The Maternity Glow Guide To Hiring A Postpartum Doula

The Maternity Glow Guide To Hiring A Postpartum Doula

One of my girlfriends was recently raving about her birthing experience.

And, she attributed it all to her doula.


I had no clue what a doula was. But, I learned that they can play an important role during your delivery and throughout your postpartum recovery.

So, when I got pregnant and my friend started to urge me to consider hiring a doula for postpartum purposes, I had to weigh out my options.

Read on to decide if a postpartum doula is the right choice for you too!

What Is a Postpartum Doula?

Now, don't get a doula confused with a baby nurse (click here to see how a baby nurse can help you).

A postpartum doula is a person who is trained and contains a wealth of knowledge in the newborn and postpartum world.

They help in many areas, including: what to expect the first few weeks home with your baby, how you can manage stress, answering all your questions, and assisting with breastfeeding (because you may struggle a time or two, until you both get the hang of it). 

They also help the two of you bond, and they provide you and your partner with lots of support and they help boost your confidence (you’ve totally got this!

How Much Can I Expect to Pay?

A postpartum doula can be pricey: expect to pay anywhere from $15-$50 per hour.

But, don’t let this price tag discourage you from checking out their services.

Some doulas will give you a discount if you book them a few months ahead of time, while others offer discounts if you book them for a solid week.

Most families use their services for a few days post delivery, while others use them every other day for a month.

It just really depends on what you need and how much help you want to get.

Generally, you will have to save up for this expense, as insurance companies will not pay out for this service because it’s considered more of a luxury rather than a necessity (sadly). 

5 Reasons Why You Might Want a Postpartum Doula

There are numerous benefits of hiring a postpartum doula. They include:

  • 1
    They help with housework. If you have a C-section, you’re going to be laid up for awhile. This can be difficult when caring for a newborn and a household (and other children) if your spouse has to go back to work right away. Doulas can help with light housework, cooking, caring for your kids, and doing any organizing you may need.
  • 2
    They're like a walking encyclopedia. Not sure what the norms are when it comes to raising an infant? A doula knows. They simply ease your mind when it comes down to what you need to worry about, what you don’t, and what you need to do to soothe your infant and give them the best start to life possible.
  • 3
    They let you sleep. Many doula are solely hired for overnight use, so you can catch up on
    some much needed rest! Yay!
  • 4
    They help with breastfeeding. Having trouble latching? Is nursing painful? Do you think your baby isn’t getting enough to drink? Need help pumping? A doula can help you with all of this. 
  • 5
    They help with baby's schedule. Doulas know how to put a baby on a health sleep schedule. So, you don’t need to panic if your little one has their days and nights mixed up. A doula’s got it!

How to Choose the Best Breast Pump

If you're going to be pumping your milk, a postpartum doula can show you the ropes. Check out our guide to choosing the best breast pump.

How To Find a Postpartum Doula

When it comes to finding a doula, asking friends and family is best—they can recommend a doula they trust because they have used them first hand.

If you don’t have anyone in your life that has used one before, simply ask your doctor for personal recommendations, or contact local birthing agencies for some names (always get references). 

Wrapping Up

If you can afford to hire a doula for a month or so, kudos to you. You’ll totally love the front and center service you get.

If a doula is taxing on your budget, consider hiring one just for a day or so, allowing you to get your bearing back and gather your wits about you.

A new baby can be really exhausting and your postpartum recovery can be taxing.

So, why not get a little help when you can?  

There’s nothing wrong with that, and you’ll become a better parent overall!

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