10 Natural Remedies To Help Your Morning Sickness

10 Natural Remedies To Help Your Morning Sickness

Oh, morning sickness. You were never a friend of mine.

Countless times, I had to pull over my car, or run around the house with a garbage can. 

Heck, some mornings I couldn’t even get out of bed! 

It really impacted my day to day functions and quality of life. 

As a working woman, or even as a mom of other young children, you aren’t afforded the luxury of having a down day.

What’s a preggo to do?

Attempt to gain relief by trying some natural remedies for morning sickness

Before you throw in the towel and dial up your doctor for some prescription sickness meds, be sure to give these tricks a try!

When Does Morning Sickness Happen?

One of the biggest giveaways of being pregnant is getting sick.

You'll experience morning sickness mainly throughout your first trimester, and it can come on at any point in the day, not just in the morning.

However, for most moms to be, it occurs as soon as they get out of bed each morning (hence the name). 

You can expect morning sickness to be pretty bad at around the 9 week mark, but feel it subside at around 16 to 18 weeks.

While it’s scary, unpleasant, and uncomfortable, getting sick while you’re pregnant is normal and does not signal that your pregnancy is unhealthy or in jeopardy.

Why Does Morning Sickness Happen?

As you’re hugging the toilet bowl, have you ever stopped to consider why you’re getting so sick when you’re pregnant?

The answer is simple: it’s a combination of things.

Hormonal changes is the big culprit, followed by vitamin deficiency. ​

Low blood sugar can also play a role, as well as a strong gag reflex mixed with strong smells (since your senses are heightened), stress, and fatigue. 

Some women experience such extreme anxiety about being pregnant that they cause themselves to worry too much, making them physically ill.

Other women have stomach issues and either use the bathroom room too much, or not enough, causing constipation, which also can lead you to feel nauseous and throw up.

Oh, the joys of pregnancy! 

Morning Sickness Remedies: 10 Tips To Try

Are the saltine crackers and water not cutting it?

Here are 10 other things you can try before turning to prescription meds to ease your nausea.

#1. Take Some Vitamin B-6

With the permission from your doctor, you could start to take vitamin b-6.

Women who take 25 mg of the vitamin every 6 to 8 hours have had success with vomiting and dizziness.

This will help you get moving in the morning and will keep your breakfast down at work!

#2. Drink Ginger Water

Ginger water is amazing for your digestion and your nausea.

If you can’t bare drinking hot tea, especially in the summertime, consider chilling it.

Simply prepare a large pot of boiling water and 15 thin slices of fresh ginger root. 

Once the water cools, pour its entire contents into a pitcher and cool it in the fridge for a few hours. Voila!

You have chilled, ginger water that is available to you at any point and will cool you off while refreshing your stomach on a hot day. 

#3. Fill Up On Protein At Night

You may be getting sick in the morning because you're so hungry.

So before you go to bed, eat a hard boiled egg, or another source of significant protein, like a hearty handful of pumpkin seeds or peanuts. 

You’ll go to bed with a full, satisfied belly and may feel less nauseous when you arise.

#4. Cut Out The Grease

Your “baby” may be telling you they want you to fill up on french fries and other greasy, high fat foods like donuts, chips, and nuggets, but you’re doing a number on your belly.

Not only are those foods terrible for your growing baby, they could be the culprit as to what’s making you so ill in the morning.

It’s difficult, but try not to give in to those temptations and cravings.

Your body will thank you!

#5. Exercise!

The last thing you probably feel like doing is exercising, but getting your heart rate up has amazing benefits for your body and your baby.

Light jogging, cycling, or even brisk walking gets your heart rate up and helps to relieve hormonal activity, which could be making you sick each morning. 

Try to start sweating before you go to bed so you not only get a good night sleep, but wake up feeling refreshed and less nauseous.

#6. Experiment With Tea

Tea can be a tricky thing to consume.

Always make sure its caffeine free, and double check with your doctor to ensure they allow you to sip away.

If so, some excellent teas to try to relieve sickness contain ginger, raspberry leaf, peppermint, anise, or chamomile. 

Some women have better luck with loose leaf tea, over already bagged tea.

Experiment and find the one that will help you get the relief that you need!

#7. Ditch Artificial Sweeteners 

You may think you’re doing something good for your body by replacing real sugar with the artificial stuff.

However, it has been shown to actually be the culprit to some morning sickness bouts.

Often times, women don’t even know they're consuming these sweeteners because they don’t read labels thoroughly. But, what you’re eating could be making you sick!

Always be aware of what you’re putting in your body because it’s going directly to your little one and try to eat clean as much as possible (five ingredients or less).

#8. Up Your Zinc Intake

Some doctors suggest that pregnant women take zinc supplements, so this is something to also consider.

You shouldn’t exceed 25 mg a day and you should give it a week or so before you notice a difference.

Women love to rely on supplements because they are easy to carry with them and access in case a bout of sickness comes on, especially at work. 

#9. Drink Organic Orange Juice

Some women swear by sipping on apple juice overnight. Why?

It’s said to stabilize your blood sugar level, so you can sip a bit at a time. 

Simply fill up a metal drink canister (because it helps keep your drinks cool), pop it in the fridge, and pop it on your nightstand before bed.

This eliminates the need to walk to the fridge in the middle of the night! 

Does it increase the amount you have to get up and go to the bathroom overnight?


But, if it stops you from throwing up each morning, who cares?

#10. Try Motion Sickness Bracelets

Slightly strange, but highly effective: many doctors tell their pregnant patients to slap on a motion sickness band, everywhere they go.

It slowly provides relief overtime, keeping your levels steady and stable. 

Women who have worn these bracelets have significantly seen an improvement with their mood and nausea.

When To Call The Doctor

Some women get sick so badly, it becomes dangerous, and you may wonder when it’s time to put in a call to your doctor.

If you start to experience any of the following, make a call, set up an appointment, or even get to the hospital right away:

  • Weight loss
  • medkit
    Excessive vomiting (more than 4 or 5 times a day)
  • medkit
  • medkit
    Vomiting well into your second trimester
  • medkit
    Blurry vision
  • medkit
  • medkit
    Blood in your vomit
  • medkit
    Extreme fatigue
  • medkit
    Strange odors or an odd taste in your mouth
  • medkit

Wrapping Up

Being pregnant is amazing: you get to watch your belly grow, feel those flutters and kicks, and you achieve a subtle glow.

However, some days are much better than others and for many women, morning sickness is a real thing that really affects their daily lives.

If you want to survive the symptoms, consider trying some of the natural remedies above before you turn to prescription meds.

You’ll be sure to notice a difference using at least one method and will start to feel better in no time!


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