Best Stroller Accessories: A Mom's Guide

Best Stroller Accessories: A Mom’s Guide

As a mom, I must say, my stroller became my great friend and made my life easier.

I could always rely on it to get us out and about (safely) and comfortably kept my little one safe while we trekked it to the park or endured a day at the mall.

While the stroller itself was awesome, what’s more awesome are the accessories I had for it.

Here are 15 of the best stroller accessories that will take your stroller game to a whole new level!

Battery Operated Clip on Fan

SkyGenius Stroller Fan

I own two strollers and each of them have a Sky Genius battery operated clip on fan (click here to check the price on Amazon). It’s great because it gives your baby an extra dose of cool air when it’s needed most. It keeps them comfortable and calm throughout your walk or outdoor excursions. And, we all know when a baby is a happy camper, everyone else is. The fan runs of replaceable and rechargeable batteries (which are included), but it can also be recharged by connecting it via USB charger. It’s small yet mighty, and best of all, it’s not loud when running! (Check out our guide on stroller fans here).

Cup Catcher

Brilli Baby

Brilli Baby’s Cup Catcher (click here to check the price on Amazon) keeps your baby’s sippy cup off the ground. I connect mine on the stroller’s front bar, so my son can access his water with ease, but won’t have a full on meltdown if he misses the cup holder and drops it on the ground. It hugs any cup or container for that matter with ease and is a cinch to attach to your stroller (or detach when you’re ready to wash it). It’s BPA free and a big help when your kids are learning how to hold and use a cup independently.

Activity Toy

Infantino Spiral Toy

Infantno’s Spiral Activity Toy (click here to check the price on Amazon) is a favorite of my son’s. It’s awesome because we don’t have to worry about constantly packing a toy every time we leave home to keep him entertained in his stroller. One is already there waiting. It wraps perfectly around any stroller bar and engages babies and toddlers of all ages and stages. It boasts a variety of colors, textures, mirrors, and friendly animal faces to spark a little one’s imagination and is also safe in case it ends up in their mouth (teething is painful!)

Stroller Cover

JJ Cole Bundleme

I used JJ Cole’s Bundleme (click here to check the price on Amazon) quite a bit when my son was born. He was a November baby, but I didn’t let those chilly days keep us inside. To get our daily dose of fresh air, I bundled him up in a stroller cover. This one in particular is lined with warm fabric, just like a cozy blanket. A coat can be worn underneath, but it’s actually not necessary. The cover encloses your baby fully, leaving just their head to peek out! It goes on with ease and comes off in a snap when you’re ready to toss it into the washing machine.

Stroller Blanket

aden + anais Stroller Blanket

I often use an aden + anais stroller blanket (click here to check the price on Amazon) on days when it’s brisk, but not chilly enough for a full on stroller cover. It’s soft and snuggly, and provides a layer of comfort and warmth on walks. The blankets feature a double layer of muslin, which not only keep your baby nice and toasty, but gets softer with every wash. They can also double as a nursing cover if breastfeeding in public, or a burp cloth if you’re in a pinch. Roll them up and recline your stroller and you can also have an instant pillow!

Stroller Arch

Tiny Love

I like to attach a stroller arch onto my stroller to mix up the engaging toys I offer my son when we are out and about. A favorite of mine is designed by Tiny Love (click here to check the price on Amazon). It clasps on both sides of the stroller and gives your baby a lot to look at, but also reach for and tug on. The arch is lined with mirrors, loaded with colors and textures, and contains friendly looking animals, plants, and insects. Your baby can also use it as a stationary teether so you don’t have to worry about them dropping theirs on your walk.

Wireless Speaker

Summer Infant Duet Stroller Wireless Speaker

Ok, I'll totally admit that this accessory is more for mom, but that’s ok! I love Summer Infant’s stroller speaker (click here to check the price on Amazon) because it plays all my favorite tunes from my phone clearly so everyone can enjoy them. The phone holder is also great because it keeps it tightly in place and allows you to control your music with ease. You can also see all your incoming calls and texts easier and go hands free when you answer. The best part is you can unclip it in a jiffy and carry it with you-it doesn’t have to stay on the stroller.

Stroller Organizer

Ethan & Emma

A stroller organizer has kept my life together whenever I leave the house. This little station from Ethan & Emma (click here to check the price on Amazon) keeps my keys, wallet, wipes, and other baby trinkets together. I can place my own water inside it, or my coffee. Because it’s insulated, beverages will stay hot or cold. On days when I don’t feel like toting my diaper bag around, this organizer is all I need to bring my essentials with me and keep them nice and orderly. It fits nearly all kinds of strollers and isn’t too big or bulky.

Cup Holder

PBnJ Baby SippyPal

PBnJ’s sippy pal holder (click here to check the price on Amazon) works wonderfully. Ideal for older toddlers, this tether-leash style holder will allow your toddler the independence they want and need to sip away, but will ensure their cup stays off the floor. So, no matter how many times they try to toss their cup (such a fun game, right?) it will never fall to the ground. It attaches to the upper portion of your harness straps, so it can also be unclipped and used in their car seat on long road trips.

Stroller Hooks


Stroller hooks are great for a stroller because they serve as another set of “hands.” And I love these ones by BabyBubz (click here to check the price on Amazon). You can hang your purse on it, diaper bag, shopping bags, you name it. They are easy to attach, detach, and position anywhere you want them on the handlebars. They can hold up to six pounds and they’ll swivel around so you don’t have to worry about them getting in your way.

Stroller Cover

Kepler Brands

I think all moms need a weather-proof stroller cover. It protects kids from rain, wind, snow, and even sun. It fully zips around your stroller so it will remain dry, and so will your child. Your kiddo can look out the clear panels so they don’t feel trapped in. Kepler Brands' cover (click here to check the price on Amazon) is made out of eco-friendly materials and secures onto the stroller with strong strips of Velcro for easy on and easy off. It’s low maintenance, but boasts maximum protection.

Mosquito Net

Tohar Baby

Similar to a sun shade, a mosquito net is designed specifically for that purpose: to keep those bad boys away from your baby. This net from Tohar Baby (click here to check the price on Amazon) cradles around a stroller and is easily adjustable. And, it doesn’t just protect from mosquitoes. If you’re concerned your baby may be allergic to bees, they will not come in contact with them. The net also provides great shade from the sun and blocks out some allergens which could irritate your baby’s skin or eyes.

Travel Bag


If you’re taking a trip, protect your stroller by wrapping it up in a travel bag designed by Phil and Ted (click here to check the price on Amazon). This light bag wraps around the stroller and keeps it in place. It boasts sturdy wheels, so moving the folded stroller around won’t be an issue. Its velcro straps keep it tightly in place and you can be sure that it will arrive safely if you take it on a plane, or will sit compactly in your trunk without being scratched or damaged.

Wrapping Up

Who knew strollers could have so many accessories?

Let me just tell you that I love all of mine.

They have made getting around with a baby so much easier and I’ve used them for years, so they can be looked at as investment pieces. Plus, many of them have multi-purposes so they can be utilized in different ways.

Amp up your stroller game by adding some of the best stroller accessories to your registry, or to treat yourself to something fabulous and functional.


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