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Congrats, You're Pregnant!

When you’re expecting a child, whether it’s your first or fifth, you probably have two main things in mind.

One, you want to be super healthy. Since you have a little life growing inside you, you’re very conscientious of what you put in and on your body.

Two, you want to remain comfortable in the skin you’re in. And, toward the end of your pregnancy, this can start to get difficult.

Doctors recommend that women take a prenatal vitamin as soon as they become pregnant, and if you already exercised prior to pregnancy, keep up your routine.

Your diet becomes extra important as well. You’ll need to consume lots of vitamin C and D, calcium, protein, folic acid, iron, and omega acids. While a prenatal vitamin covers most of these, it’s always wiser to eat your nutrients whole since they get absorbed by the body more effectively.

You may also experience lots of nausea and tummy troubles. Organic ginger tea and some bland crackers in the morning may help you through these less than fabulous times.

Comfort is also key to maintaining your daily activities, like going to work, exercising, and taking care of your home (and yourself!).

So, consider investing in maternity leggings, supportive shoes, belly bands, a pregnancy pillow, and organic products that help you look and feel amazing.

There are also some major do’s and don’ts to abide by when it comes to your health and comfort.

Do's ...

  • Draft up a meal plan. It’s sometimes difficult to get in all those recommended vitamins and nutrients. So, there’s nothing wrong with planning out your days’ meals. This helps you keep track of your vitamin and calorie intake, as well as portion control.
  • Work out until the end of your pregnancy. This will help with labor and delivery, as well as your postpartum recovery. If you can’t do anything high impact toward your last trimester, take a brisk walk or participate in prenatal yoga.
  • Buy a body pillow that you love. There are so many brands and shapes of body pillows for pregnant women. Make a day of it and go shopping for a truly fabulous pillow that you can even use post-delivery.
  • Use a belly band. They help you stay in your favorite pants longer and are great for some added support on your back and bump.
  • Research prenatal vitamins. There are lots of awesome, organic options that are filled with everything you need. Your doctor may have specific recommendations for you as well.
  • Pick up some organic lotions and creams. Your skin absorbs everything into your system that you put on it. And, those substances go straight to the baby. If you’re not already using organic lotions, make ups, and other creams or shampoos, it’s time to start!

Don'ts ...

  • Get carried overboard with the term “eating for two.” You only need an extra couple hundred calories to cover your little one’s needs. Think “apple with peanut butter,” and not “fries with cheese.”
  • Run a marathon. While exercise is good, too much strenuous exercise could mean trouble for your body.
  • Fall victim to the pressures of nesting. One way to not relax and remain comfortable or healthy is to skip sleep or naps in order to complete your “nesting” list. Complete your to do items slowly and steadily so you make time to relax.
  • Spend a fortune on maternity clothes. You’ll only be wearing them for a short amount of time. So, stick with leggings, maxi dresses, and belly bands.
  • Get prenatal gummy vitamins. Nearly all of them do not contain iron, leaving you to take an additional supplement each day (and costing them more money).
  • Use chemicals to treat your hair. While roots aren’t the most beautiful thing, you don’t want to take the chance of exposing your baby to anything harmful for the sake of your own vanity. If concerned, talk to your beautician about ordering some organic hemp (or other plant-based) dye, which can hold you over until you can maintain your regular hair routine.

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