Stay Ultra Comfy With The Best Maternity Leggings (2020 Guide)

Stay Ultra Comfy With The Best Maternity Leggings (2020 Guide)

When you become pregnant, you quickly realize that it gets pretty difficult (pretty quickly) to stay in your regular apparel.

So, one item you certainly need to consider adding to your wardrobe is maternity leggings.

Ultra-versatile, comfortable, and even stylish, every mom-to-be can always count on a great pair to help get her through the day.

And while the perfect pair can be utterly-game changing, some are definitely better than others.

Read on to learn what you should look for before making a purchase, as well as the top 10 that come highly recommended by moms.

Features to Consider

When shopping for a pair of maternity leggings, be sure they have the following characteristics:

Large, stretchy, band. A built in belly band is the main reason you need maternity leggings. This band can help provide support when your belly expands, it can smooth out your silhouette under tees and tops, and it can be folded up or down for your personal comfort level. A built in band eliminates the need for pants with buttons and zippers, and it helps you feel non-confined in your clothing.

Stretchy Material. Much like a stretchy band, the pant material itself should be nice and stretchy. You want to size up when shopping so you can ensure that you will fit in your pants throughout each trimester. The material should not get stretched to oblivion and leave you with a see through fit, so sizing up is always a safe bet to maintain some opaqueness.

Thick. Similar to being stretchy enough, they should also be rather thick. You want something that can withstand friction that occurs from your legs rubbing together as you walk. But, you also want a fabric that is thick enough to provide smoothing and shaping qualities to your form. The thinner the fabric, the more likely little lumps, bumps, and other imperfections are able to be visible (especially if you’re not wearing a long shirt with them).

Great Stitching. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, stretching, and bending. You want to carefully investigate the stitching of your pants to make sure they are sturdy and can withstand lots of washes and wears.

Tapered Leg. A tapered leg allows you a lot more wearing and pairing options. You can wear them with ballet flats, sneakers, and even tucked in boots. A boot cut flare is flattering, but a tapered leg will allow you to wear them with more different accessories.

Caring For Your Leggings

Once you have some leggings selected, be sure to consider caring for them properly.

In order to maintain their color, elasticity, and seams, wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water.

Place them on a clean, flat surface and allow them to air dry. Avoid hanging them on a clothes line because it may make them sag and alter their shape.

Be sure to rub your hand several times over the wet leggings, ensuring that you eliminated any kind of creasing, especially around the belly band.

Carefully inspect seams around the rear and inner thigh for any signs of wear. The last thing you want is a wardrobe mishap!

However, if you invest in a great pair, that will not likely to occur.

Wearing & Pairing Options

Leggings are an ultra-versatile fashion item.

They can be worn virtually anywhere—from work, to the gym, around the house, or even out and about on social excursions.

To get the most flattering fit, consider wearing them with a tunic. Tunic hemlines hit just above the knee, or even mid-thigh.

This allows for optimal coverage throughout the rear and hips.

You may also want to select a more fitted tunic (since some can be pretty baggy) to gain a more streamlined look and to showcase your growing bump.

If planning on wearing them to work, simply add them underneath your favorite dress or skirt.

They provide a lot of more support and coverage (not to mention comfort) than traditional stockings, which be make you feel squished like a sardine in a can.

Also, because they are quite breathable, you may wish to wear them when participating in light physical activity.

Slip on a pair of supportive sneakers with your favorite pair of leggings and add a loose fitting t-shirt tunic and zip up sweatshirt.

You’ll have a go-to athletic look when taking walks or when enjoying a relaxing round of yoga.

Best Maternity Leggings

#1. Homma Premium Leggings

Homma Premium Leggings (click here to check the price on Amazon) are super soft and stretchy, mainly because of their nylon and spandex blend composition.

They offer a wide waistband that won’t dig into your tummy, and they come in a variety of fun colors to bring life to work wear.

These are one size fits most, so it really takes the guess work out for moms when choosing a size.

#2. Hue Women's Ultra

Hue’s Women's Ultra (click here to check the price on Amazon) have the perfect amount of stretch, so you don’t have to worry about a see-through effect.

Its wide, flat waist band helps create a sleeker, smoother silhouette. Many moms to be prefer to wear them under form fitting dresses because of the band’s seamless fit.

In addition to being very soft, there is no knee sagging, which commonly happens with lots of other brands.

#3. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly

Motherhood’s Secret Fit (click here to check the price on Amazon) are known to smooth you out and give you a sleek silhouette underneath your tunics and tops.

Their secret fit belly panel is seamless and supportive, and they are not overly light, nor overly thick.

Moms-to-be remark their thickness level is just right and their comfort level is supreme!

#4. Franato Seamless

Franato’s Seamless pair (click here to check the price on Amazon) have a built in band that is meant to be worn over your bump, creating a seamless look.

It’s woven to create lots of coverage, and is strong enough to offer lots of support to your growing and changing body.

Because their leg has a slim fit, any shoe can be worn with them.

#5. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Maternity Crop

Motherhood’s cropped version (click here to check the price on Amazon) are awesome for spring and summer months.

And, they can be worn dressed down with sneakers, or dressed up with sandals or other open toed flats.

The spandex make up allows for lots of stretch and movement, and their belly panel can be worn up or down based on your comfort level and top.

#6. Mothers Essentials

Mothers Essentials (click here to check the price on Amazon) will become your essential leggings!

These are thick and sturdy, which is great if you need to wear something that offers a bit more back support.

They are moisture wicking, so you can remain cool and dry, and are even ideal to wear post-pregnancy while waiting to return back into your pre pregnancy clothes.

They also offer different and unique fabric patterns and designs to add some style to any ensemble.

#7. HDE Maternity Yoga Pants

HDE’s Maternity's (click here to check the price on Amazon) are designed in a yoga pant style.

They are soft, mid-weight, and have several color options to choose from when it comes to its belly band. The pants are designed with a durable blend that helps stretch and accommodate a growing bump.

In addition, the pants are breathable, so you can wear them as loungewear, underneath tops for work, or you can complete a relaxing round of yoga in them!

#8. Motherhood Secret Fit Belly Heathered

Smooth, silky, and streamlined, Motherhood is a name you can trust when it comes to maternity wear.

These heathered leggings (click here to check the price on Amazon) boast a secret fit band, so you won’t see creases or crinkles under clothing.

And, it’s heathered tone brightens up your wardrobe, and gives you a different look, rather than a basic black pair.

They are flexible and durable, so you can wear them around the house or out on a brisk walk.

#9. Giftpocket

Giftpocket’s leggings (click here to check the price on Amazon) are pretty and fun to wear.

They boast a bold, floral print and a streamlined leg, and offer an over-the-belly band, and are totally breathable so they can be worn even in warmer weather months.

The pants will stretch with you and maintain their form and seams with ease, ensuring you get a great fit no matter the trimester.

#10. Pinksee Casual Cotton Elastic Motherhood Maternity Leggings

Pinksee’s leggings (click here to check the price on Amazon) are perfect for casual use.

Want to hang around the house? Slide on a pair of these stretchy pants and relax.

While being soft and form fitting, these are also lined with fleece. So, they are appropriate for mommas expecting a baby during cold fall and winter months.

They have both a band and adjustable button to grow with your form.

Wrapping Up

Leggings will become your favorite pregnancy related fashion item.

And, you’ll also have them to wear postpartum, while you’re waiting to get back into your pre-baby clothing.

Not all pairs are the same, and some are far better than others.

Be sure to read up on the features of a great pair, and consider the top ten pairs above since they are a favorite of moms who have been there, and done that!


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