15 Things You Can Do To Do To Prepare For Your Baby

15 Things You Can Do To Do To Prepare For Your Baby

The concept of actually having a baby doesn’t truly set in until you're holding your living, breathing, adorable thing in your arms for the first time.

Boy, oh boy, your life will change!

While you could once drop everything and take off on a weekend excursion on a moment’s notice, things will be a lot tougher now with a baby in tow.

Cooking dinner, working out, and writing bills can be a task when you have a fussy, hungry baby around (and toddlers? Forget it!)

The struggle to find a babysitter is real, and don’t get me started on traveling with a baby: there’s just too much stuff to pack.

Plus, it can be really tough to focus on squaring away important documents or filling out paperwork when you’re sleep deprived and just overall distracted.

That’s why you should seriously consider doing some important things prior to your baby’s debut, especially with your partner. 

Read on to learn about 15 things that are a must before your little bundle of joy arrives!

#1. Put Your Bills On Auto-Pay

I used to hate writing out bills while trying to juggle give my baby attention, so I always ended up using nap time to get the job done, which majorly cut into my own personal napping schedule.

I learned to utilize auto-pay and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything!

You can set up this convenient feature prior to your baby’s arrival since it can be a bit time consuming at first.

But, once, it’s set up, you’re good to go! No writing checks, no thinking!

#2. Make A Hair Appointment

Definitely get a haircut/color before your baby is born!

Some moms are anti-color since the dyes and pigments can be harmful to absorb, but there are tons of all-natural options to consider. 

The key is to find a salon that can accommodate your request.

Taking care of your beauty needs is easy before a baby arrives and is a way to treat yourself to some relaxation!

#3. Get A Pedicure!

Your feet are going to be in stirrups during the birthing process, so why not primp them?

A prenatal pedicure is a must for all expecting moms.

Sit back and relax while you get a much needed massage and a trim and polish. 

Goodness knows that you can’t reach your tootsies, so why not pay someone else to do it?

As someone who can speak from experience, pedicures after a baby is born are scheduled far and few between!

#4. Go Out To Dinner (On A Weeknight!)

Take advantage of going out to dinner whenever you want, wherever you want.

While dining out on a weekend will resume after your baby is born, it’s much more difficult to break away and get a sitter during the work week.

Make it a point to head out for a night on the town during the week since that will soon become a very limited option!

#5. Enjoy A Weekend Away With Your Spouse

I definitely recommend going somewhere with your sweetheart.

Soon, it will no longer be the two of you, and whether you want it to happen or not, things will change a bit. 

Be sure to book a trip in your second trimester.

You’re probably over morning sickness and you’re feeling less tired, and you’ll also be able to get around better than you would in your third trimester. 

#6. Book A Girl's Weekend

Your ladies need some love, too!

My weekly get together with the ladies has turned into a monthly affair, if I’m lucky. Why not schedule a fun girls getaway? 

It will be the stress reliever you need and will secure that strong bond that you all have with one another.   

#7. Freeze Some Meals

Cook lots of meals a few weeks before you’re due, portion them out, and freeze them.

This way, you’ll have to do virtually zero cooking and you’ll have lots of meals to get you through the first month, until you get into the swing of things.

#8. Find A Babysitter

A great baby sitter can be hard to come by: while friends and family are always a great option, you still want to call upon someone when you want to get out of the house for a bit!

Take the time to interview several candidates and even plan your first night away with your spouse and friends far in advance, and be sure to hold yourself to that. 

Many moms lose their identity after their baby is born, so make your own life and needs a priority as well to maintain a healthy and happy balance. 

#9. Make A Help Schedule

Your parents and friends are going to offer help once you come home from the hospital; it’s inevitable.

Why not take them up on their offers and create a help schedule? 

It will keep everyone organized and will allow you to plan out your days and weeks ahead of time so you can go grocery shopping, make doctor appointments, or even enjoy a few hours shopping on your own.

#10. Find A Pet Sitter

I wish I would have found a great pet sitter for my two dogs prior to having my baby.

I was very worried about leaving them alone while I was in the hospital, and when I came home I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t spend a lot of time with them at all. 

A pet sitter can provide you with peace of mind and really help you out: they can walk the dogs, check in on them, and even occupy them for an hour or two, giving them plenty of love and attention until you get back on your feet and in a comfortable routine. 

#11. Clean & Organize Nooks & Crannies

I’m not talking about a surface clean, I’m talking about a deep clean!

Shampoo your rugs, wash your shower curtain, clean the windows, swap out your air filters.

This sounds simple enough, but many new moms underestimate the amount of free time they’ll have when a baby comes home. 

The situation is very overwhelming, so while you have the time, invest it by cleaning and organizing.

You’re sure to have plenty of clutter after you bring the baby home between bottle/pump accessories, burp cloths, diapers, teethers, toys, and more. 

#12. Wash Your Baby Clothes

I can’t tell you how many moms take all the baby clothes they get from their shower and hang them or pop them in the drawer!

These clothes are covered with germs, dyes, and other allergens that could irritate your baby’s skin or even make them sick. 

Take the time, while you have time, and wash them first!

#13. Tackle A Home Improvement Project

I have so many friends who put off remodeling their home until after their baby arrived.

What happened?

The projects either never got done, or they ended up being a nightmare (water had to be turned off, dust was everywhere).

Before your baby arrives, make it a point to tackle at least one major home renovation.

The time is now, not later! 

#14. Square Away Your Baby Stuff

Make sure you register at the hospital: this seems like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many moms forget to do this. Trust me, it’s the last thing you want to do during your contractions! 

You should also ensure you’re fully stocked up on baby essentials: diapers, wipes, lotions, etc.

Why make yourself or your spouse run out to the store as soon as you get home from the hospital? 

Your hospital bag should also be fully packed at around 37 weeks since anything could happen, while your infant car seat should also be installed prior to leaving for the hospital. 

This leaves you plenty of time to ask for help if you’re having difficulties or to swap it out for a different one if its not meshing well with your car’s design.

#15. Schedule Photo Sessions

Photographers fill up fast, so schedule a maternity session and newborn session asap.

Some women don’t love the way they look when they are pregnant and are in the midst of everything, but as someone who did not get a professional shoot scheduled when pregnant, let me tell you that you’ll regret it! 

If you’re not into baring your belly, you can certainly find a photographer who will accommodate your requests and that matches your personality and personal style, just shop around.

Opt to get pictures taken in a beautiful, flowing gown-you’ll savor the image well after your baby’s born.

When it comes to newborn shoots, photographers want to capture your sweetheart within their first month of life, since they're brand spanking new and easy to pose since they’re constantly sleeping!

Simply schedule an appointment three weeks after your due date and you should be smooth sailing!

Wrapping Up

You need to be a prepared parent, before becoming a parent!

These fifteen things are going to make life with a baby much more enjoyable and easier.

Things can get stressful at times, so it’s best to be ahead of the game and prepare for anything and everything.

Be sure to enjoy your time, pre-baby, and savor moments with your friends, your spouse, and yourself!


Hi there, I'm Kate! I started Maternity Glow to be a place for new and expecting moms to come to for practical pregnancy advice, parenting tips, and baby care tricks.

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