How to Pack and Organize Your Diaper Bag (10 Mom Tips)

How to Pack and Organize Your Diaper Bag (10 Mom Tips)

It’s a little silly, but a lot true:

I used to judge how crazy my life was at any given moment by how organized my diaper bag was.

When my bag was messy and items were thrown “wherever” I noticed that my day was a lot more hectic than the days my bag was perfectly positioned.

Many moms look past the importance of a highly organized diaper bag.

This accessory went literally everywhere with me when I had my son in tow—even up until his potty training days.

I always believed that a diaper bag’s purpose was to make my life easier (since it was already difficult enough) and help me be prepared.

If you're looking to gain some tips and tricks to help stop you from digging through your bag, read on!

Tip #1: Tackle the Little Stuff

While your diaper bag is probably loaded with pockets, I actually went the next step and made sure all my little stuff was organized while in those pockets.

A little anal? Maybe.

But, I could tell you where every item in that bag was, and access it with ease.

So, start small.

Pick up a case for your pacifier. Many cases are hard and slide into pockets, while others are soft and have velcro features, allowing you to attach it to hooks inside the bag.

I also found it helpful to scour my local dollar store to pick up little storage containers or pouches.

They are great to hold bandages, packs of tissues, medication if your little one needs it, and even thermometers or breast pump accessories.

I found once I had a compartment for all my little stuff, the organizing became much easier.

Tip #2: Prepare for Messy Situations

Another purpose of a diaper bag, besides toting around all the necessities, is to serve as a place to hold soiled clothing or accessories.

Babies are messy and they often have accidents frequently. So, be sure that you pick up a wet bag.

These bags hold wet or soiled clothes with ease and keep them away from all other important baby items.

Also, a changing pad should be placed in your bag to help make diaper changing easier—speaking of a mess! Many pads roll up and fit into a side compartment, keeping the bag spacious and neat.

Because messes happen quite frequently, your baby wipes should be placed in an easy to reach side pocket, so you don't’ have to dig into the bag.

Disposable, plastic bags are also great to have in zippered compartments in case of a bottle leak or if your wet bag gets overloaded.

Tip #3: Go "Sample-Sized"

You don’t need to bring full sized items unless you’re going to be away from your home and baby stuff for a few days.

So, in order to keep your bag organized and somewhat minimal, opt to include sample sized baby products such as powder, ointment, lotion—you name it.

Tip #4: Make Diapers the Main Focus

Keep your diapers in the largest space of your bag. They will be easy to access and they are what you’ll need the most of when you’re out and about.

A general rule of thumb is to have at least one diaper per hour you’re going to be away from your home, and add one in case of leakage or an upset tummy.

So, if I was going to the park for an hour or so, I’d make sure I had at least 2-3 diapers on me.

If I was away shopping and then visiting friend or family members, I had at least 8 diapers on hand!

Tip #5: Designate Your Own Space

Because diaper bags are loaded with pockets and compartments, why not eliminate the need to carry around a purse?

Add your own items to the bag, but limit them to a specified area. Diaper backpacks are especially good for this!

This way, you won’t be digging around looking for your keys, chapstick, gum, or cellphone.

Tip #6: Keep Food Separate

You always want to keep bottles, juice boxes or cups, and snacks on the complete other side than your hand sanitizers, wipes, sunscreen, and butt paste.

And, this is obviously for safety and health reasons.

But, I also found it helpful to designate these sides of the bag for organization and access purposes.

If you’re not working with a bag that has a large amount of space or pockets, then consider rolling up a few swaddles or blankets and placing them in between these items, allowing them to serve as a barrier of sorts.

Tip #7: Only Bring Attachable Toys

It’s easy to get carried away and want to bring all of your child’s favorite toys with you when you leave the house.

But, I advise against that for a few reasons.

First, the toys probably take up a lot of unnecessary space. Plus, they can get dropped, dirtied, or even lost for good.

So, you can keep your baby entertained by utilizing clip-on toys.

What I mean by this are toys that attach to your bag’s handles (or stroller bar/infant carrier seat for that matter) that double as a toy and teether.

They stay off the ground and are a cinch to keep track of.

And, because they attach to the outside of the bag, they won’t take up a lot of room!

Tip #8: Pack Disposable Bibs

Reusable bibs are nice, but they tend to get dirty and take up space in your wet bag.

So, it’s wise to invest in disposable bibs and slide some into your food and feeding section of your bag.

This way, you can pack only what you need on the go, and free up space by chucking them when they’re used.

Tip #9: Be Sure You Have Two Changes of Clothes

Between baby food, bottles, spit up, poop, snot, and drool, your baby may go through an outfit or two when you’re on the go.

To keep them comfortable and looking fresh, be sure your diaper bag contains at least two outfits.

To maximize space, roll them up.

Or, a ziploc bag will do—just squeeze out excess air before sealing.

Tip #10: Purchase Additional Inserts

Is the bag you’re using just not cutting it in regards to storage space?

There’s no rule that says you can’t purchase additional inserts.

Keep these individual zippered compartments on a ring that can be attached to the interior or exterior of your bag.

Whether you add one or several more to your bag, you can ensure all your items are organized and available!

Wrapping Up

An organized mom is a happy mom!

Be sure to be on the ball by organizing your diaper bag and filling it with everything you need to go wherever you want without an issue!


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