89 Moms Share Their Money-Saving Tips for New Moms

89 Moms Share Their Money-Saving Tips for New Moms

If becoming a mom for the first time doesn't give you enough things to worry about, there's also the added stress of having what is probably the single biggest financial responsibility to ever hit your credit card.

Between the doctors' appointments, an endless supply of diapers, and all the new clothes, having a baby for the first time can become quite an expensive experience. I remember when I first had my daughter, and I couldn't believe how much we were spending!

I thought it would be a good idea to create a money-saving resource guide for new moms, so I reached out to 89 mommy bloggers (and a handful of personal finance bloggers too!) and asked them all the same question:

"What is your top money saving tip for new moms?"

And the responses I received were absolutely overwhelming!

After compiling all of the answers into this one post, I truly think this is the ultimate money-saving guide for new moms anywhere!

Below, you will find an infographic and all of their responses with some really great, practical advice!


Don't buy a ton of newborn clothes. A few sleepers and one special outfit is more than enough. They grow so quickly that they will be out of everything before you know it.

Skip the change table and the gliders. A set of drawers with a changing pad and a comfortable chair will do just fine and is often way less expensive.

Take a look at online consignment places for investment pieces like maternity jeans, jackets, dresses, etc. You can find them for a fraction of the price and they're often in mint condition.

Amy, Pregnant Chicken
Pregnant Chicken
Erin Fit Bottomed Mamas

Don't think you have to buy new! If you have friends or siblings with children older than yours, let them know you'll take their hand-me-down clothes! I've saved so much money that way — and I still get to do PLENTY of shopping for my kids. Plus, when you only use something a handful of times, like rain boots or snow pants, who wants to spend full price?

Also keep an eye on garage sales and Craigslist for deals on items like tricycles, play kitchens and other 'big' items. They're often still in great shape but have just been outgrown.

Erin, Fit Bottomed Mamas
Jennifer The Deliberate Mom

My top money saving tip for new moms is to buy second-hand as much as possible. Children really don't look at brands and have no idea whether something is used or not. About 85% of my children's wardrobe is second-hand! When you consider how fast children grow, this is a huge savings.

Jennifer, The Deliberate Mom

Make some friends! By having friendships with women a little bit ahead of you on the parenting journey, you will not only get great advice but also be in position for beloved hand-me-downs for clothes, gear, and toys. Always say 'Yes please' and be ready to pay it forward.

Heather, Rookie Moms
Heather Rookie Moms

My top money saving tip for new moms is probably more of a sanity saving tip than money saving, although it will save you a ton of money! I encourage new moms to spend a few hours in the kitchen before baby arrives to get 15-20 meals into the freezer, that they can enjoy after baby arrives without having to be overwhelmed with getting dinner on the table.

I also suggest to avoid including foods that might cause trouble for a nursing baby, like onions, broccoli and dairy. Even having some meat and marinade together in a freezer safe plastic baggie or disposable baking tray can be a life saver come the dinner hour. And in doing so, you'll be less tempted to call for takeout or delivery!

Erin, $5 Dinners and FreezEasy
$5 Dinners & FreezEasy
Katie Clarks Condensed

When Jack was born, we were poor college students without a dime to our name. While we got a few obvious things new (such as a car seat), most things we bought second-hand. I think this is one of the best ways to save money as a new mom.

One of our local baby and kid consignment stores has a sale several times a year where most of the clothes are just $1. The clothes are all like new!

I also recommend joining Facebook yard sale groups to find gently used products. Babies grow so fast, and a lot of the products you use don't get used for long.

So when you buy from others, chances are, the product will still be in good condition!

Katie, Clarks Condensed

Invest in essentials as a new parent. It's easy to feel overwhelmed fueling a spending spree, but look at essential product lists online and read blogs for honest reviews before you buy.

We liked neutral clothing too, ideal if you have more than one child and although I have two boys so color wouldn't have mattered, I reused many of Oliver's clothes on Alexander, and now some have even been passed on to my nephew.

I would also recommend buying nappies or other items you need in bulk. Supermarkets tend to have 2 for 1 offers and online stores often have great deals with redeemable voucher codes.

Vicki, Honest Mum
Vicki Honest Mum

I'd say to register for a 529 plan immediately INSTEAD of a huge baby registry. Have your friends contribute to the college fund instead of tons of onesies!

Nicole, Mom Trends
Mom Trends

My top money saving tip for new moms is to focus inward. It's really hard to be frugal as a new mom when you go to your first mom's playgroup and all the kids seem to have better clothes or better toys, but you never know a person's situation intimately. The parents with the bigger house and better toys could have tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

It's far more important to be financially fit than for your kids to have the biggest and best of everything. A financially secure household and parents who are in good financial shape are far better than the hottest toys of the year.

Cat, Budget Blonde
Cat Budget Blonde

Learn to have restraint when it comes to professional photos. Take advantage of coupons and special deals.

You may only be able to choose one post (and it WILL be difficult) but you'll be able to afford more sessions to capture all the milestones (monthly photos or 3,6, 9, 12 months). Since I was able to master this, we splurged on a 12 month photo session with multiple poses.

Holly, Mommies with Cents
Mommies With Cents
Katie Happily Ever Mom

My best tip is to join a local swap group on FB. There, you can find great hand me downs for a fraction of the cost and everything is local so you don't have to drive far to pick them up. I find that Moms in my community almost always post in the swap group before posting things on Craigslist!

Katie, Happily Ever Mom
JJ Belly Itch Blog

Buy generic. A lot of times the factories that make the brand name also make the generic versions.

Skip the fancy wipe warmers, diaper holders (use a cute cheap cardboard cube from Target or Space in a top drawers to hold diapers), and expensive dirty diaper holders that are bad anyway because they recycle evaporated urine from soiled diapers through the air in the nursery).

Open up a savings account for baby expended at a credit union or small bank far away from home and do not get an ATM card for that account. Then have your or your partner's job withhold about $10-$25 per paycheck and auto deposit it into that account each pay period.

Use that money to buy large ticket items you'll need later like a swing, toddler car seat (if you don't have a convertible seat), a stroller travel system and other things you'll need as baby grows.

JJ, Belly Itch Blog

Don't buy a product when you first see it in a shop. Write the name down or take a photo, then go home to do some research using reviews online. If you like the reviews and are still thinking about the product after a few days, then go back and buy it. Impulse buys are one of the easiest ways to lose money!

Chelsea, Moments A Day
Chelsea Moments A Day
Jo Slummy Single Mummy

My money saving tip would be to teach your children the value of money from a young age. They are far less likely to plague you for useless, expensive treats if they understand what that actually means — "you can have that, but I'll have to work tonight to earn the money for it rather than us watching that film together" — it's pretty effective!

Jo, Slummy Single Mummy
Emma Brummy Mummy of 2

Where possible try and buy clothes in the sale for the following season. I often get my two stuff in the December sales that won’t be worn until July!

But it really helps saves money and is a lovely surprise when you forget exactly what you have brought!

Emma, Brummy Mummy of 2

My top tip is to plan ahead. We do meal plans and stick to a weekly budget for our food and groceries shop, but we also plan for days out and fun times as a family. This means we rarely overspend and sometimes even have a little left over at the end of each month!

Molly, Mother's Always Right
Molly Mother's Always Right

Ask friends and family members for hand-me-downs. Children grow up very quickly and often only get to wear clothing a couple of times before they outgrow them. You could get next to new hand-me-downs when it comes to clothing. Other great hand-me-downs include toys, baby accessories (high chair, walker…) and books.

If you plan on having more children, pick up some “unisex” clothing and toys. When I was pregnant with our son I would purchase gender neutral clothing (like sweatpants, tee shirts…) so that I had some clothes I could pass on to my son.

Kimberly, She Scribes
She Scribes
Joanna Nesting Story

Don't underestimate the Dollar Store. When my older kids are bored, but it isn't easy to pack our twins up (especially when they were babies) and go out for fun, we head out to the dollar store to get art supplies which entertains them forever. Everything from party supplies to loot bag treats can be found at the dollar store. Even sticking stuffers.

Joanna, Nesting Story
Lisa Planet Weidknecht

New moms should avoid buying tons of adorable baby clothes. Babies grow FAST and they even don't care what they're wearing!

My newborns ended up wearing sleepers most of the time, because they are soft, warm, and snuggly.

Lisa, Planet Weidknecht

My top money saving tip would be to ask around friends and family before buying anything "big", as there may be a key item sitting in someone's loft looking for a home! We managed to get a cot and a moses basket from family as they were going spare.

Hannah, Make, Do & Push!
Hannah Make, Do & Push!

Check your tax exemptions. I know it sounds a little "heavy", but it literally helped my husband and I find over $150 in monthly disposable income.

Lowering your monthly exemptions means you'll have less of a tax return coming back to you, but I always preferred more monthly income than a single larger check once a year. If you got a refund check last year, this might be a strong option for you!

Heather, Incredible Infant
Incredible Infant
Tracie Penny Pinchin' Mom

Don't stock up on diapers or wipes! Instead, save that money and wait as you may find that your little one is sensitive to one brand of diaper or you may not like the way some of the wipes work. If family members want to get you those types of items just ask them to give you a gift card to the store so you make sure that even their money doesn't go to waste!

Also, avoid all of the fancy gadgets and devices. All you really need are the basics to get started. Just set the money aside and as you find you need things, look for a sale and then pick them up!

Tracie, Penny Pinchin' Mom
Jenn Jenn's Blah Blah Blog

I shop online as much as possible and almost always use sites like Ebates.com to earn cash back and take advantage of coupons and discount codes.

Jenn, Jenn's Blah Blah Blog

The tip that saved me the most money when I was a new mom was to shop and resell my baby’s clothes at Once Upon a Child (a consignment store just for kids items). Little ones grow so fast that their clothes are often like new when they outgrow them. I was able to buy high quality clothing at a fraction of the retail cost and could resell clothes my baby outgrew for extra spending cash.

Corinne, Wondermom Wannabe
Corinne Wondermom Wannabe

Don't stop budgeting. I know it's a challenge when you're running on 17 cups of coffee and an hour of sleep, but make sure sticking to a budget remains a priority for you or you'll find yourself spending money without realizing it.

Jessi, The Budget Mama
The Budget Mama
Caro The Twinkle Diaries

Don't buy everything for your new baby all at once! I read so many blogs and websites suggesting huge lists of 'must have' and 'essential' items.

Most of the things we bought didn't actually get used for the first few months!

Caro, The Twinkle Diaries
Joanna Motherhood & Merlot

Take the "used" clothing from other moms who offer it. Building a wardrobe for your baby is fun, but so expensive, and your little one will grow out of them so quickly in that first year. Also, don't buy everything anything that the books tell you you "need".

Talk to a some moms who've been there before and ask them what their necessities are. You'll learn quickly what you need and what is really just taking up space.

Joanna, Motherhood & Merlot

Use your library! You'll find a treasure trove of parenting books full of advice, plus you'll find tons of board books you can read to your little one. Most libraries have children's departments full of comfy chairs, wooden puzzles, mazes, puppet theaters, etc. If you are lucky, your library may offer a "Book Babies" type of story time for babies and tots under two years.

Wiggling, crying, and moving around are expected and welcome. It gives parents a chance to get out of the house, meet other families with kids the same age, and it's free to boot. The children's department may also offer free, family-friendly events around Halloween or other major holidays.

Katy, Experienced Bad Mom
Katy Experienced Bad Mom

Babies don't need much more than clothes, diapers, and a safe place to sleep. They don't care how their room is decorated, if their wipes are warmed, or if their toys are "educational." Keep it simple and don't compare the amount of stuff your baby has compared to other babies as a measure of how successful you are at parenting.

Also, if you qualify, WIC is a great way to save some money on groceries, Sam's club or Amazon Mom to save on diapers, and secondhand stores (or yard sales) to save on clothes and toys.

Katelyn, What's Up Fagans?
What's Up Fagans?
Amy Everything Mummy

Do your research, speak to other parents and find out which products you really do need, I found with my eldest I bought a bunch of stuff that was never really used.

Amy, Everything Mummy
Erika Living Well Mom

I recommend that new moms — and all moms really — establish one or more goals for your budget. It doesn't have to be super big or overwhelming, like saving for your child's college education, but by simply defining what you want to do, you can start taking steps in the right direction. And even if they're tiny baby steps, you'll at least be moving!

Erika, Living Well Mom

My top tip is not to be swayed by what shops want to sell you and instead think about what you really need. There can be a huge disparity between the two. You don't need all the latest gadgets. In fact, babies need very little other than love, milk, nappies, a few onesies and a comfortable place to sleep. Also, when it comes to furniture for the nursery, select pieces that can be used no matter the age of your child. A plain white chest of drawers can last a lifetime as opposed to a handcrafted one with cherubs stenciled on it.

Rachel, The Ordinary Lovely
Rachel The Ordinary Lovely

I [recommend] shopping second hand for clothes. My girls grew so quickly it was a waste of money to spend on brand new clothes.

Stacie, Simply Stacie
Simply Stacie
Kristen The Frugal Girl

Don’t think that you need every item that baby stores sell. Lots of generations have successfully raised babies with fairly minimal supplies, and you can too. Ask other moms what the most necessary items are, then get those basics and call it good.

Also, network with mom friends to borrow items that are used for a short period of time. Prime candidates: bumbo seats, exersaucers, bouncy seats, and swings. Return the favor and offer to share your items with other moms as well.

Kristen, The Frugal Girl
Amy Mr. and Mrs. T Plus Three

My biggest money saver has been making my own wet wipes rather than buying the disposable kind (I also used reusable nappies for my kids but they are potty trained now).

Amy, Mr. and Mrs. T Plus Three

My top money saving tip for new moms would be to be really choosey about what they "need" for baby.

Shannon, Growing Slower
Growing Slower
Corinne Have Baby Will Travel

My top money saving tip for new moms actually saves money and time. On weekends, or whenever you have an extra pair of hands at home, batch cook and freeze meals for the weeks ahead. That way, you always have a quick dinner on hand for when you don't feel like cooking, and the leftovers are good for lunch the next day.

Corinne, Have Baby Will Travel
Jolleen Just One Mommy's Opinion

My top money saving tip for new moms would have to be the magic savings of the "Cartwheel App" for Target. They are always providing discounts for baby items like diaper pails, wipes, baby food, etc.

Not only have I scored HUGE deals like 50% off items, but when combined with my Target debit card, which saves me an additional 5%, I'm saving major bucks! Since I downloaded the app, I've saved over $400!

Jolleen, Just One Mommy's Opinion

My biggest money saving tip for new moms is to resist buying all those extra things that companies advertise are necessary for the baby. Are these things really necessary? When I had my son we over-prepared and purchased way too many items – some of which were only used once or even not at all.

I know it’s hard to resist the urge of buying everything that “sparkles” when preparing for a baby, especially since we only want what’s best for them. From my experience, babies really don’t need most of the stuff that’s advertised. After the baby arrives, if you still think the item is absolutely necessary, go for it!

Michelle, Dishes and Dust Bunnies
Michelle Dishes & Dust Bunnies

My number one money saving tip is to not be afraid of second hand stores, especially when it comes to clothing. Thrift stores are an amazing place to get great deals on clothes for babies, toddlers and kids. I mean, come on, they grow out of everything too fast! Often times, you can find brand new, never worn outfits with the tags at the thrift store, if you take the time to look!

Echo, The Mad Mommy
The Mad Mommy
Penelope Penelope's Oasis

Aside from a car seat, diapers, onesies/blankets, and food, buy baby items on a "need" basis. Don't buy or register for things "just in case" because you won't use many things, and most things you do need can be found pretty quickly at a 24 hour pharmacy. As long as they are clean, fed, and warm, babies are pretty happy and don't need much else aside from lots of cuddling.

Penelope, Penelope's Oasis
Lisa Chronically Content

My top money saving tip is to save money on baby clothes and nursery items by shopping at consignment shops.

Lisa, Chronically Content

What I do is that instead of planning what I'm going to buy on a weekly basis (I end up spending more money that way and also I usually forget the main ingredients with my mommy brain), I go shopping every day and buy what I need for that day. Also, I buy the most expensive, bulky things at the beginning and then I can see how much money I have left at the end.

Olga, The European Mama
Olga The European Mama

New moms can save so much by shopping at baby consignment and resale stores! It's the best place to find fancy outfits they will only wear once! You'll find many things that are like new or even new with tags. These stores can be overwhelming so our strategy is to run your hand across the rack and stop only when you feel nice, high-quality fabric. This is key for finding the hidden gems quickly!

Sara & Lisa, Dealicious Mom
Sara & Lisa
Dealicious Mom
Lisa Fun Money Mom

Find friends that have already had babies and have them help with your registry. When you're pregnant, you think you need EVERYTHING but that's not the case. I had a friend look at my registry and she crossed off all the things that I would never actually use (plus she gave me some baby items she wasn't using anymore).

Also, don't go nuts buying cute baby clothes (do as I say, not as I do). It's absolutely amazing how fast they grow out of them. Next thing you know, you're selling that barely worn $20 outfit for $1 at your garage sale!

Lisa, Fun Money Mom
Jennifer Eighty MPH Mom

My top money saving tip for new moms is to not buy too many pieces of baby clothing in the same size, as often times babies outgrow them before they ever get to wear them.

Also, purchase baby clothing at a consignment store, or on a local Facebook swap group. It saves a ton of money when you can use gently worn clothing for babies instead of buying new. Since they outgrow clothing so quickly, odds are that the clothing you buy second hand has only been worn one or two times.

Jennifer, Eighty MPH Mom

Be open to trying cloth diapers. Modern cloth diapers are cute, easy to use, better for the environment than disposables, and they can literally save families thousands of dollars over the first two+ years of your child's life!

Erin, The Humbled Homemaker
Erin The Humbled Homemaker

My top money saving tip for New Moms is keep it simple! It's easy to get carried away by all the neat baby products out there, but your baby really needs very few things to be healthy, safe and happy. Expensive coordinated baby bedding, sterilizers, baby wipe warmers, shoes. . . these items are expensive and unnecessary.

Jenn, Frugal Upstate
Frugal Upstate
Stacey The Soccer Mom Blog

Some of today's high-tech baby gear can be very pricey and it all adds up quickly! I would suggest that new moms (or moms to be) do a little research to find out what other moms actually found useful. Read reviews of expensive products you might be considering, check Pinterest for "must-have" lists, and ask other moms you know what they wish they had bought and what they could have done without.

Stacey, The Soccer Mom Blog
Anne Learning Table

I learned quickly that babies really don't need that much stuff. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have to have every baby gadget out there, but loving arms, a warm blanket, and a rocking chair were really my most used baby items.

Anne, Learning Table

Resist the urge to buy so much before the baby arrives. Nesting is a thing, I know, but your baby may not need all the things on "the lists". Buy as you go so you don't end up wasting money on lots of stuff you'll never use.

Anna, And Then We Saved
Anna And Then We Saved

Make sure they take care of important new baby financial tasks BEFORE the baby comes or at least make a checklist of what they need to get done. When you're nursing a newborn on limited sleep, it's not the ideal time to try to do deep thinking. For instance, within the baby's first 30 days, you will need to change your insurance to add the baby (most employer plans give you 30 days to change your insurance options after a major life event like having a baby). Make sure you know what steps to follow and have the appropriate documents ready to go.

Lena, What Mommy Does
What Mommy Does
Kim Thrifty Little Mom

Be aware that almost nothing at your delivery hospital is free. I asked to take a few extra tubes of cream home with me from the hospital after asking the nurse if it was included in my delivery cost. Come to find out those tubes were a wopping $60 each and I had to pay my part for them!!! Bottom line: be careful how many extra items you throw in your diaper bag when you head home. Hospitals aren't hotels and those aren't courtesy items.

Kim, Thrifty Little Mom
Katie Pick Any Two

Unless you've got a money tree in your backyard, you probably can't splurge on everything for your baby. So instead, choose just one category that's really important to you and worth buying the best. Splurge there, and go for bargains on everything else.

For example, if you can't stand the idea of your child eating processed food, go for all-natural, organic baby food—but then only shop consignment for kids' clothes. Or if the thought of your baby's diapers ending up in a landfill keeps you awake at night, spend your money on cloth swim diapers or eco-friendly disposables—but then pinch your pennies when it comes to baby toys and gear.

Put your money where your top priority is, and it will be money well spent.

Katie, Pick Any Two

Join (or start!) a Parent Swap Group. There, parents can trade or sell (at a discount) their baby gear that's still in good condition. I have found so many things my kids needed in these groups, and I've saved hundreds — maybe even thousands at this point — of dollars!

Heather, The Spohrs Are Multiplying
Heather The Spohrs Are Multiplying

I only go to Walmart once a month. I don't plan a menu or make an extensive list. I also do not clip coupons or do comp ads. Instead I stock up on staples, cleaning supplies, health and beauty, and any other Walmart items. I also buy lots of our regular, everyday food items (cereal, chips, bread, peanut butter, coffee, etc.). Basically I buy lots of anything and everything we eat or that I might need to make any of our regular meals.

The rest of the month I try to make do with what we have on hand. However, if we run out of something crucial ( we always run out of milk), I just run into Price Cutter, a local chain store. These Price cutter runs usually add another $200 or so to the monthly grocery and supplies list. I estimate that I've cut my bill by at least $200-400 a month.

Laura, Charming Farming
Charming Farming
Audra Real Honest Mom

One of the best purchases I ever made was two packs of thick cloth diapers. They make excellent, long-lasting burp cloths and bibs for bottle feeding or nursing, and they are inexpensive. Don't waste your time with dinky little burp cloths. They're cute, but they don't get the job done when it counts.

Audra, Real Honest Mom
Hannah Eat, Drink, and Save Money

It's okay to live simply. It's tempting to get the top of the line baby products, but babies need very little other than food and love. No need for a fancy video monitor or new baby swing. Check out consignment stores for gently used monitors, swings, and other big ticket items.

Hannah, Eat, Drink, and Save Money

My number one tips for new moms is to accept help. That can come in so many forms. If someone offers to bring you food, accept the offer. If someone offers you hand-me-down clothing, don't hesitate to say yes. If someone offers you a night out, jump at the chance, even if you feel guilty leaving the first time around.

All of these will help you save money and sanity, from a free meal to free clothes to free babysitting. But there's another area where new moms should accept help to save money, too. It's a touchy one. It's utilizing state-sponsored help.

Let's say your child doesn't have health insurance, or adding them to your plan would destroy your finances. Look into Medicaid, which is free, and largely available for children even in states that did not accept the Medicaid expansion. If you don't qualify for that, look into CHIP. It's a low-cost health insurance program for children run by each individual state. The last thing you want is to be worried about money when your child is sick, so if you can't afford the coverage on your own, it's in your child's best interest for you to look into these options.

Ultimately, my advice is to accept help, even and especially when it requires exercising humility.

Femme, Femme Frugality
Femme Femme Frugality

Wait till you need it before you buy it, quite often you’ll have spent money on something that you don't actually ever need or use! For example I bought a black out blind as I thought we HAD to have one, but nope, baby slept however bright it was and it’s still in the packet!

Lauren, Belle du Brighton
Belle du Brighton
Kristen Joyfully Thriving

Plan ahead! Start stockpiling diapers and wipes as soon as you find out you are pregnant (or even before). This will save you so much time and money! By watching sales and using coupons, I was able to buy over 2000 diapers for my son for under $50. It takes time but the savings are definitely worth the time invested.

Also, use the time while you are pregnant to practically prepare for those first months with a newborn. I especially recommend filling your freezer with meals and your pantry with necessities so all your attention can be on your new baby when he or she is born.

Kristen, Joyfully Thriving
Kristen Mommy in Sports

Just because they make a baby product for everything doesn't mean you need it! Do your research but know that the first year flies by! What really helped me was meeting other moms at hospital support groups. We started a Facebook group and traded clothes but more importantly toys. Each week we would rotate the toys we all had to give our little ones something new to with. This not only helped with savings, but was fun to interact with other moms and babies!

Kristen, Mommy in Sports

My tip would be don't buy too much for baby. You won't need it.

Genevieve, Mama Natural
Genevieve Mama Natural

If you do not have money to pay cash for it today, you do not have the money to buy it. Using credit simply creates a fake delay and you spend money that you do not have today and you will not have later. It is a dead end cycle.

Crystal, Crystal & Co.
Crystal & Co.
Ashley Smashley Ashley

My biggest money saving tip would be Amazon Prime. You can usually escape the tax and shipping charges, and find the best deals through Amazon. Not to mention, you can find absolutely anything you need on their site!

Ashley, Smashley Ashley
Raki Outside the Box Mom

The one thing that helped me the most in preparing for both of my babies was to get started on deal shopping early. I started shopping as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Whenever there were sales and coupons available on diapers, wipes, baby care products, and formula, I started stocking up. When my babies arrived, I never had to pay full price for anything. I could wait for the next sale or the next coupon to replenish, because I had a stockpile to fall back on.

Raki, Outside the Box Mom

My top money saving tip for new moms is don't go crazy with the toys! Most kids don't need a ton of toys. The world around them is their toy for a good while; there is already so much new to explore. An activity mat makes the best first toy. Then from there go with a few quality toys over quantity which will satisfy them just as much, encourage creativity, and help them value what they have. You will also appreciate having less clutter as an added bonus!

Scarlet, Family Focus Blog
Scarlet Family Focus Blog

Shop second-hand stores! There are so many almost new baby products/gear at second-hand stores. You save a ton of money buying gently used items. I have saved a lot of money by doing this!

Kim, Shop With Me Mama
Shop With Me Mama
Ginger Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Join sites like Baby Chain and Freecycle.You can join for free and donate your own baby clothes to those who need them and you can in return get what you need. Freecycle offers the same service, though they offer up more than baby and maternity clothing. New moms can then resell their children's clothing — even the ones they got for free — to baby reseller shops which are pretty popular.

Ginger, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds
Nina Sleeping Should Be Easy

Don't worry about decorating a nursery with a theme if your budget doesn't allow it. All your baby needs are the basics: a crib, mattress, bassinet and fitted sheet. Include a changing table if you can. Anything else—wall decals, blanket sets—is extra.

Nina, Sleeping Should Be Easy

Don't buy many new clothes as they grow out of them so quickly! Try baby sales, eBay or ask your friends for hand me downs. You also really don't need to buy many gadgets, a fork makes a good enough banana masher!

Share toys around you friends, rotate them every couple of weeks to keep your baby entertained and interested.

Katie, Hurrah For Gin
Katie Hurrah For Gin

Don't take the tags off the baby clothes until you know for sure you'll need them. We found that they grow out of the first few sizes very quickly and usually won't have time to wear everything. If you know where they came from (in our case, mostly Target and Babies R Us), you can exchange these unworn items for store credit and stock up on the things you know you'll need, like diapers, wipes, and bottles.

Megan, Define Chaos
Define Chaos
Rachel A Mother Far From Home

My children all get their own bank account when they’re born. It may only have $15 in it, but it’s a start. This was my mother’s idea, and already there is money growing in each account. Family members often gift money to the kids, and since they are still young we don’t waste it on candy. We save it.

Rachel, A Mother Far From Home
Christina Northern Cheapskate

My top money-saving tip for expecting moms is to keep the gender of your baby a secret until your little one arrives. You'll get far more practical items for baby as gifts when family and friends don't know if you're having a boy or girl. Those gender-neutral items will also come in handy if you should decide to have more children down the line.

Be very willing to accept any and all hand-me downs and be sure to check garage sales, thrift shops and consignment shops for deals on clothing for kids. Then be sure to pay-it forward to other moms you know.

Christina, Northern Cheapskate

It's tempting to buy lots of gear and expensive clothes when you have a new baby. But before rushing out to the stores, take stock of what you really need. Hand-me-downs and can help you save on clothes, blankets, and other pricey items.

Also, keep in mind that babies outgrow clothes and shoes really quickly, so don't buy too many newborn sizes or multiple pairs of shoes for a baby that doesn't walk and who will likely outgrow them before they get much use out of them.

Meredith, Mommy A to Z
Meredith Mommy A to Z

My top money saving tip for new moms is to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Family, which is basically Amazon Prime geared to moms. They have great discounts and coupons on basics like diapers, but the best part is the free two-day shipping, which means instead of dragging your baby from store to store, you can shop in your pajamas. Click!

Amy, Carriage Before Marriage
Carriage Before Marriage
Gillian A Baby On Board

My tip would be to not buy everything beforehand; wait until the baby arrives when you'll know exactly what you need. You'll also be given lots of new baby items as presents — especially clothes! — which can save you lots of money.

Gillian, A Baby on Board
Kristi Moms Confession

Don’t purchase everything new! It is completely okay to save money on items for your baby. Believe me, no one will look down on your for it as a new mom! We all know the expense that comes along with becoming a new parent. You are not alone! 🙂

Hand me downs and thrift store finds are great to trim the “baby budget”. Items like onesies, mittens, burp rags, sleepers, baby carrier wraps, bath towels, and even strollers are completely okay to use after a good washing in hot water or antibacterial cleaners.

Kristi, Moms Confession
Lynne New Mummy Blog

Be sparing with what gadgets you buy. Yes, you need a baby monitor and a pram etc., but think about how long your little one will use things and crucially if your baby will actually like it. For instance, why not see if you can borrow a baby bouncer chair or get one second hand? 

Lynne, New Mummy Blog
Adrian 123 I'm A Crazy Mommy!

My top money saving tip for new moms is to ask family or friends which baby "essentials" they found useful or beneficial. It is easy to want every new and trendy product, but they are not all created equal. Also, if possible, borrow gently used baby products (swings, bouncers, Exersaucers, baby carriers, stroller fans, etc). Borrowing or trading will prevent future clutter and save a ton of money!

Adrian, 123 I'm A Crazy Mommy!

My biggest tip is to buy food in bulk.

Reneé, Mummy Tries
Reneé Mummy Tries

When my son was born, I bought so much clothes that things were still on the tags for what seemed like forever. Baby clothes are just soooo adorable! However, he outgrew many of the clothes so quickly, and in some cases, I forgot I even had it and he never wore it.

My top money saving tip for new moms? Don't buy an abundance of clothing, or anything for that matter, in advance.

Don't buy 1-2 sizes bigger than what they're wearing now, because there is a likelihood that your baby will grow right by that size and it will be a waste of money. Buy what you need in their size when they need it.

Natasha, Epic Mommy Adventures
Epic Mommy Adventures
Kerry Oh So Amelia

Buy neutral coloured baby clothes if you plan on having more children in the future. Then you can re-use them even if you have a different gender, saving you lots of money in the long run! 

Kerry, Oh So Amelia

DO NOT shop on Amazon in the middle of the night while you’re breastfeeding. Put a child lock on the account or something, but you’ll be amazed how EVERYTHING looks good and cheap and necessary and life changing when you’re exhausted. I’ve actually bought the same item three times on three different nights and not remembered any of them until they showed up on the porch a few days later. It’s not pretty.

Mary, Outmanned Mommy
Mary Outmanned Mommy

Kids outgrow their clothes and gear so quickly that your budget can be blown fast. To not go broke, thrift stores and clearance racks become two of your best friends when you're a mom. Digging around thrift stores can lead to finding great outfits for a fraction of the cost. Often, extra cute ones you wouldn't be able to find in the store. You may need to hit a few stores or go back a few times, but it's so worth it. What you can't find in thrift stores, clearance racks can help you with. There's rarely a reason to buy anything for full price.

Melissa, The Stay-at-Home Life
The Stay-at-Home Life

There are so many things being marketed to new moms and new babies that it can be very overwhelming. My number one suggestion is to get only the basics. You don't need every swing, bouncy seat, bathtub and accessory. Once you get your little one home you will know exactly what your little one needs and you can find one on Craigslist or a consignment shop for a fraction of the "new" cost.

Dayna, Lemon Lime Adventures
Dayna Lemon Lime Adventures
Shawn Abundant Mama

"Less is More. Own less. Buy less. Need less. Store less. Use less. And what is beautiful is that this also creates less work and cleaning as well."

Shawn, Abundant Mama

Bulk cook in advance — freeze lots of healthy meals ready to heat up. This will avoid the temptation of a take-out where the cost quickly adds up.

Sarah, Run Jump Scrap!
Sarah Run Jump Scrap!

Remember that most of the 'must-haves' out there for babies and toddlers aren't truly must haves. Instead, they're just the latest and greatest products that have been expertly promoted. You can save a bundle if you wait to see how you do without them and don't go overboard on the latest items.

Jackie, The Debt Myth
The Debt Myth

Wrapping up.

I just wanted to extend a special thank you to all the amazing moms who took the time to contribute to this special round up!

I think you'll find that they have truly given amazing, practical advice that any new mom-to-be can use!

If you found this post useful or know someone who could benefit from this advice, please share!


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This is an amazing resource for new moms! There are so many great tips for moms at every state of their motherhood journey to utilize!

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Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood - January 12, 2016

Such great tips!! I definitely agree that babies don’t need much more than clothes, somewhere to live and diapers! Our son lived in our room for 3 months anyway ahhah

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What a terrific resource for new moms!

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