13 Ways You Can Use a Boppy Pillow

13 Ways You Can Use a Boppy Pillow

When I was creating my registry, my friend shamed me when she noticed I hadn’t put a Boppy on my list.

I had no plans to nurse, and that’s what I thought the Boppy was primarily for.

But, my friend told me that her Boppy lasted for years because there were so many unique uses for it.

In fact, she was pretty confident it was the most useful baby related item she ever received!

Intrigued I added one to my list.

And, as I look back, I was certainly glad I did!

Read on to learn all about the Boppy pillow and all of its potential uses.

Wait, What’s a Boppy?

Oh, right. Maybe it would be helpful if I explained a Boppy’s characteristics and initial purpose.

First, here’s a Boppy:

It’s a C-shaped pillow that usually comes with a removable, decorative cover.

The pillow is firm but comfortable, and reminds me of a Memory Foam product because it conforms to you.

It’s medium in size and it is generally hypoallergenic as well.

Moms use it mainly to help them get the best angle for their baby while breastfeeding.

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It takes some stress off the arms and shoulders, and allows for perfect placement so your baby is comfortable while they feed, but also able to latch with ease.

It’s designed in a C shape in order to snuggle around a mom’s belly. It’s basically a soft wall!

Boppies really help with posture and ease any kind of pain associated with c-sections, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery.

Now that you know more about a Boppy, here are some other ways you can use it!

1. Use it as a Pregnancy Pillow

Taking a nap on the couch?

Need more support while you hit the sack at night?

A Boppy is perfect for you to cuddle up on.

Because it’s middle section is left open, it’s perfect to accommodate a baby bump and take all that strain off your lower back and hips.

If you’re suffering from sciatic pain, definitely bust the Boppy out of its package from your shower—no need to wait until baby makes its debut.

2. Use it for Baby Placement

A Boppy works great as a baby placement pillow.

While you should never use it in your baby’s crib while they are alone, it does make a wonderful support object while you’re bonding with your baby on the couch or floor.

I know many moms that bottle fed their baby this way, and lots of parents who use the Boppy to keep their baby propped up because they suffered from acid reflux.

Your baby can also lay on their belly and it can be used to prop their upper half up during tummy time so they have a better view of their surroundings, and to switch it up instead of being on their back constantly.

3. Use it as a Labor & Delivery Pillow

This is probably a given, but I was totally uncomfortable during my labor and delivery.

While the beds tried to prop me up, the pillows were just not cutting it.

One of my friends suggested I bring my Boppy to help me through the hours.

The pillow was perfect for me to spoon with and fight through contractions, elevate my legs when I started to notice they were getting swollen with fluid, and take pain off my back due to my baby’s placement.

Some of my friends who had C-sections even wished they had more support once they came out of the operating room.

Their stomachs were already in pain and the thought of picking their heads or necks up and supporting them through the use of their core was just a frightening thought.

A Boppy would be a great item to slip around your neck and head to ensure that the only thing you worry about is enjoying the time you have meeting your baby!

4. Use it to Support Your Baby Sitting

I’ve also seen a Boppy be used to support a sitter.

What I mean by this is that your baby is strong enough to support their own neck, but still needs some support in regard to their posture and core strength.

So, babies are sat and slid back into the empty C portion of the pillow.

They can enjoy a show, play with teethers, and simply participate with siblings and other family members in various activities.

5. Use it to Aid Congestion

If your baby is suffering from a cold and they just can’t get comfortable, you can consider co-sleeping with a Boppy in your bed.

Your baby’s head and neck will remain elevated so they’ll be able to breathe better and have less drip back.

Even if you don’t want to bring your baby into bed with you, you can keep them elevated in a common space and run a cool mist humidifier to help them until their cold has run its course.

6. Use it After a Bath

If you’re bathing your baby solo, you’re going to need some assistance.

And, putting your baby on a bed or couch without supports is never safe.

So, simply drape a towel over top of the Boppy and place your baby on top of it in their bathrobe while you grab their diaper, supplies, pajamas, etc.

The pillow will keep them put, and warm and comfortable.

7. Use it to Hold Your Gadgets

Your Boppy can extend into toddlerhood.

When your little one starts to show interest in using a laptop or tablet, a Boppy is a great way to prop up these items so they stay in place, are easy to manipulate, and can remain in clear view.

8. Use it as an Evelvation Helper

Once your toddler takes off with walking, they’ll be running in no time and are sure to bump into things, trip, fall, or even stub their toe.

If your little one endures a foot, ankle, or leg injury you can use your Boppy to elevate their lower half and help with the healing process!

9. Use it as a Neck Pillow


Why not switch up your Boppy’s cover to something neutral so any member of your family (including your child) can use it as a neck pillow or side support when taking a flight or enduring a long road trip in the car.

Boppies are even great at keeping items in one place while traveling, like water bottle, sippy cups, and snack bowls.

10. Use it with Your Pets

I don’t necessarily recommend having your pets and child share the Boppy when they are so small.

But, once your little one has grown up and moved into the preschool age range, there’s no reason why your pets can’t get in on the comfort and action!

Simply drape a blanket around the pillow and allow your animals to cozy on in!

They can use it on your couch, your bed, or even in your car if traveling with you. It is also small enough to fit in most standard sized crates!

11. Use it as Knee Support

Boppies are great to use to support knees.

If you’re tired of dealing with aches and pains associated with giving your baby a bath, slide a Boppy underneath you to ease your discomfort.

It’s wise to have a few different covers on hand, so they can be used for multiple purposes.

When my son was completely grown and able to bathe himself, I have even take the Boppy outside and used it while I was weeding the garden!

My knees never felt better.

12. Use it for Hemorrhoid Help

While I was expecting my son, I also found myself using the Boppy pillow to help with my hemorrhoids.

Unfortunately, lots of expecting mommies get plagued with this problem.

Sitting at my desk chair became quite uncomfortable, as did my couch.

So, I slid the Boppy under my bottom and didn’t have to deal with the pain.

13. Use it as an Impromptu Travel Chair

I loved remaining active after my son was born, but I hated lugging all his equipment with me.

So, the Boppy was my go to bottle feeding pillow, travel buddy in the car, and it also helped me keep my son propped up and in place when we’d go on picnics, attend sporting events, and parties with families and friends.

If he needed to nap, I knew it would serve as a safe and supportive place for me to put him!

So, whenever I left the house, my Boppy left with me.

It fits perfectly in the bottom of standard sized strollers, so you don’t have to be burdened with carrying it around or stuffing it in your diaper bag (that is probably overstuffed to begin with).

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Wrapping Up

Who knew that there were so many uses for a Boppy? 

My Boppy was used quite often when my son was small, and we still use it today.

It was well constructed, durable, comfortable, and reliable.

The only mistake I made when I made my registry was not ordering another one!


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