20 Genius Ideas for Organizing Your Kids’ Toys

20 Genius Ideas for Organizing Your Kids’ Toys

Kids have a lot of toys!

Some are big, some are small, but one thing they have in common is that they can make quite a mess and look completely cluttered in rooms if they aren’t stored properly.

So put an end to trinkets and tossed toys—read on to learn about 20 ideas for organizing your kid’s stuff!

1) Outdoor Organization

(image via Kayla's Basement)

I cannot stand disorganized outdoor toys. My son has tons of bubble wands, cars, sand toys, and small bouncy balls. I wanted to help him locate his toys easier (and partially so I wouldn’t run them over), so I set up an organization station.

I placed a tall, metal shelf in the garage that housed several large, metal containers.

After viewing One Good Thing By Jillee, I used my leftover chalkboard paint so I could paint labels on the front of each bin and use chalk to mark each one.

2) Decluttering Rules

Parenting From the Heart has some awesome ideas about decluttering toys prior to storing them. It really helps kids and parents assess what can stay and what can go.

Toys that grow with children, toys that are played with frequently, and toys that encourage imagination are the top characteristics of toys that should stay.

The blog also suggests putting toys in containers with tops, and storing the majority of toys in your attic so they are out of sight.

Then, rotate toys every three weeks or so, so the kids stay engaged and you ensure all toys get played with.

3) Card Game Container

(image via Jazzie and Tahlia)

I also love The Gracious Wife’s blog ideas when it comes to storing toys.

One of my favorite ideas is storing card games (because we all know their original box rips or breaks leaving cards astray) in an individual, clear, plastic box.

Tape the game’s box cover on the side of the container facing you on a shelf, so kids can locate their desired card game with ease.

4) Over the Door Organizer

I literally don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have several over the door organizers!

Originally meant to hold shoes, I use them to store art supplies, my son’s cars, action heroes, and other little trinkets. I’ve also seen my friends put their daughter’s Barbie and Ken dolls in them as well.

They take up no space and are easy to access!

5) Rolling Underbed Storage

(image via Babyology)

The blog Passion for Saving always brings a smile to this organization-loving momma’s face.

One thing I love in particular is their ideas for rolling storage under the bed.

I have found wooden thin, compact carts with wheels on them at some of my favorite retail stores. I used them to hold my son’s cars, tractors, and race tracks.

I also love how they suggest creating a roll away train table that fits under a bed.

It takes up much less space and is great for kids to play with as they wind things down for bed.

6) Storage Bench

I recently purchased a long, white shelf that was meant to store books or bins, and was to be stood upright. I broke those rules by turning it into a long bench.

I turned the shelf horizontally and placed a cushion on top of it for instant seating.

My son was able to access all his toys and books underneath, and I loved the look so much, I bought another one and make one huge L-shaped seating section for his friends on relax on during play date days.

7) Utilize Floor Closet Space

(image via Two Twenty One)

Baby and toddler clothes are small and don’t take up much space length or width-wise.

So, consider putting a shelf that sits on the floor of the closet that fills that empty space, but also is accessible for little ones.

Check out the blog Two Twenty One for a visual and to gain some other organizational ideas that maximize storage in small spaces!

8) Art Jars

(image via Sunny Day Family)

School aged children come with a lot of art baggage.

They need tons of supplies to complete school projects, but also to foster their creativity.

Keeping markers and crayons all in one place can be a challenging feat.

But, if you purchase canisters with lids, they can be seen when sitting on a shelf for easy access. They also make for an attractive, organizational display.

Check out diyjoy’s blog for some visual inspiration.

9) Curtain Rod Shelf

(image via While They Snooze)

For teens and tweens’ rooms, consider building an above the window, curtain rod shelf.

It’s a great place to store stuffed animals, trophies, and other toys or items that are more for display and less play (yet still take up a lot of space).

While They Snooze has a great visual for this idea.

10) Lego Instruction Binder

(image via Just Like The Number)

Do you have a Lego fanatic in your home? If so, they most likely don’t do a great job with keeping all the instruction booklets with their designated sets.

Consider keeping them in a safe spot by putting them in a binder with clear folder for each one (placed in alphabetical order of course) and place it next to their boxes of Legos.

Check out Just Like The Number for a visual.

11) Cling On Cases

Do your kids love to play with cling on shapes and figures?

My son does. While I love how busy they keep his hands and mind, I do not love how messy and misplaced they get with each use.

I’ve literally found a cling on bulldozer in between my couch cushion.

Stop the mess and start the organization by placing them in zippered, mesh pencil cases.

Your kids will be able to access them with ease and will be able to see through each case as they search for the clings they need.

12) Odds and Ends Bags

(image via My Small Potatoes)

Have lots of odds and ends? If so, you need to view the blog, My Small Potatoes.

Binder rings and big clips are used, as well as a towel rack to keep babies off the floor and in one space that is accessible and visual to children when they want to play.

13) Outdoor Solution

(image via Our House Now a Home)

Lacking a garage or ample space to organize outdoor toys like scooters, bikes, and trikes?

Consider building a simple outdoor solution. Our House Now a Home has detailed instructions.

All you need are a few supplies to build your alcove.

After it’s built, add some paint, hang up a privacy curtain and stash the stuff out of sight.

14) Playdough Spice Rack

Pick up some wooden spice racks from your local dollar or discount store.

Attach them to the wall near your child’s art table or desk, and fill them with Playdough.

It beats tossing them in sealed containers out of sight and it makes cleanup and storage a snap!

15) Framed Labels

(image via Better Homes & Garden)

Better Homes & Garden has some awesome ideas for toy organization.

I absolutely love the concept of placing miniature framed photos of toys that are inside of each bin on the outside of the bin itself.

It looks decorative and much more unique than chalk labels or basic white labels!

16) Drawstring Toy Bag

I love keeping my son’s airplanes in a drawstring toy bag.

They are mesh and see though, so the items are easy to identify and they are also already in a bag that can be tossed on your back when you’re on the go, or if something pops up and you need to dash out the door—you have a bag full of toys to play with and keep occupied.

17) Printable Labels

(image via My Life of Travels and Adventures)

My Life of Travels and Adventures has free printable labels to access, making any box or container more organized!

This is especially useful if you’re planning on swapping out toys occasionally and labeled bins also help older kids have a sense of direction during clean up time.

18) Toy Zoo

(image via My List of Lists)

My son’s stuffed animal collection started to get out of control.

Consider building a toy zoo. You only need a few basic materials and step by step instructions can be found at My Lists of Lists.

Your kids can see all their stuffed animals though “bars” and access them by just giving them a tug!

19) Kitchen Crates

Sick of your kids’ play kitchen toys ending up all over your house?

Pick up a few small crates from your local dollar store and let them hang off two screws in the wall next to the play kitchen, so your kids can grab them and put them away with ease.

20) Game Board Art

Who said game boards couldn’t also be art?

Frame each game board and hang it on your child’s wall.

Tape playing pieces to the back of the frame. When your family wants to play, simply take it off the wall and return it to its spot when you’re finished!

Check out this visual!

Wrapping Up

Kids’ stuff is plentiful and often times comes in many small parts.

Consider devising an organizational system that is not only visually attractive, but also easy to access so that it makes everyone’s life easier.

These twenty suggestions are unique and effective!


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