could rent it out. Renting out your extra space isn't for everyone, but if it works for you it can be a great way to make extra money with very little effort on your part!

Jenny, The Jenny Pincher

The Jenny Pincher

If a new mom wanted to make an extra $500 per month, the three side hustles I would suggest are taking surveys online, testing websites online and participating in focus groups.

Surveys. Taking surveys online has been the quickest way for me to make extra money. I make an extra $100-300 a month taking surveys online and it doesn't take a ton of time to finish them. Another plus is that you can do them on the GO!

Website Testing. Testing Websites online is another quick way to make extra money per month. Test assignments vary, but a person could make an extra $100 or more per month completing the different tests, which normally pays via PayPal.

Focus Groups. Right before I had my first child in September I participated in a focus group for pregnant mommies and was asked to give my opinion about breast milk for babies. After completion of the study, I was rewarded $200 for my time. I normally like to do about 1 to 2 Focus groups a month

Latasha, Arts & Budgets

Arts & Budgets

Instead of giving mom's 3 ideas to pursue, I think they'd benefit from choosing one of three that best fits their needs.

Virtual Assistant - for the moms who can only work an hour or two at a time, working on quick tasks. You can build your own VA services on your website and work with clients you pick, or you can sign up for a site like Upwork and let clients find you. This can be a good option, but you need to be working 5-10 hours a week to make a decent amount of money, and you'll be trading dollars for hours.

Start an online shop - for the moms who want to create. Whether you're going to sell hand-knit blankets or ebooks and other digital products, starting a shop on Etsy can be a great way to start with an already-built audience. If you go this route, I highly suggest investing in an Etsy e-course or book - Etsy is highly saturated and it can be tough to get noticed.

Monetize a blog - this is a great option for anyone who is a bit more techie and enjoys writing. Blogs can be monetized with ads, affiliate links, membership sites, e-courses, resource libraries or even 1-on-1 consultations. This option will take the longest to build up, but it will result in a more long-term solution for mommas who might be working from home for awhile. It's also a great way to build a platform for #1 or #2. The good thing is, there are about 10 million resources to help you get started with your own site, and it's not as tough as you might think.

Nora, NoraConrad.com


Working as a virtual assistant. I believe this is one of the best side hustles for moms especially for new moms. There's no need to go out to make money. There's no need for them to drive and go to work to earn extra money. All that they need to do is get in front of the computer and/or their cell phones and start working as a virtual assistant.

Being a virtual assistant can be demanding though, but you there are a lot of entities or people who want to hire virtual assistants and allow these assistants to work on their desired schedule. Companies and other people know that these moms are busy and many of them will work around these moms' schedule so both parties are benefited.

Babysitting. It's like hitting two birds using one stone. Moms could make money by babysitting other kids while also taking care of kids of their own. Caring for another kid or two may not be a bad idea. The positive aspect of taking care of two kids is that these kids, if they are on playing age, can play together, improve their communication and interaction skills, among others.

Child care is so expensive and stay-home moms can make at least $500 per kid. Sometimes, it can eat up a major portion of a family's net pay. So, how do you start babysitting other kids? One way is that you can approach your friends who are parents if they want their kids babysat by you. If you are close to them and know how much you care about kids and the effort you show, they might or will allow you to babysit their kids.

Using their skills and knowledge. Just because stay-at-home moms stay home doesn't mean that they don't have the skills and knowledge to work. There at part-time jobs out there that don't require people to stay outdoor or in an office setting to work. If the mom is skilled at accounting, she may advertise and get some clients for bookkeeping. If she is skilled at making jewelries, she can make jewelries and have a party to sell her products.

We now live in a world where everything is accessible and can be accomplished without leaving the house. I believe that stay-home moms with the right skills and knowledge can and should use them to bring in extra money.

Allan, The Practical Saver

The Practical Saver

As a new mom, the main focus is taking care of the baby. The last thing she should worry about is a work schedule. But if she wants to make money from home I would recommend she be her own boss.

If she's crafty, she can sell her crafts on Etsy or WooCommerce. She can sell just about anything. From custom mugs and shirts, to printables.

If she can write and has a passion for a particular niche-like being a new mom-she can become a freelance writer and find jobs on sites like Remote.com.

She can also become a Social Media Manager. There are a lot of bloggers who need help completing tasks-there would be no problem finding clients.

If she has a special skill, she can also find work on sites like Fiverr.

She can also start her own direct sales business.

I cannot guarantee she will make $500 a month or more. That will depend on the effort she puts in to the hustle. But the opportunity to make a decent living from home is there.

Cori, Not Now Mom's Busy

Not Now Mom's Busy

With a goal of $500 per month in mind, three side hustles that can easily get a new mama to that goal include:

Usability testing. This is a popular one! Usability testers are paid between $8-$15 (usually $10) for each test they complete. On average, tests take just 10 minutes to complete. All you do is visit a website or use an app, speak your thoughts out loud while navigating it, answer some short questions at the end and – voila – you’re now $10 richer. And the best part is, usability tests come in at any time, so you can work whether you’re up after a 2:00 a.m. feeding or are taking some time after little ones go to bed. And since there are about a dozen companies that will pay you for usability tests, I’d say it’s realistic to earn $150-$200 per month as a usability tester.

Next up, I’d recommend Fiverr. This popular freelance marketplace makes it so, so simple to put just about any service up for sale – and you certainly don’t need to be an expert or have experience to get started! The key to Fiverr success is finding a service you can complete in about five minutes. For example, I had really good luck selling “mockup services” on Fiverr. All I did was simply put someone’s logo, a website screenshot, or another picture onto a “mock” book cover, computer screen, billboard, etc., using Photoshop. It took me all of a few minutes to do, and I could sell ten or more of these simple gigs a day. It would take just an hour to get all the orders done and, at the end of the day, I’d be $40 to $50 richer for work I enjoyed doing.

What’s great about Fiverr too is you don’t have to waste time pitching services to clients. Instead, you set up shop and clients come to you! Remember, you can sell just about anything on Fiverr – so get creative! Check out the Bizarre, Weird, and Fun Categories for some out-of-the-box freelance inspiration. You could easily make $500 a month on Fiverr working just a few hours each work. When just starting out, use a supplement side hustle, like usability testing, to reach that $500/month goal!

Last but not least, I’d suggest applying for several of the many flexible independent contractor gigs out there. For example, you could work as a search engine evaluator and make up to $15/hour evaluating the relevancy of Google search results or ads displayed on websites. These companies aren’t always hiring, that’s why I think it’s best to apply to as many of them as you can – that way you can have a lot of options in case you don’t hear back from some of them. It’s always best to politely decline an offer to contract than to be scrambling to find new work! Aside from search engine evaluation, other super-flexible, work-when-you-want contract jobs include Fancy Hands (virtual assistant), Wonder (researcher), and Rev (transcription).

Ashlee, Work From Home Happiness

Work From Home Happiness

My top 3 side hustles for moms are Swagbucks, BestMark, and blogging.

Swagbucks is great because it lets you do mindless tasks on a computer and you get paid for them. I really like to watch the videos and get paid that way. It's nice for a new mom with a nursing baby because it's a great way to connect with the world again after having a baby.

Bestmark is another easy one. I do internet inquiry surveys that are just my analysis of a company's website and how their employees handle emails. Each one of those surveys (or secret shops) is $3-5. I still do these tests and make $30/week in less than 15 minutes total.

My biggest recommendation, but slowest way to make money, is blogging. I started my blog right after my third son was born and I was so sick of not having adult interaction. So I started my blog, and sure enough, it's turned into my full-time income. It won't make you money quickly, but it's a great way to be able to help others while helping yourself (both financially and mentally, because talking to other adults is a luxury as a mom). Here's how to start a profitable blog the right way.

Caroline, Cow Country Housewife

Cow Country Housewife

The three side hustles I think a new mom could take on to make an extra $500 per month are:

1) Create your own e-book or e-course based on what you already know and sell it to a niche audience (I run a full course on how to come up with your big idea).

2) Start a niche website and become an Amazon affiliate to share products that you have personally used and can recommend to a targeted group of people.

3) Find affiliate products (outside of Amazon) to recommend to your niche audience. Tell people the services or tools you already use and love - and profit from spreading the word.

Rachael, The Quiet Sage

The Quiet Sage

If you're a mom who craves social interaction and adult conversations, renting out a room with Airbnb is the fastest way to earn extra cash. You can charge $50-$100 per night, depending on the amenities you offer or where you're located.

I also recommend freelance writing. You can get anywhere from $100-$200 per article, but you can't be afraid to pitch all sorts of magazines and online publications.

And lastly, if you're extremely dedicated, starting a blog can eventually lead to a full-time income. It also gives you an opportunity to become a brand influencer and work with some amazing companies!

Kalyn, Creative Savings

Creative Savings

1. Sell your stuff. This is one of my all-time favorites because it combines getting rid of stuff you don't need with making money! I've used Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon successfully to rid my home of all kinds of things I no longer need- and in the process, have made some nice extra cash from it! I keep a box near my desk with things I've picked up around the house that I think I can sell, and then once a week or so I try to go through and list the items that I've found.

Pro tip: you can even sell your broken stuff on Ebay! I've sold broken cameras, ipods, phones, etc. on Ebay. As long as you disclose in the listing exactly what is wrong with it and the fact that you are selling the item as-is, you're good. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who buy broken electronics and other items online. Depending on what I'm selling I can usually pick up an extra $100-200 per month this way

2. Start a small business online. I've done this is various forms over the years. I once bought a lot of used books on Ebay and sold them individually on Amazon for a nice profit- although I did get stuck with quite a few books that never sold. I also used to buy lots of Mary Kay items from MK sellers who were going out of business. I'd buy large lots of items on Ebay and then sell all the items individually on Ebay once I received them. I also used some MK items myself, so this was a great way to buy my own products for cheap. I had to be careful to buy good quality products though, and verify expiration dates, etc. with the sellers before buying.

At the peak of my book selling and MK selling days, I was making at least $250-$350 per month. I have also had a guest post on my site from a gal who started her own cleaning business on Craigslist with great results!

3. These days there are a million ways to make money online! Many people can make great money blogging but it can take a long time to get to the money-making stage. Taking surveys, proofreading, or picking up digital freelance gigs depending on your talent/skillset are other ways to make money online.

I've known people who sold their own photos, made their own coffee beans to sell, or even bought and sold concert and other event tickets online for a profit (I've done that one too). I also use Swagbucks as my default search engine and cash in my Swagbucks for Paypal dollars.

Honestly, with online income opportunities, I think the sky is the limit. I've known people who are raking in FAR more than $500 per month from their online endeavors.

Dee, Color Me Frugal

Color Me Frugal

The three side hustles I would recommend would be:

Start a freelance writing business. This is where I got my start and if you like to write and have an excellent command of the English language, there's plenty of work to be had!

Launch a virtual assistant side hustle. I added VA services just a few months after launching my freelance writing business and ended up just re-purposing skills I already had (email management being the most lucrative). Odds are you already have tons of skills at your disposal and if you're proactive, organize and excited about learning new things, becoming a VA might be a great fit for you too!

Become a Pinterest VA or Manager. Love Pinterest? Awesome, bloggers and business owners alike are looking for people JUST LIKE YOU to help them build a Pinterest presence. And we've found it's not too hard to command $25-50/hr either!

Gina, Horkey HandBook

Horkey HandBook

I love side hustles! If you're serious about making some extra money, there are plenty of ways that moms can make an extra $500 (or more!)

My favorite (and the way that I make a full-time income from home) is through blogging. While blogging definitely isn't a "get rich quick" thing (but really, what is?) there's definitely the potential to make an extra $500 a month through your blog - affiliate marketing, ad networks and sponsored posts are just a few options.

Using cash back apps and websites like Ibotta and Ebates is another great way to make some extra money. Ibotta is great because it's an incredibly easy way to make extra money for doing something we all do anyway - buy groceries. Not only can you get cash rebates on things like fresh produce, bread, cereal, etc., you can also earn referral credits when friends and family join through your link.

If you're into health and fitness, becoming a fitness instructor can be a good way to make some extra cash. There are plenty of online courses for personal trainers and fitness instructors and most gyms have childcare centers which you can utilize while you're teaching your class. You could also start your own outdoor fitness classes for moms, leading them through a fun workout at a local park or walking trail. This can be a great way to get your exercise in and get paid at the same time!

Ashli, The Million Dollar Mama

The Million Dollar Mama

Creating and selling your own products: Since launching my blog a little less than a year ago, I have realized that creating and selling my own products is the biggest source of "side-hustle" income for me. Not only is the most rewarding way to make an income, but it also allows me to produce products I feel will really help people. Since launching my first product back in February, I have made almost $10,000 from product sells alone. The best thing about creating your own products is that most tools and resources at your disposal are free. For my first product (The 2017 Live Rich Planner) was created using only free resources such as Canva.com and Microsoft Word.

Another side hustle worth mentioning is selling items you no longer use around your home. In the beginning of the year, I went into deep clean mode around my house. I found a ton of clothes and unused kitchen appliances that I was able to sell on Ebay and Craigslist. Though this was not my biggest generator of side income, it did allow me to put some extra money into savings and my son's college fund.

Of course, I can not finish this list without mentioning my blog, The Budget Mom. Creating my own website, and really having a passion for helping other people, has allowed me to earn money in ways I never thought possible. It has also allowed me to turn my passion into a successful business, something I never thought possible.

Miko, The Budget Mom

The Budget Mom

As a new mom, you're going to have many sleepless nights with your new little one. Finding the time and the energy to side hustle your way to an extra $500 per month isn't going to be easy, but it's definitely possible!

Here are 3 side hustles I would try to make $500 per month as a new mom.

Sell Crafts on Etsy. Have an arts and crafts hobby? Start earning money from it! Use Etsy to sell your own handmade stuff.

Lose Your Baby Weight and Get Paid. What better way to lose weight than to avoid losing a bet? Sites like HealthyWage.com allow you to place a wager and make extra money when you successfully lose weight.

Drive for Uber. If dad is home for a few hours with the baby, driving for Uber is a great way to make some quick cash. As long as you have a 4 door vehicle later than 2005 (and a relatively clean record!), you can really add a lot to your monthly income.

Jeff, Breaking the One Percent

Breaking the One Percent

I would focus on side hustles that fit into a mom's schedule since side hustling is so flexible.

Panel studies are a great way to make money! They can be completed online from home and can earn anywhere from $50-$300 per study. Panel studies are typically flexible, taking about an hour per day and can be done at a time that's convenient for a new mom!

Mystery shopping, specifically telephone mystery shops, are also a great way to make money from home. Many of these types of shops take around 10-15 minutes to complete and average $10 per shop. These shops are typically flexible with the date and time and are quick to complete.

Finally, I would focus on using different cell phone apps to earn cash back. For example, there are survey apps that will ask you to take photos in places like the grocery store and upload them through your phone. The pay typically ranges from $7-$12 per survey and takes 5-10 minutes. This is a great side hustle because these it be done when a mom is at the grocery store or running errands, so it fits into her schedule!

Kristin, Believe in a Budget

Believe in a Budget

This question is right up my ally because I got laid off when I was seven months pregnant with my first child. So I HAD to figure out how to make side money with a newborn.

My number one recommendation is to start selling gently used items on Ebay. This is a quick and easy way to start a side business without a lot of knowledge or upfront costs. First, go through your house and sell anything that you aren't using but that still has value. Next, go to thrift stores and pick up high quality items and turn around and sell them on Ebay for a profit. Good children's clothes from Gymboree, Janie & Jack and other higher-end lines do really well on Ebay. Just make sure they are clean with no holes or stains. This is a perfect side hustle for moms because you can take your kids with you when shopping for items to sell.

Another great way to make and extra $500 a month is to offer virtual assistant (VA) services. Bloggers and online business owners are always looking for help with their business. If you know your way around social media, bookkeeping, html or other helpful skills, pitch your services to online businesses and bloggers. You can easily charge $25 an hour or more for your VA services. Since this job is virtual, you can work whenever and wherever you want.

A third way to make extra money each month is by starting your own blog. This is great for new moms because the "mommy blog" niche is ripe with readers who want to read about your perspective and experience with motherhood. Plus it gives you a great creative outlet and it's a wonderful way to connect with other moms. Also, you don't have to stick to the mommy blog niche. You can blog about anything you'd like! It doesn't cost a lot to start and maintain a blog. Blogging is the perfect side hustle for moms because you can work while your kiddo is napping.

Elizabeth, Crazy Busy Happy Life

Crazy Busy Happy Life

First and foremost, I'd recommend she start a blog. Although you probably won't make $500 in the first month, the blog acts a launching pad for other side hustles and gives you exposer to a loyal audience.

Second, and this one is sometimes overlooked for it's negative connotation, but make direct sales one of your side hustles! Multi-level marketing companies have found new life among online influencers and bloggers are reaping the benefits financially. Pick a product you already use and love, like makeup or essential oils, and find another blogger who promotes that product on her blog. Reach out to her because more than likely she's part of a larger group of online influencers who already have tools and templates setup for you to help you succeed because they want to help grow their downline. This entire system makes it very easy to make a few hundred bucks a month, at least.

Third, look into freelance writing. If previous teachers, friends and family have told you that you have a knack for writing, monetize that! In today's modern, tech obsessed world, writing is becoming a lost art so if you have those skills you can surely find extra income online by researching the many web resources for freelance writing, even for beginners.

Lisa, The Drifting Desk

The Drifting Desk

I would not recommend that a new mom take on three side hustles at once because ONE is certainly enough with that sweet baby of theirs in tow! But if the mom wanted to earn some extra money for herself and wanted to have side project of her own I would recommend she take on projects that fit her natural skills and desires.

Virtual Assistance. There is so much room and need here in today's economy. You can work from home or while the wee-one naps. You have to manage your time against your clients but the income is real and the responsibility is your choosing.

Hobby-Related Expertise. I am a business person and whenever I run into friends who are great at something or I see their eyes light up when they talk about "their thing" be it style, design, cooking, baking, planning, working out, crafting - I immediately see their joy and I see dollar signs! Many many many are taking their gifts at home and offering them to their community or online. Certainly, take your favorite activities at home and monetize it!

Community Events. Being a new mom is hard. Hard hard hard. Thing is you are not alone. I was a part of a mom's club when my girls were little and it saved my sanity. The community, the friendships and inside-sharing gave break to the long days. All moms need this community - so why not create a purpose driven event and bring other moms together. Cooking clubs, clothing exchanges, toy exchanges, even regular playdates. Charge a nominal fee and bring in speaker, nutritionists and parent yogis - oh my!

There are opportunities all over to bring in additional money. There is a lot of conversation about creating the next big blog but I don't think that is necessary. You can create a traditional business that fits you, your life and your skill set!

Ashleigh, AshleighBlatt.com


Starting out, I'd take low-hanging fruit or anything I could do from home.

In the past, I've done everything from selling things on Craigslist, to virtual assisting, sales and database consulting.

At the moment, I am extremely busy, so blogging and freelance writing have been a sweet spot.

I'm all about staying at home to work, so side hustles like writing, blogging and VA'ing are good for moms who are strapped for time.

Aja, Principles of Increase

Principles of Increase

My top three picks for a new mom who is looking to make $500 per month side hustling would be: start a blog, freelance write, or open an Etsy shop.

My first choice is to start a blog. Blogging opens up a whole new world of opportunities to monetize and make money. You can monetize through ads, sponsored blog posts, affiliate links, and even social media.

My second favorite choice would be to freelance write. It's fairly easy to find writing gigs on the internet nowadays. I would start with signing up for HARO and creating relationships with other journalists.

Last but not least, open an Etsy shop. Etsy is a great place to start with side hustling. Whether you are crafty or not, there is a wide range of products and services that other moms offer on the Etsy platform. Plus, the cost to start is a lot less than start building your own shop from the ground up!

Monica, Redefining Mom

Redefining Mom

My top 3 side hustles for new moms are blogging, virtual assistant work, or selling items on Amazon. These ideas can be a great way to make an extra $500+ per month.

Blogging: There are lots of different ways to make an income from blogging, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts or selling your own products. Plus, it's super affordable to get started. I recommend signing up for my free course on how to start and launch a successful blog here.

Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant provides services to organizations, companies or individuals. Instead of working at an office, they work online at home, and it's a surprisingly effective ways to make money.

Selling items on Amazon: You can find deals at brick and mortar stores and resell them on Amazon for profit. Make a big shopping trip once per week, then package and send items into Amazon as you have time throughout the week. This is through Amazon's FBA program and it can be a great way to make an extra $500+ per month.

Eden, Mint Notion

Mint Notion

My first and easiest side hustle as a new mom was doing user testing - it was easy to during nap time and after bed times and it yielded me $10-15 for a 20 minute test. It required little skill and no equipment beyond my computer.

A more advanced side hustle but also a better payout was becoming a VA. I started offering my VA services as my blog was growing. I could make between $25 to $50 an hour for my skill set - I create printables for bloggers. I increased my prices and started earning $75 an hour and I still had just as many clients as before.

If you have a particular skill set this could really become a full time work from home job. There are also several companies that offer VA work from home! It's really a great side hustle.

The third and final side hustle I would recommend would be digital business owner. I got my start on Etsy and Teacherspayteachers.com before I moved on to blogging. My digital business has evolved to the point where I am not longer even on Etsy or TPT my sole focus is my digital courses and blog. The world really is changing and the internet is ripe with opportunities to build your own online empire.

Holly, At Home With Holly

At Home With Holly

Hi there, I'm Kate! I started Maternity Glow to be a place for new and expecting moms to come to for practical pregnancy advice, parenting tips, and baby care tricks.

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Elna | Twins Mommy - March 6, 2017

Wow! What a highly resourceful list of great ideas. Thank you too, for asking me to contribute to this post. I’m humbled by it all 🙂

My first side hustle was freelance writing and it continues to be a side hustle for me. A service-based business is a great way to help others and make an income! And freelance writing is such a creative outlet and fits a lot of moms’ schedules too!

I like other ideas such as running a fitness class in your community! Or, taking surveys! There are so many ways to make some extra cash on the side that I’m sure any stay at home mom would like to try!

Thanks again for featuring me!

    Maternity Glow - March 7, 2017

    Thanks for being a part of it, Elna!

Cori Ramos - March 7, 2017

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this awesome round-up. There are some familiar faces here and some new ones I will be visiting soon.

Passing all this great advice along. Have a great rest of the week!


    Maternity Glow - March 7, 2017

    Thanks so much, Cori!

Lisa Jordie - March 19, 2017

Hi Kate!

This is such an incredible, juicy post full of such good info. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. Thanks again for sharing my thoughts!



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