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Baby Travel & On the Go

Lots of moms are content with hanging around the house once they have a baby, while others can’t wait to show their baby off to the world.

Traveling and being on the go with a baby is possible, but it does require some planning and preparation. Whether you’re grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, trekking it to the park, or flying to an island, your baby needs some items that keep them (and you) comfortable.

One thing’s for sure, you’re going to need a stroller and an infant carrier.

A carrier not only snaps into your car seat base, but serves as a way to carry your baby from the car to your desired activity, whether it’s sitting in an airplane seat, resting on a chair as you dine, or popping into a stroller.

In fact, there are many universal systems that you can purchase. This means you can use a compatible infant carrier, car seat base, and stroller system for all your travel needs.

You need to have a diaper bag on you at all times when you are not home. This ensures you have plenty of diapers, wipes, snacks, food, and milk. Many diaper bags are insulated, so they will keep your items cool.

You also need to carry something large enough to support a change of clothes and a breast pump if you aren’t planning on nursing in public.

In addition to these necessities, you can purchase some travel accessories that make life easier. Detachable toys that double as teethers are favorites of moms.

So are stroller clip fans, blankets, and stroller covers.

When it comes to venturing out, there are some do’s and don’ts to consider.

Do ...

  • Think ahead. If you are going out for a few hours, how many bottles will you need to make? How many diapers will you realistically need? Can your baby survive without their favorite stuffed animal. Do prioritize so you don’t over or under pack.
  • Keep a first aid kit of sorts with you. Accidents happen so it’s always best to be prepared with an ice pack, ointment, bandaids, water, wipes, and a change of clothes.
  • Utilize a travel stroller system. It’s a great investment that ensures total cohesion and ease of all your travel gear, like your carrier, base, and stroller.
  • Choose a durable travel bag for your stroller if you’re taking a long car trip or airplane ride. It keeps it snug and secure, and is easy to move to and from your modes of transportation.
  • Opt for stroller hooks. It frees up its bottom space and allows you to comfortably push the stroller without a diaper bag or purse hanging from your shoulder.
  • Purchase attachments for pacifiers and sippy cups. They slip around your baby’s items and keeps them off the floor when they drop them (or try to toss them). They will save you from constantly bending over, picking them up, and cleaning them off.
  • Stock up on baby wipes. Whether it’s to wipe a bottom, wash a face, or pat a nose, baby wipes will be your best travel companion.
  • Keep a mesh cover on hand. This helps protect your baby from the sun, weather, and bugs when you walk around outdoors.

Don't ...

  • Leave the house without checking tire pressure. You always want to put your baby in a stroller that has tires full of air.
  • Forget to pack a wet bag. These help contain wet or soiled clothes, bibs, or swim suits until you reach your destination. It also keeps them separate from dry things and food items.
  • Toss your items in your diaper bag. These bags are big and structured enough for you to fill each pocket, nook, and cranny in an organized, sane manner!
  • Forget to place a spare cell phone charger in your bag or stroller compartment. Emergencies happen all the time, so you want to make sure you can be reached and dial out, no matter where you are.
  • Place loose items in your stroller or carrier. They’ll fall out fast if they aren’t attached to something, and by the time you realize they are missing, it will be too late!
  • Forget to check your child’s car seat regularly. If it can wiggle side to side more than an inch either way, the seat needs to be readjusted and tightened. You’ll also need to occasionally adjust the harness straps as your baby grows to keep them comfortable, and make sure the straps are tight fitting during your drive.

It’s fun to take your baby out and about.

Just be sure you have the right equipment and have become more aware of the do’s and don’ts of baby travel.